Here the last few times I've posted books on my blog have been free books I've found on Barnes & Noble. Even though their for my nook I still have enjoyed some of the books.

Would you guys read free books and add them on your blog?

Some of the books so far have been like the first book in a series and not to bad of a read. 

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I've read quite a lot of free books for my kindle, and though occasionally there are ones that I wish I hadn't bothered with, most are worth the read. I can't think of the last one that I read, but I do read a lot of Indie books, some are requests, that all seem to be placed at the bottom of the price spectrum, and there are quite a few that I was over the moon with reading, couldn't put them down that kind of thing. I even took part in the Indie-Credible blog tour, and am so glad I did, the book that I read for it (Crimson Midnight by Amos Cassidy) drew me in so much that I gave my first ever 5 star rating! 

You can check out my reviews and book review lists at 

I am new to blogging not sure if my reply went through.  I don't have a kindle , etc. I only read paper books.  Yes if there are ever any paper books I would try them.

it is a type of promotion at least, just because it is free does not mean it is bad. I would try them

I have read quite a few free books and try to leave a review as a courtesy if I like it. I am a writer myself and trying for the first time a free book promotion and hope it will get noticed and receive some reviews. Language in the blood is a funny story about a Scottish vampire on the Côte d'Azur. I'm doing a free promotion from 20th of September till the 24th. So I hope you will add me to your list of free books.

I think free books are a great way to introduce readers to new genres as well as authors that otherwise they might not be tempted to read. NOR, the company that I review for sends out a list of free books that can be found on usually every month via their newsletter. Its a great way to be introduced without having to pay an actual price. I think adding free books to a blog is a great idea! :)


I read free books on my Kindle all the time. As said in other comments, they are the 1st book in a series.  A marketing technique to draw new readers into the series and to the author.  I've reviewed free books on my blog as well.

You can check out my reviews here:

Definitely! Considering the needle eye there is between the enormous amount of books that are written and the few that gets published - the potential for new, fresh and good books in the ocean of unpublished/free books is huge.

I think that it is almost the duty of the online society to find the good gems and spread the word!

I love to try books for free and I really only add those to my blog if I enjoyed it.  

That's great! But I wish you would also consider adding and writing about books that you don't like... That can be very useful information for other readers.

There are free books that are quite good. Though there are some that are really bad. But yeah, I read free books and when I liked them I put in my blog. I wanted to share the good books or at least the books I enjoyed reading to my readers.

Like I replied to Tanya, what about also writing something about books you don't like? That can be very useful information for other readers as well.

I just discovered a great new book club hosted by Penguin
and Castello Cheese. I just finished this book and I loved it! This is the
first book I read by the author and I am hooked.


You are able to create your own book club or join the discussion by
writing a review. To top it off, there is even a competition to win a trip to


I thought I’d let everyone know as I love making my mark in
brand spanking new book clubs ;)


Need help?




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