I was wondering where I could find someone who would edit my writing for free, and also design some covers for me. I can compensate them after I sell enough stories but I'm broke right now and I know that it isn't because my stories are bad, but because I haven't edited them nor are my covers very professional. Sarcasm will be blocked. I'm just looking for suggestions given my current situation. Thank you.

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You can find people to do this inexpensively, but not for free. Future sales are wayyyy too uncertain, even if you are a good writer, and those sales will rely at least as much upon marketing as the quality of your work -- probably more. 

If you're looking for a serious response: What you are really asking someone to do is publish your book. If that's the case, why not try to find a publisher? There are a lot of options in the publishing world...the big presses, small presses (where I have had a lot of luck), but any traditional publisher will get your book edited and professionally packaged at NO CHARGE to you. (If they try to charge you, they're a scam.) This is a partnership, where they invest in your work. It may take longer, since you have to go through rounds of submission and rejection, but if you're looking for someone to invest in your work, this is absolutely what you are asking someone to do. 

I do freelance editing, and I get a lot of jobs through a site called elance. You won't find anyone to work for you for free, but you can find a lot of low-cost options there if you can put together some money. There is a lot of competition for every job, and you'll get a huge range of bids. You can also find cover art designers there. (Not usually the same people. It would be best to create two separate jobs.)

I don't mean to discourage you, just to give you the bare-boned industry facts. Best of luck on your endeavor!

No, I'm not looking for a publisher. I'm looking for exactly what I was asking.

It just seemed to me that what you are asking for is a big part of what a publisher does. I saw the post below and hope it works out for you. Would be curious to know it if does, if you don't mind popping in later for an update. (I tend to stay curious about these things and never usually get closure. :) )

I agree that quality editing is something you have to pay for. I'm an editor and my prices are low. But since you appear to only be interested in free editing services, I remember coming across this Goodreads post recently in the "Editors and Writers" group, posted on October 13th, where the new freelance editor offers her editing service for free in order to gain experience.

As far as cover design, unless you have a good friend that does covers, you will either have to make your own (buy a background image for $10 and add your text and special effects - I use Dreamstime for the image) or pay for a professional cover (usually $30+).

Good luck!

Thank you. I just contacted her and am waiting to see her reply.


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