I'm sure every avid reader out there has it. That one book or book series that they read when they were younger, like elementary/middle school age, and enjoyed a lot.


When I was younger I actually hated to read. Reading was the one chore I never wanted to do and I constituted that reading was a form of violation of my 8th amendment rights. Though as a ten year old I didn't say those exact words, but I still found reading to be the worst thing in the world.


I'm eighteen now and can't do anything BUT read. I actually can't sleep at night unless I get a hundred pages in, and then forget I need sleep and end up finishing the book or reading until five in the morning. But lately as the idea of college finally dawns on me and the fact that I'm going to have to be an "adult" responsible for loans, clothing, feeding myself, and an actual job I just want to sit down and read NANCY DREW.


Like I said before, everyone has that one book. For me it was Nancy Drew. She wasn't my hero exactly, but she was the bases for a lot of my own mystery novels that I'm writing. I started reading the original collection, THE NANCY DREW MYSTERIES, and just recently thought back to how I wanted to read all 175 books and only read to 26. I have this new craving to start picking up the series again, and really, why not? Sure, it's considered a children's book but this series is also the reason why I realized that I love reading. Why give something up that brings you joy? I might even consider reading the newer books about her for much older audience.


So, what was your childhood book and would you still read it now? Let me know.

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lol id say when i was little i read alot so id say mine was alice in wonderland, wizard of oz...of course they were the children versions and had lots of pictures..lol goosebumps was great but the show they made for it was amazing lol scared me a few times haha.
There was only one goosebumps book I actually read and liked. Besides that one I try to stay away from them. LOL
Yes, actually, this past year I went to the library and read all the books written by Howard Pease and enjoyed them all.  Another favorite author of mine is Alton Gansky, great fiction writter.

I have multiple favourite series from when I was little...


All kinds of Enid Blyton ones (the Faraway Tree books, the Famous Five, Mallory Towers, St. Claire's)

The Chronicles of Narnia (of course!)

Also the books by Eve Garnett about the family from One End Street. Anyone read those?  Here's a link to the page about the author (who died in 1991) on Wikipedia. Apparently once the first book in her series finally got published (after being deemed 'not suitable for the young' because it was about working-class children rather than posher ones!), it beat The Hobbit to the Carnegie Medal prize for best children's book of 1937. That's my bit of random trivia I learned 30 seconds ago over for the day - but seriously, I have a special warm fuzzy place in my heart for those books, and would recommend them to anyone who can appreciate wonderful children's literature no matter their age!


Am sure I have a ton more to add to the list, but I will have to think... hmm!


Happy Holisters! My 2nd grade teacher read it to us. I never found it again, then years later I was in a used bookstore and saw a bunch of the shelf. I didn't buy them for some dumb reason, then went back about a week later and they were gone!

Nancy Drew was my reading obsession as a youngster and I do still read her from time to time. I seen a couple books from the original series on the bargain shelf at Borders awhile ago and had to buy them. Felt good to visit a familiar setting.


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