Reviews- How do you get them? & What is there value?

We all know what a review is. . . and how you would get one but my question is:

- How do you get those initial reviews so people spread the word fast to those who like you, and how can you insure someone will leave you and inspiring review? 

- What value does a review truely have to it apart from a good recomendation?

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As an author, I'm sure you have a network of people who you could turn to for initial reviews. Personally, I know of authors who have had their family members post review, just to get some kind of buzz started. Additionally, I would recommend utilizing GoodReads, and other social networks to seek reviewers. There are always bloggers who are willing to provide a review in exchange for a free copy of a book. I think you'll find that reviews not only serve as a recommendation, but also as an impetus for other readers to consider your book. Reviews show that someone else was willing to commit the time to read your book, so perhaps it is worth another reader's time as well. Unfortunately the only way to ensure an "inspiring" review is to write an inspiring book that leaves them no other choice. I know, its easier said than done! I would, however, caution you from paying for a review. I've never heard of an author who was pleased with that route. Best of luck in your writing.


Hi Ethan, thanks for your great advice it is very usefull to us and I'm sure others, we will definitely be takeing your tips into consideration, we have not longed joined goodreads and so far so good seems very usefull for reviews like you said. Do you recomend any other social network sites that have been efective? I agree family and also friends are a great source for reviews, but will they always review honestly? Will be checking out your blog too, thanks again. JayMax

There are quite a few lists of indie reviewers out there, have a google search. You can't ensure someone leaves you a great review but if you look for reviewers that have liked similar books and who's review style you like, chances are you'll get a decent review if your book is good.

A review gets you exposure and also encourages readers that your book is well written, this is particularly important if you are an indie author, as many readers have a bad impression of indie books and will not 'take a chance' with their money.

Hi Tome, great tips, I agree you wouldn't want a review from someone that is not interested in the genre of the book, what would you say makes a good book? That's a good point you made about indie authors thanks for shareing that. Will be checking out your blog too

Hi JayMax,

On the left side of my links page (below) I have links to lists of ebook reviewers, and below that, some individual reviewers, from whom you can request a review.  However, it's generally not a quick process, and there are no guarantees for an inspiring review. 

Links for Indie Writers

This is incredibly useful, thanks for sharing this.

I'll be needing reviewers for my own book soon too.

Hi C.M Skiera, thanks for shareing that it looks very usefull, its good that you mention its not a quick process because some could presume that it is a quick process.

I'm not an author but I am a blogger, I know that most book bloggers that have a high following do not accept unsolicited books for review, so if they don't ask you for it they don't want it , but there are those book bloggers out there that might have a lower amount of readers but that are willing to review books all you have to do is ask. I know with most book blogs they have contact information if you want to submit your book for review you just contact them with information about the book and ask if they would like to review a copy. Here is a site that is very popular among book bloggers and she does book blasts and book tours here is the link.

I get all my new book recommendations from book bloggers.

Hope this helps.


Hi Amy, interesting advice thank you, would you say its more effective for fewer big blogers, to review your book than lots of less popular blogers to review your book? Will give the site a good look at thank you. Jaymax

I've been a book reviewer for about two years now.  I also published my own book last year.  As for how to get the reviews, you have to email a LOT of people.  Find blogs that are of the same genre, smaller general blogs, etc and ask.  Write up a basic pitch email with book details, etc and try.  As a reviewer, I almost only read/review books that authors/publishers email me about.  I know there are some that don't prefer to do it that way, but you never know until you email and try.  Expect to not hear back from some, to get some no's, and some yes's.  

As for getting a good review, there is no real guarantee.  I'd say, do your research as best you can....see if the reviewer often reviews your genre favorably.  Do they tend to like that kind of book and give others like it a good review?  Then they are more likely to like yours.  Also, do they write good, eloquent reviews normally, or are they more of one-liners?  Do some research on them before contacting them if you are worried about a bad review.  

As for the value of good reviews, personally, they are invaluable.  I often read or skim through them to see if I will like a book or not. I have heard from several of my readers that they add books, or not, to their own reading lists according to my reviews - so there are blogs out there with that kind of influence.  

Sorry this is long-winded.  Good luck! 

Hi Jennifer, very usefull advice thanks for your detailed comment, when emailing people as an author yourself how would you recomend people should contact them? So you don't get more no's than yes's, I like that you mentioned about doing your research first before contacting reviewers as many people could rush into getting reviews. They are invaluable as you say any great book always comes with an excelent review from most, will be checking out your site too, the comment was great longer the better thanks again jaymax

Network, network, network. Something larger like this is better for that, smaller groups have less of a chance that you'll find your match. I personally stink at this part, but hey, I'm here, so I must be getting better at it. I shall pen my own heartfelt plea in this regard later, after suitable time appeasing the semi-responsible side of me and studying like I'm supposed to be doing.


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