Writing Distractions and Shiny Things, Oh My!

I get distracted so easily. I am supposed to be writing four novels right now. Facebook and Twitter are huge distractions, but also a necessary evil. 

My dog distracts me wanting to play or be petted, my desire to make bows out and ribbon and spend hours painting my nails distracts me. I have to sit myself at a table {I need a desk, desperately} and just concentrate. Turning off Facebook and Twitter is a must.

In addition to these things distracting me, I work full time, go to grad school, write on revenue sharing sites, Jupiter, Writer's Way, and Fiverr. I don't even know if I'm coming or going some days.

Reading is something I wish distracted me more often. I have been given so many books for review, and need to get on reading some of the ones I want to. I recently found listening to Audiobooks while I workout or drive works for me. I also put my Kindle on the elliptical and read as I go.

My biggest distraction is social media, followed by my dog, then my boyfriend, and it goes on from there.

What distracts you, and how do you overcome it?

xx Emily 

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I think I have the opposite problem, though it depends how you look at it, because writing IS my distraction. When I should be promoting on FB, when I should be updating blogs, when I should be doing work for my Master's Degree, even when I'm at work teaching, all I do is think about writing and scribble down ideas. 

I just bought myself a digital dictation machine in the hope that I could just record thoughts as they come and then get on with whatever I'm supposed to be doing, but that's only led so far to me getting up from my desk, walking around the room talking off an hours' worth of ideas then sitting down again like 'What was I doing'?

In some ways I'm very very happy that my writing projects are going so well, but in others I'm also thinking I'm going to fail my postgrad studies (and life in general) if I don't learn to STOP.

We need a balance somewhere between the two of us Emily! :)

I agree Kimberley!! At least our brains are always going!!

Laundry tends to distract me, then FB, then reading other people's blogs. At least the laundry feels like I'm accomplishing something. :)  To get all that out of my head, I tend to draft pen to paper, in a variety of notebooks for each project. Writing somewhere other than the house helps during the day, too. Even if I can access all the web distractions, I'm less likely too if I have other people around me who are also working. Good luck with your projects!

Ugh laundry! Good luck to you too!

Pinterest is a big one of mine

Pinterest is a distraction, and so much fun!

I usually find I'm writing at work, so guests coming down to check out will be a distraction.

When do you sleep Emily!

I'm always disappointed in what I get done in a day. I try not to waste time like I did earlier today on Twitter with the Amazon is down frenzy. Usually, I give myself X amount on each task that I know is important to my business - and no more..usually. I try to get those tasks done first thing and then I do the things that take the most chunks of time. I avoid bouncing back and forth to check email, FB etc. I agree that PInterest is a time whore but I love her so!


Sometimes it is nice to end up on Pinterest or Twitter for a bit. :)

I get distracted by the football. I can't resist a good match. As we speak I'm watching man city and Newcastle when I should be writing. I agree that social media and networking takes up time to but its all part of the fun. I also work full-time so writing is my night vocation.

Assuming you mean soccer because I don't know the Man City, I don't worry about sports if football is on I can still write. :) 

My biggest distraction are my lovely children, who are either screaming, crying, or demanding something, mostly attention.  It's so hard to find quiet time during the summer, especially in August when all the summer programs are over and the little darlings are at home all day just sucking my creative energy like vampires.  Every day that we get closer to the beginning of the school year brings a little smile to my face since I'm secure in the knowledge that the day is coming when it will finally be quiet for a few hours and I will be able to hear myself think. 

In the meantime, I'm trying to do some promotions and blog posts, since that doesn't require as much brain power as actually coming up with a plot and writing something coherent.   Today I went to a store and saw Halloween merchandise on display which nearly made me dance up and down the aisle.  Fall is coming, and so is my next book. 


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