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My friend and I have been using Wix for a few months now and we're running up against some issues.  First of all, everything is manually changed, so the site has no intuition for what we'll need and no way to make a reusable template for anything.  Thus, every time we want to make edits, we have to adjust every piece of everything that is one our pages.

Another issue is that there are problems with the site itself.  We've struggled to find a subscription widget that works for the site and have had ongoing problems with out work saving/publishing.  Currently, we're on day 5 of not being able to publish our content, which, as a constantly changing blog, is a problem.  We're about to miss an important deadline for a blog tour/review that we're doing and when we called Wix to fix the problem, they said they weren't sure how.  Which, honestly, I think is outrageous since we're paying for this service every month. 

So...I guess the point of this discussion is to warn people against Wix and to see if anyone has moved their blog from Wix to another site?  If so...can you give us some steps that will make it easier?  We want to make sure that if we're going to move the site, we don't get stuck in the same trap.  

Specifically, we're thinking about changing to Weebly or Blogger.  Any input on those sites and their functions?  

Thank you all so much!!!

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Definitely Blogger, I've found it simple and easy to use from the start. Unlike other blogging services, blogger is completely free. And not the wordpress kind of free where you have to pay cash for extra services, with blogger you get the full package for $0. If your wondering about Blogger's ownership- its owned by google. The same company that runs the search browser.

There are also very nice themes that come with blogger, if those don't satisfy you there are many third party themes you can download from: http://btemplates.com/

To solve your RSS feed issue, there is a blogger made widget called "subscription links"  that allows you to add this icon ( http://i.imgur.com/FNJyI.png ) anywhere on your sidebar. viewers can simply click on that icon to display a drop down list of  RSS readers. They can select their reader and subscribe! 

Hope it helps!- Eddie of TheBookGazer.blogspot.com

I should tell you that weebly is a paid service, and quite expensive. 

                                  (Pmo=per MONTH)
Number of Pages 15 pages 40 pages Unlimited pages
Storage Space 500 MB 2 GB 10 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Premium Hosting
Features All features All features All features
Pricing $7.95/mo $14.95/mo $24.95/mo

 (source: http://designers.weebly.com/designer_pricing.php , http://support.google.com/blogger/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=42348 )

Hi Eddie,

Thanks so much for the info!  Any idea how Blogger is in terms of creating reusable templates for a smoother editing process?  And do you know if it automatically archives for you?  Thanks!


Blogger does archive for you and you can add the archive widget on your blog so that your readers can view your archives. If you have the html script of your template then all you will have to do is copy it into each posts html tab and then you can add content from there. Hope this helps.


Weebly does have two levels of service you can have the free service or you can have the Pro service, pro service features can be found at this link. The Pro pricing is by month if you sign up for 6 months you get it for $4.58 a month, if you sign up for 1 year you get the price of 3.99 a month and if you sign up for 2 years you get it for 2.99 a month. I just looked into this last week for I was thinking about setting up a shop and Weebly has great e-commerce things available.


If your going for a blog, then use blogger. You can get some amazing free templates at btemplates.com. 

Wix is mainly for websites, not for blogs. Sites that don't change that often, and when they do it's for ad promotions and things like that. Blogger is designed for change all the time, plus comes with phone apps and stuff for free. 

Plus you can have your own domain name for 10.00 a year with blogger. If you want this to be your main website to sell things however, I would suggest keeping your Wix site and having your blog a separate thing. 

wix also has a free version, which so far I have found fine - I wouldn't touch a paid version, having already had experience of their help desk, and you do also get your own blog page to accompany it - blogger is also excellent, very easy to use and you can do  a lot with it. Weebly i found a tiny bit clunky - but again, it all depends what you want to do... wordpress.com has plenty of wonderful themes, is good for some things, but doesn't like certain types of html (although if you wait long enough, and there is enough demand, they will add widgets to accommodate extra requirements..)

Ugh. If you're already spending money on it, get a pro to set you up a WordPress blog on a self-hosted server on GoDaddy or Dreamhost.com, then you can do absolutely anything you need to do without having to run to tech support to get it done.


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