I was wondering how others felt about rating reviews.  When I first started blogging I never rated and I felt like I had more lee-way with what I said.   I have been using a rating system for the last few months and I feel like I am reviewing to justify the rating vs. actually giving my thoughts on the book.  

I am interested to see what everyone thinks regarding this, since I wonder if it is actually helpful to have the rating attached to the review and I need to just figure out a way to merge the two into something I am completely satisfied with.

Thanks everyone!

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Hi Amber.

I am a relative newbie to the indie author scene, but I think a combination of the two is preferable.  I also think that there should be a 10-point system adopted instead of the current most commonly seen 5-point system. 

I don't really like seeing a rating without any comments.  This is because I am always seeking to improve my skills and comments from readers are the most important input of all to me.

That said, I would suggest that you write down only your thoughts about a given book and then do not submit it.  Just 'let it soak' so to speak for several days.  When you are moved to do so, return to it and read over what your first feelings were and then give it a go regarding the rating part, or add in anything else that occurred to you.

With kindest regards,

Gerald Simpkins

author 'Forever Young' vampire series

Thanks for the reply.  lately I have been feeling like my review is more clinical then anything else with the rating.  I took the rating off the last one I did and realized it was more my style than before while still getting the points I liked/didnt like about it across while sounding like myself. 

I will have to try writing it down and letting it sit for a few days.. I do realize that I think of more things once I have had some time.  Great suggeston

I don't use a star-based rating system on my blog, but I'm forced into it when I cross-post reviews on Goodreads.  I prefer to write reviews that analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a book in such a way that people will have a pretty good idea of whether they would enjoy the book.  Something that turns one reader off might be something other readers don't mind or even enjoy.  For example, I despise love triangles, but I'm aware that a lot of people love them.


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I dont particularly care for it either bc it is an opinion not the definitive answer.  But when I am using the rating I try to stress who would like it even if I didnt care for it.  I wonder if the rating is even beneficial to most readers or if they care?   I think when I look at amazon or good reads I end up reading the review more than really looking at the rating.

Thanks for taking the time to respond!

I do look at one-star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads to see whether there's anything in the book that will be a dealbreaker. I'm kind of anal about editing/grammar errors, so I like to weed those out before buying.

I occasionally post ratings on Goodreads, but don't include them on my blog.

As a reader (both of books and blogs), I don't generally find ratings very helpful. The main thing that turns me off ratings is that I've come across ratings that I don't feel match the accompanying review. Let's say someone rates a book a three out of five. To me that means the person thought that while the book had some problems, they liked it overall. If the review itself starts off with "I hated this book with a passion!", I'm going to find myself very confused. I don't know if the issue is that my perception of what makes a three star rating means is different from everyone else's, or I've been reading some lazy reviews, or what. Furthermore, I think the actual body of the review can help clarify what someone thoughts of the book. As Grace pointed out, something that might be a major turnoff for the blogger might be something someone else enjoys. 

As a reviewer, I find rating a book difficult. I don't necessarily feel the same way about all books I've rated a four out of five. 

I agree about it being difficult.  there is so much that is opinion and not all fours are the same.  I guess that is why I really struggle, bc if a four for one book should be similar to a four in another.  The hardest thing I struggle with is rating across genres.  A four in chick lit vs. a four in historical fiction or four in biography mean completely separate things

I know I sometimes get caught up in my own ratings. I started out with simple 1-5, no half marks. Then I added half marks. Then I was like, well, maybe I should average them because I don't know how else to justify the four levels I was "grading" (plot, writing quality, character, connection). Then I wound up in the same spot as you. Where I was thinking it was a 4 book in my head but my ratings came out as 2-3, or the vise versa! Now I just give my ratings for the category, but then I give whatever rating I feel as "justified" for the book itself. Basically whether or not I would read it again.

I'm still in a transition phase with my rating system as I figure out more what I like and don't like. I think my best advice is that whatever you're doing - keep doing. It will eventually evolve as you get more comfortable and consistent with yourself.

Thanks for your feedback.  I have changed my format a few times since I started but the rating system has been a struggle.  Sometimes I get too caught up in dissecting the book that I forget if I really liked it or not (bad writing or grammar be damned!)

I don't rate the books I write about. I think that if someone wants a rated book they can read it themselves and rate it. I tell some what of what the book is about and How I feel about the book. I haven't read to many books that I really didn't like though.

I should probably mention that I rate on quality rather than "like-ability". So 1 star has many fundamental writing flaws. 2 has underdeveloped stories. The topic might interest some but I wouldn't recommend it to a majority of people. 3 is a pretty well developed story. Characters lack depth. 4- pretty well developed but I had a few questions that the author really should have addressed. 5-author covered all the bases

I don't like giving bad ratings so the worst I've rated is a 4 out of 5 (otherwise, I don't write a review), and that's because I finished the book but didn't felt comfortable with how it ended.  I try to make the review itself as detailed as possible so that others can decide for themselves if they'll like it or not irregardless of what I rate it.    


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