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I review Teen and YA Sci-Fi/ Fantasy books!

Here's a book u might be interested in reading.

It's available as a free eBook and soon to be available as a paperback. The first of it's series.


The story's description reads as follows:

Unknown to the humans who hung innocent people at the Salem Witch Trials real witches of the hidden race were killed for fear of exposure. There was not one witch whom survived the genocide of the Salem Witch Trials. But one day a girl named Aradia moves to Salem, MA and all that changes.


Here is it's link to download

Hey Guys i have a YA book blog here
My blog is mainly focused on YA and teen films My Girl Friday
Hi there!

I read and blog paranormal books including YA. Here's my blog.
Hey all! :) I'm not primarily a YA blogger (though going through my reviews, it would seem that way, lol), but I heavily lean towards the YA genre. :) Check my blog out here: Frazzled Book Nommer.

would u be interested in reviewing my book? its free u know




I’m going to put it right out there: this book about Nazi atrocities should be required reading for everyone. Period. Frankly, it’s just that good, that informative, and mines some previously untapped sources to reveal facts that will shock, mesmerize, and overwhelm you — no matter how much you think you know about the Holocaust. In order to receive my highest rating of HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, a book must be truly outstanding — heads and shoulders above the others I’ve reviewed. This book easily falls into that category. Not only is it meticulously researched, but poignantly well written, a real heart-rending page-turner. The author, by choosing to write it autobiographically in the first person, puts us right there in the death camps, even though he admits that a person “can describe what they saw but cannot CONVEY the experience.” Well, that might be the usual case, but this author comes awfully close and certainly did a hell of a job eliciting my emotions.
Our protagonist’s WW II assignment: to go undercover in National Socialist Germany in order to ferret out where they relocated their factories in order to avoid Allied bombing. Arrested for having a Jewish girlfriend, he’s then propelled on a nightmare journey from Dachau to Auschwicz, even as the love of his life is caught up in the system. I cannot begin to summarize the author’s brilliantly written account of those horrendous years in the death camps. With chilling descriptions, the narrative reveals atrocities worse than any I’ve ever heard. As the author so aptly puts it: “In five years, Auschwicz metamorphosed from a locus of terror into a universe of horror.” Nonetheless, like SCHINDLER’S LIST, it’s counterpart, A CARNIVAL OF LIES ends up on a high note of unparalleled courage along with a profound statement on the power of love to endure. In all honesty, the only thing I could take issue with in this novel was the title choice. To me, A CARNIVAL OF LIES seems a little light. I think the book would’ve been better served using the author’s own words, “Despotism of Darkness”, for a title. But that’s just me.
The book jacket tells us that the author, Dr. Vernon L. Anley, was educated in Australia and England and has traveled the world. He’s an expert on such things as linguistics and travel and his visits to Hitler’s death camps in Germany, Poland, and Austria tells me that’s where he was able to employ such meticulous research involved in order to produce such a compelling novel. My advice? Pick up a copy of this book right away. You won’t be sorry

Highly Recommended, reviewer: Jan Evan Whitford, Allbooks Reviews, 22 October 2010
Published by: OakTara Publishers ©2010
ISBN: 978-1-60290-228-2
Trade paperback, 226 pages
Oct. 2010
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At NetGalley, we like to take a moment at Thanksgiving to thank you for your loyalty and support. We are grateful to have a dedicated community of Book Advocates who love reading and recommending – you truly help new books succeed! By the end of this year, your enthusiasm for reading & recommending will mean […]

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