This summer I finished my first novel "Liberty Taken" and after many rejections from agents I decided to self-publish on Amazon and Smashwords.

Since I can't afford to have my book printed, it's only available as an e-book, but I don't even own an E-reader (like a Kindle, Nook or iPad). I can only read books on my computer and that sucks.

Any suggestions what I should buy? What's the best value? Which one is easy to use? I'm completely new to all of this, so all advice is welcome.



Starla Ramcy

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Hi Starla,

Congratulations on finishing your book and following through your dream of seeing it published! (I hope that will be me, one day). I've been thinking about e-readers too and I think I'm going to go with an ipad, just because it can function like a kindle, but has all the benefits of a computer. I know it's twice the price, but I'll soon be competing with my kids for my laptop, so I think it's worth the extra money. Let me know what you decide and how you find it.


Belinda G

Thanks for your reply. I'm with you. I have to compete with my kids and husbands for the computer a lot. but i don't know how the ipad will feel in my hand when reading. It might get heavy fairly quickly.

Good luck on your project. I self-published though, not so much to be proud of.

Sorry for the typo. I only have one husband. Lol.
I have a Kindle (the old Kindle 3, minus the ads) and adore it. If possible, though, it might be worth checking out a few different e-readers in bricks & mortar stores to see which feels the best in your hand. If you just want to read books, the cheapest Kindle is great value (and supercheap), but you might decide you want to have the ability to use your reader for more than reading. A lot of people use tablets as readers, for example, and Amazon's bringing out a swanky new colour form of the Kindle, which is basically a Kindle in tablet form, from what I've seen!

Tara @ Agrippina Legit
I'm debating if I should by a reader or a tablet. Money is of course important, but usefulness too.
i prefer kindle cause its light on your hands. But if you have a iphone or android then you can download the app and read books from your phone
How can you read a book on your phone? isn't that way too small?

I'm an iPad advocate because you can get it all on one platform. I got my hands on a Nook Color and cringed at its slow, unresponsive nature. It's the same device as the Kindle FIre, except for a dual-core processor, so the Fire might be worth having. Then again, I don't want e-ink. If I'm outdoors, I'm probably sailing or hiking, not reading.

I also think that authors should be able to test their work on any platform they publish for. That previewing and fixing (repeat ad nauseum) is a critical step between uploading a garbage doc and getting flamed from customers and uploading an indie pro book. If you're only going to get one, I'd get the one you publish on most.

What's e-ink?

What's an indie pro book?

I'm truly a beginner. Sorry for that.

The e-ink is the technology that makes reading on a Kindle or Nook more like reading a book and less like reading on a screen.  I don't have an e-reader yet either, but if I got one I'd go with one of the e-ink ones because it's less headachey than reading on a bright screen.



Books Without Any Pictures

Congratulations on publishing!

I would totally go for the Kindle. There are many different versions that fit into all of the different price ranges you may have, on top of the fact that the Kindle Fire is being released November 15th. That's going to be Amazon's equivalent to the Nook Color. I've had mine for a year (the Kindle Keyboard with WiFi/ 3G) and I swear I don't go anywhere without it. It has to be one of the best purchases I've ever made.


Jordan Butcher

The Ink Puddle

I'm torn between the Kindle Fire and the iPad the way it stands now.

Can you type on the Kindle? Can you make documents and e-mail those to your desktop? Can you upload your novel on the Kindle and edit it while on the road?


Need help?




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