Do you think reviewing a book you didn't, or couldn't, finish is professional or tacky and unprofessional?

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If done in the right way, it's not tacky. I've wrote a few 'reviews' for books I didn't finish before on my blog. I just treat it like other books I review. I talk about what I liked (if anything), what I didn't like, and why I couldn't finish it. As long as you aren't outwardly rude about it, you should be fine.

Alison at The Cheap Reader

Thank you. I've had a few books that I couldn't finish, and I absolutely hate having to tell an author that I can't review their book because I couldn't finish it after them spending money to ship it to me.

You should go ahead and post a review. Chances are one of your readers might enjoy it. You might hate love triangles but someone else loves them, you know?

That's true. Thanks for the advice.

I definitely think it's necessary to tell your readers WHY you couldn't finish a book. I try not to leave too many books as DBF but right now with one's really pushing me. 

Du Livre Book Blog

If I can't finish a book there's usually a good reason and I am not afraid to express my opinion. The books I review are contempory fiction and non fiction and I have no connection with the authors..I recently abandoned a book midway and was quite honest about the reasons holes barred!  It put me to sleep for one thing which was  good on an occasional sleepless night...

Check my blog  at

 You'll see some heartless... but heartfelt comments on The Gift of Rain, a Booker prize nominee that I thought was a big disappointment.


I agree with all the other comments on here, if done the right way its fine.  As long as you aren't mean about it! Everyone has a different opinion on what they like and your are aloud your opinion.  Just tell what you didn't like and what you did and I always state this is my opinion you might actually like it.  You should read it for yourself and see if you agree. 

I've posted a few DNF books.  And just like Alison said, i try to talk about what I liked, and why I felt the book wasn't for me/ why I didn't finish it.  I don't think it's tacky or a no-no. 

There's nothing wrong with telling your readers that you couldn't finish reading a book and giving them the reasons why. It only becomes tacky if you review a book as though you've finished reading it, when you've only read a few pages, thus deceiving your readers, or if you start criticising the author personally for writing a book that you didn't like.

Tara @

I don't think it's tacky if you do it right.  Making sure you state clearly that you didn't finish it and how far you got (and why you didn't finish it).  But I think that you shouldn't do it if you can possibly make yourself finish it.  

Personally, I don't review books I haven't finished.  Mostly because there have been times when I have thought a book was bad or only so-so, but the ending really saved the book.  Of course, this doesn't always happen, but that's part of the territory.  Just make sure you're being up front.  Personally, if the book doesn't fit my criteria for what I review, then I won't finish it and won't review it.  But if it's just a book I don't care for, I feel that I have to finish it and review it because I said I would.  But that's my policy.  

Clean Romance Reviews

Clean Romance Reviews

Just like many others said, I don't think it's tacky or unprofessional to review a book you didn't finish. I like to be completely honest with my followers and they really appreciate it. I explain to them why I picked up a book (usually because it has a gorgeous cover or I found it at a book sale) and what stopped me from reading it. I try to keep it as light and as honest as possible. Sometimes I can be brutally blunt, but I do try not to hurt the authors feelings but I know like Amy Plum probably won't stop by my blog and read my review. 

The one thing I think you need to keep in mind, especially with bestsellers is this: A lot of bloggers are going to talk about the book anyway, why not put your opinion out there? I know some people loved Shiver. I did not. I finished it by laughing the whole way through it, but I just told my opinion about it and my followers appreciate it for me. 

So my main point: Post your honest opinion about the book. 

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