Where do most find images for you blog without infringing upon copy write laws?  Or, if you do use something from google image how do you find the information to give proper credit?  THANKS!

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*copyright* sorry!

Thanks for the question and for all of the replies. Very helpful to me, a new blogger and Facebook user. Bette A. Stevens, Hartland, Maine

What kind of images are you talking about?  Like putting book covers with your reviews?  For that, I just use an Amazon link (with my associates account) so it's really easy and legal and all that.  If you mean for things like your button, title, etc - then I don't know.  I personally use pictures I have taken and played with myself.  I know there are places out there with royalty free pictures, but I can't think of them right now.  Do a google search.  Sometimes you'll find one that lets you use it if you ask permission from the photographer, sometimes you can just use it.  Good luck!

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You can use Wikimedia to find public domain images.


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If you're talking about book covers, using them on a book blog falls into the category of "fair use". 

Publishers and authors are happy for you to use book covers with reviews etc, but it's a whole different ball game for most images.

You can't simply find images using Google Images and give a credit to where you found that image. If you want to use an image (any image) then unless you have been given permission by the copyright holder, the image is public domain or has creative commons that allows you usage, then you cannot/should not use that image. It's a bit of a minefield really... Someone has mentioned royalty-free images, but those aren't free to use either... it just means you don't pay a royalty each time you use the image, you just pay once to use it (something like that!).

The following blog post may be useful for fellow bloggers... http://www.roniloren.com/blog/2012/7/20/bloggers-beware-you-can-get... - there's some interesting discussion along with the post.

In general, I take my own photos, but a nice (FREE) stock photography website is http://www.sxc.hu/ and it has all kinds of photos that can be downloaded and used.

I hope that's of help!



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I know you meant well, and believe me, I'm not trying to be critical.  But I went to sxc, signed up, and then discovered that the photos that are free are not all that good.  If you want to get high-quality photos, you have to pay, and it's not cheap, either.  On the site's main page, they give you the option of getting "premium images", though another photo service -- iStockPhoto.  When you find an image there, you then have to pay for it with "credits".  They give you a list of the worth of these credits.  For instance, I was looking for a photo of a cozy reading corner.  I couldn't find any in the free photo section, so I went to the "premium" section.  I found a beautiful picture of a classic-looking corner in a library, cozy as all get-out.  The price for a large image of this particular photo is 75 credits.  Well, when I checked out the prices, it turns out that 50 credits is equivalent to $78.50!!  So I would have to spend more than that in order to buy a large version of this photo!!

I'm definitely going to try out Wikimedia! 

I guess with SXC it all depends what you're looking for. We've found some excellent images on there for certain subjects, but I agree for others there either isn't much or they aren't brilliant.

BUT... people put hard work, time and money in producing images and in the age of the internet people expect to be able to use them for free. Photographers and designers now seen to be fighting back.

I've checked out WikiMedia, but I've noticed some images are picked up by bots and so the copyright may be attributed to the wrong person... But that's going to be a risk worth taking for general bloggers.

If you're referring to book covers, then its ok to use them, as many people have mentioned I also provide a link to the book on amazon when I post a book cover. If you're referring to other photos, I use all of my own photos and edit them myself using free online photo editing software like fotoflexer (its the top google search result).



I've begun taking my own pictures--no copyright infringement to worry about. If I can't find one suitable from Wikipedia, I am able to put all the info as to where I found the photo before I upload it to my post. (I'm a Wordpress blogger, and this functionality is pretty easy...don't know about Blogger, etc.)





Several people have suggested taking your own photos. Can someone enlighten me as to the "rules" surrounding taking pictures of items that are under copyright laws? For example, if, hypothetically, I wanted to take a picture of a can of Coca-Cola, I'd imagine that could upset Coca-Cola since they presumably own the copyright to the label design.  

I'm pretty sure that the photographer always has copyright over his/her own photos, even if they're of a branded product.  Don't quote me on that though.


Books Without Any Pictures


Need help?




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