Rules for All the Citizens of Book Blogs Ning:

1.) Please make every attempt to be kind and courteous in your interactions with folks. No one likes to be put down. For the best interest of those around you as well as yourself, refrain from slamming someone else in order to make your point.

If you feel someone is treating you poorly please contact an administrator, as this behavior will not be tolerated.

2.) The Book Blog Ning has appropriate places to post about giveaways, reviews, or updates to your blog. Be sure you find the designated groups for that-- as posting whatever you want indiscriminately is not acceptable and will be viewed as spam. Do Not post about giveaways or reviews in the Events section, in book groups not devoted to giveaways.

Here are some links you may be interested:
*Giveaways: forum and Giveaway Group

Stick with the subject matter of the group in which you are posting, if there isn't a group for your taste, you can create one. Also, don't hesitate to contact group admins about spam, they are responsible for their individual groups. If they do not respond, contact one of the three administrators listed below.

If you do not heed this, and spam other members with unsolicited publicity, your account will be viewed as a spam account and it will be terminated.

3.) Please avoid posting indiscriminately on the walls of other members. We suggest only posting on the walls of people who have accepted you as a "friend."

4.) Do not post anything that would violate any state or federal law.

The Rules of Chatting:

1.) Please refrain from indiscriminately posting links to your blog, or website. This will be seen as spam and your account will be deleted.

2.) Remain kind and courteous at all times when chatting. Do not post anything inappropriate.

Rules for Authors, Publishers, Publicists

1.) Please do not promote your books in a group started by another publisher/author/publicist.

We would love it if you started your own group, if you have books to offer bloggers on a regular basis. You can also promote your books here: Promote Your Books! Group

Rules for Group Moderators of the Ning:

1.) If you choose to start a group, you are in charge of keeping it clean from spammers. This means checking your group, (comments, posts....everything) and contacting that member if you feel there is a problem. If you are not able to handle the situation with tact-- contact an administrator. However rudeness on your part will not be tolerated.

2.) You are the moderator in case of heavy discussions or arguments. Try to water down the heat, help people come to understand each other. If you are not able to do this, when you see an issue, promptly contact an administrator.

3.) All in all, You are responsible for the general feel of your group. If a group consistently breeds rudeness and you do not try to monitor your group, that group will be deleted. It is very important that as a moderator and creator of the group that you protect the integrity of the group, as best you can. If you feel your group is getting out of control, contact an administrator so that they can bring the ethics of the Book Blogs Ning to the attention of your group members before it gets out of control. You may wish to ask another member to help monitor the group activity as well.

If you are not up to checking in on your group, don't start one-- let someone else who has more time to police do it.

Also, if you feel another group is in need of moderation, let the creator of THAT group worry about it. Only site admins or group admins should contact members about their postings.

We all want the Book Blogs Ning to be a welcoming place, a place where questions are asked and answered and we can all chat about our latest read. Your respect of your fellow member will ensure that our group will continue to be a place where we all just want to spend time.

On that same note, if you choose to disregard these values, or call the integrity of the Ning into question by your behavior or treatment of others, you will be notified once and then your account will be terminated.

Do not hesitate in asking if you have any questions.

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YAY!!! No more spam!
That is what we are going for!! We hope it works well.
So do I. It really does get a little irritating getting a million emails from people posting the same review and giveaways in ALL the groups you belong to. Hopefully, the rules will help everyone understand there are certain places for such posts. Thanks for writing them!
Hi Beth,

Do you mean that we can't post our website links at the end of our posts when we reply to discussions? Almost all of us do it, especially the bloggers. Is this what you mean or do you mean when people post their sites elsewhere? I like it when I get to see links to folks sites because if they are a reviewer or fellow author and I am curious about them, I check their link immediately. I can understand not posting them in groups, etc. But I am concerned about the discussion board. I think that's how most people (bloggers and authors) get their sites visited. If they are like me, they don't go to the page of everyone who replies and click on the site links to learn more about the person or blog. I frequent the discussion boards a lot so I wanted to know.

Just checking to see if that's what you mean.

Best Wishes!
Are you talking about the Chat rules? That is just for chat, it could get pretty ugly if all people do to chat is just type their link and leave. It is fine if you post your link at the end of a comment in a discussion.

Does that clarify it for you??
Hi Beth,

Yes thanks. I wasn't speaking of chat but just here on the discussion forums I meant when people post a thread or comment. A lot of us (mostly all) leave links to sites and blogs. I wanted to be clear that it wouldn't be a violation to leave links on the discussion forum. Thanks! Now I know it's just during chat.

Best Wishes!
Thanks for posting this : ).
This is great. :-)

Babe, you rock. Thanks for all the effort you put into writing these up!!

About writing on the walls of people that aren't your friend -- I appreciate the "should" in the case of 'regular' members who want to reach out to new people, because I love that. But can we state more firmly that "an author posting about his or her book on the walls of multiple members that you don't know is not acceptible"?

I hate to call out authors specifically, but really, all of the messages on my wall except 1 are exactly that type of post.
It's a good point and one we considered when using the word 'suggest'. We'll mull this over some more.
Thanks for the great feedback Ann!

Ok, I'm a new member and am also an author. I'm still really new at blogging and really not sure if I have done this. If I have I am very sorry, I didn't mean to upset anyone. I am trying to promote my book, but I definately don't want to offend anyone. What is the correct way that someone like me can talk to people to find out if they can go to my site or read my book to give me their opinion on it, or to just talk?

I love it here on book blogs it is a way for me to stay in touch and to find out what is going on in the writing world. Please help us new members understand how these things are supposed to work.

Thank you,

Michele Leamon


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