I am considering putting some ads on my blog. So far I only have the Amazon search window which goes directly to Amazon. 

Does anyone have any experience with advertising on a blog?  If so, what type of ads would you suggest using? I am clueless so need all the info I can get.


Joyce     http://www.jssherr.blogspot.com


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Take a look at my Blog - SlantedK

I use ad sense and the Google affiliate network.

Only a few weeks into it right now.

You can sign up for Google AdSense.  It is free to join and makes you a little bit every time someone clicks the ad.  But DO NOT click them yourself.  It is against Google policy.  Ads are posted to make them relevant to whoever is looking at your blog.  You don't have to even tell Google, they seem to know everything.   The other route is starting a free account with CJ.com.  You can apply to different advertisers for free that are of similar interest to your blog.  I have done both. They are located on my sidebar if you want to look. http://runnerseden.com.  If you go the CJ route people must buy and you make a 5% to 8% commission for doing nothing.  Hope this helps.


Thankyou Dave. I am very impressed with your blog.It looks great!  I appreciate your help and am going to try to incorporate some ads...J

Hi Joyce - I use AdSense and Amazon Associates. You can see how I've integrated them into my site here: Bibliofreak.net - A Book Review Blog

Amazon is a lot more subtle and I think users find it less off-putting. However, I think either can work well with a book blog. If you want to know more about performance, implementation, etc. drop me a message :)

Thankyou Matthew.. I am looking into all this.. Your blog is very professional looking. How did you add The "Find Posts" window with the lists of books  and authors?

Thanks, it's a result of a lot of tinkering :) Ah, I had to build that myself and have or keep it up to date. Wish there was a widget for that :s

I see many signed with AdSense. Have any one of them made any significant amount of money? I have heard many negatives about adsense.

I have a blog but never used for ads.http://drdhillon.blogspot.com/


"We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly":  http://amzn.to/dMBLWW 

I do use AdSense, but I've not encountered anything particularly negative. What bad things have you heard about?

Matthew - Bibliofreak.net - A Book Review Blog


What is your goal with advertising? Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliate programs are great to fill space on your blog, but there are 2 problems with them.


1. when someone clicks them, now they have left your blog

2. They don't make much money unless you already have an established and well traveled site.


I pulled my ads and I am now working on building the foundation of my blog. When the time comes, ads will come back in- but placed in a way that isn't so intrusive to my readers.


Best of luck!




Thankyou Kelli for your response...Am thinking about all this....Joyce


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