Reviewing Products on Your Book Blog (Etsy, CafePress, etc)

Hi all, I have noticed some of the book blogs I read periodically review products on their blogs like items from CafePress, book shelves, etc. My main book blog is all about indie products and I've always wanted to add an extra touch of indie by talking about products from Then this week I found out that are whole blogs just devoted to reviewing etsy products. I'd really love to get involved in this too but don't want to start a whole new blog for that so I would review them on the book blog I mentioned.


My question is for those of you who have reviewed other products on your book blog how has this worked for you? How do you get in contact with people to set it up? And do your readers respond well to these type of posts?


As a reader of a book blog is this something you would want to see more of, and if yes, how often do you think is enough? If you like reading indie books, would you also like to see more indie things like products from etsy or are the book reviews enough?


I have set up a review policy for products here. If there is something you think I am missing it would be nice to know, thanks :)


Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated!



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I would love to see more reviews on products. I  currently don't do reviews on anything other than books, but I have been thinking about creating a blog solely devoted to product reviews. I love there are so many cool things. So, I would love to see what answers people will post. Good luck.


P.S. I am now following your blog

I have found that if you want to review Etsy product that the owners perfer that you buy their products. I started a product review blog and a group called The Blogging Life here on book blogs.


That's what I figured I would do to start at least. I do buy from etsy anyways. I would love to interview some of the stores (especially the bookish ones) and I know there are giveaways some blogs host for the stores (have you seen the blog called "Etsy Giveaways" yet? It's awesome). Anyways, I thought I'd put up a review policy just to make it more professional looking :)


Are you going to review any of the products on your book blog or just your new product blog? Also, I'd love to see your new blog but I couldn't find a link to it.


Thanks for chatting. I'd love to hear from other people too.




Here is a link to my blog Simply Sweet Life

I'll review products on my book blog if they are related to books, otherwise the reviews will go on my other blog. I haven't checked out the  Etsy Giveaways blog yet. I'm going to hop right over there.Have you written any reviews for etsy yet?

Thank you for the link! I haven't written a review yet. I am working on a ton of posts to schedule for June so I have more time for reading then. Then I will also be able to do more reviews too. I'm going to start with some of the things I already have - my glasses case and some zines and I might need to buy a new kindle cover so there are some things to start with!

Hi Isabella,

I just posted my first product review for a book cover I bought recently. You can see it here:

Product Review: Paperback Book Cover (Pastel Flowers) by QuiltSewCover

Thanks for chatting with me on this topic.


I am totally new and not sure if this is the best place for my message. But here it is. Please bear with me.

If anyone is interested in nonfiction self-help and spiritual books; I will be happy to provide the BOOKS FREE for review.



With regards,


 Dr.S.Dhillon /font>>

I would like to review your spsiritual books Book Garden Reviews

  I review everything but I don't have just a book blog, it's a site for moms so it's easy to add different kinds of reviews. I follow many book blogs and I personally like to go to a book blog for book reviews and giveaways. I think everything should be book related if it's a book blog. JMO.  I know many people who have review blogs that also review books or people who have both.


  FYI, do not approach anyone on etsy about reviewing, It's against the rules and there are so many reviewers they were getting harassed and people were going around bragging about getting things for free so it ruined it for the rest of us. I work with several middle man media companies to get products from and I approach companies on my own to get reviews. Good luck! If you have any questions about reviewing or making money with your blog PM me on here.

Thank you for the info and for your opinion! I will definitely just review what I buy myself then and make it book related items. Do you know if it is against the rules for etsy sellers to approach reviewers then? Just curious.
Etsy sellers can approach reviewers no problem. You should hit up some companies that have to do with books like reading lights, book marks, etc. It's really cheap advertising for them.
Thanks for the info. I'm not really sure what companies are out there but that is a good idea. Thanks :)


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