For myself its usually what I read on the back of the book or inside cover. It gives me an idea of what the book is. Sometimes even some people will tell me about a book and how good it is. 

What attracts you to the books you read? 

Plus, I'm also doing a sweep of books you guys might say are books I should look at to read. Not that I don't have my lists of books, I just like getting some advice.

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for me its the basic plotline i gather from the back of the book.

also the cover interests me quite a bit !

you should check out

the fever series by karen marie moning

sepulchre by kate moss

I can initially be attracted to a book by it's title or a good cover, assuming that I am not looking for a specific one. Then I will read the synopsis, assuming that I can find it, by which point I have usually made up my mind whether to buy or not. If I am still in two minds on the book I will look for any reviews of it or any other work by the author. Depending on how deep I want to go, I will read all the reviews and the ones I like best I will look up their reviewers other reviews to get an idea of what they read and like. I will also look up any other titles by the author. If, by this point I am still undecided, I will usually drop it.


The cover, the blurb, somebody you know who has similar tastes to you...

What do you like to read?

It's a combination of cover, title, and back book blub for me. The cover needs to catch my eye enough to make me look at the title. Then, usually, the title needs to be descriptive and intriguing enough to get me to look at the back. If the back sucks me in, I'm sold on the book. Something important to me is a title I can read easily. Some fonts are so darn flowery that I have to squint to read it...immediate dismissal in my to-read or not-to-read considerations

Generally with YA titles, I go for books that have specific themes, kidnapping, special powers, kids overcoming odds, acting as spies, having genetic alterations, science fiction, occasional distopia, etc. I like to write that sort of thing (Ashlynn's Dreams, Nadia's Tears), so it's nice to see what's already out there. Mindgames by Kristen White was decent. I just picked up a book today with kid spies (not like the disney movie), but I don't know how it is yet. Some series by Margaret Peterson Haddix are good. (Among the Hidden)

At least with self-published books the author has a say in choice of cover. I've been put off by many mainstream published books by covers which show saccharin figures. The content can be wholly different but the publisher rules.

I confess that a really good cover does attract me and an interesting title. I am put off by samey ones, The Gift, The Pearl, Forever After etc.

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The title has to grab me and the cover artwork. Then I read the back cover.

Read my book of course! I just read The Absent One, by Jussi Adler-Olsen. I enjoyed it. I'm doing the ABC reading, so I am on my B book, Beautiful Ruins, by Jes Walters. I like his writing style, but am getting lost with the characters and place in time. The story goes back and forth in time. Then I will need a C book, if someone has a recommendation.

For me, it varies. If I've already read one of an author's books and really liked it, I'll read their next book - as long as it's mystery/suspense. Other than that, the title and cover need to draw me in. Certain kinds of covers turn me off; I don't want to read those books. Next, I read the book description on Amazon. Then I make my decision. Is it something that will appeal to me or not? I don't read reviews before I choose a book because it's not what other readers think of a book that matters to me. "One man's garbage is another man's gold."

If you enjoy mystery/suspense, I hope you'll check out the first two novels in my Malone mystery series, "Mixed Messages" and "Unfinished Business." Here's the link to my blog where you can click on the book covers to read about and/or to order them. Happy Reading!

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Hi, that`s a difficult one to answer! Sometimes I browse bookstores, often second-hand, and end up with weird and wonderful books I would never normally read, which is great. For example I am currently reading Erik Durschmied`s book The Hinge Factor, which is about the crazy details like the weather that win or lose a battle. Often, though, I get a tip from someone and go and get the book, or download it. My son just put me on to Phillip Kerr`s great detective series Berlin Noir, set in Nazi Germany. Sounds grim, but think Dashiell Hammett and that`ll give you the style. And sometimes I just trawl the internet with a theme or genre in mind. That`s the beauty of reading: it`s a never-ending adventure!

The voice of the writer. Usually first person. When a writer can make me feel like I'm there present in the story.

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