I've been blogging book reviews for about six months now, and, as I'm sure most of you will agree, it's exhausting! When I started, I thought one book every two weeks was reasonable. Then I sped up to a book a week. Now even that feels inadequate - last week, I read three books and wrote reviews for all of them! Between my day job, working on my own writing, and attempting to maintain some form of social life, albeit a very sporadic one, it's hard to find enough hours in the day. I don't get paid, and I refuse to host ads. All I get for my hours and hours of work is the chance to read some fun undiscovered gems.

And yet, that's more than enough reason to keep going. I love to read, and I want to help authors find their audience. What're your reasons?

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I love discovering new authors and being able to recommend their books to people. When I first started I posted a review every week. Now i'm up to almost one review per day. It's absolutely exhausting, and very stressful at times, but it's worth it.

One a day?! How do you read so fast???

I like reading and talking about the books I read. "Reviewing" is an easy outlet for me to talk about books.

I also have a pretty bad memory when it comes to books. I used to never be able to remember if I've read a book or if I've just read the summary. Not to mention I could rarely remember specific things about books other than I liked or didn't like the book. "Reviewing" helps me gather my thoughts. Now I can look back at my reviews and jog my memory about the story. It's pretty helpful when you work in a library and try to give recommendations!

I agree it is exhausting. I have been sick and really got behind. I have stopped asking for new books because I have so many to read. I also like to find new authors.

The hard part is keeping up. I don't reply to a lot of review request not because I don't think the book is interesting, but because I simply don't have time! My reading list at present will carry me through the next THREE MONTHS unless I have a few more crazy weeks in which I review two or more books at once.

Advance reader reviews are the hardest schedule-wise because, while I like doing them, they also mean that I can't post the review until the book comes out, which could be for a while. Which is how I end up with those crazy weeks - trying to get the advance review up AND have an actual review go live.

But it's fun, and getting a new book to review is kind of like getting a present :-D

"But it's fun, and getting a new book to review is kind of like getting a present :-D"

Very true. It is so hard to turn away books!

Hi Mary,

It is exhausting! I do it because I want to meet other authors and writers.  I enjoy meeting others who have the same kooky drive to sit all alone and tap on a keyboard and create magical stories!

Writing helps me to stay alive inside and reading connects me to great stories that make me want to stretch and go the extra mile to have the same effect on others thru my writing.

Blogging/reviewing, to me, are just extensions of writing 'real' stories.




I've been reviewing books on my blog for the past 3 months and I know exactly how you feel!

I've got at least 4 months of reading material and very little time to read and write reviews every day.

However there are some great perks I enjoy which include chatting with my favorite indie authors, receiving advanced book copies, talking with other people who share the same book interests, being able to support authors, also making contacts that could help further my own writing career which can be extremely beneficial! There are soo many good reasons to blog about books especially if you love them as much as I do! But what I love most is sharing my book opinion with others and having them tell me how much they enjoyed my review and how I helped them find something new and interesting to read! That's what makes the reading and writing worth it :) I usually post 1 review a week anymore because I have soo many arcs that while I'm reading to write reviews for those future book posts I also have to read/review other books just to stay relevant blog wise. But I've discovered a way to remedy this by instead posting memes on certain days of the week to keep up blog traffic that way when I do post a review people don't feel like it wasn't quick enough because they have other posts to look at!

Nice topic!

- Seirra

That's clever, posting memes to keep blog traffic up! I get the feeling most of my traffic comes from direct links to certain reviews (when authors share the reviews of their books). Author interviews definitely help, all I have to do for those posts is write a few questions hehe. And I love reading the answers!

Thanks - many reviewers also do the same! & I love author interviews they come up with some great answers I have a hard time thinking of questions that sound professional yet aren't similar to questions that have already been asked - for myself that's difficult! But nevertheless a good way to attract readers :) I also tweet the authors my book reviews and most of the time they'll retweet them to there followers so that's another great way to keep up the traffic for days you're reading instead of reviewing :P

I love to write. I have been trying to make my own book but unfortunately I am still not going great on it. I write reviews because as much as I love writing, I also love reading. So reviewing books that I love in a way allows me to do two of the things I love the most doing. :)

Meet like minded people, keep track of my thoughts of the books I read, have some "claim to fame", the old age reasoning of "you never know" and of course, free books.



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