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Comment by Fuentes on June 11, 2013 at 1:19pm


Personally in "CLUB Monstrosity", I really liked the concept of the greatest monsters of literature who find themselves in the middle of New York in a therapy group. 
The idea was original. The action full of twists and conducted as an investigation with amusing repartees.
No downtime, this serie is fresh and exciting.


Comment by Fuentes on June 11, 2013 at 1:19pm


Much more darker, this third volume brings the characters into a face to face. They have to confront themselves, the truth of their relationship and see if they still want the same things.
This powerful serie was surprising since the first volume. Kyra Davis was able to make me react, volume after volume, by changing its style and atmosphere.


Comment by Brandi S. on June 11, 2013 at 10:39am

That First Kiss by J.C. Valentine

Mercurial and charming, Tate Larson is a rising author and playboy who has a different woman on his arm every night of the week. Focused on his work, Tate has no plans to settle down any time soon. That is until he meets his pretty new assistant, Piper Donovan.

Desperate to escape the promise of backwater living, Piper ditched her Alabama hometown and never looked back. That was almost two years ago. Now that she is out of a job and her bank account is running on fumes, she’s desperate to find a job, fast. She finds the break she is searching for when she lands a position at Bookish Temptations. A little dancing and a lot of drinks with the girls seem the perfect way to celebrate. After a brief but explosive encounter with a man she was never supposed to see again turns out to be the same man she will be bending over backwards to please, her every instinct tells her to run. But when running means leaving the life she has struggled so hard to create, Piper decides her only option is to continue working for the devastatingly sexy Tate Larson...even if it kills her.

Unable to deny their growing attraction, they struggle to keep their distance in a relationship that requires anything but.

4.52/5 stars from Goodreads early reviewers!

Pre-Order on Amazon (paperback)

Pre-Order on Kobo (ebook)

Comment by Cody Alan Reel on June 10, 2013 at 6:29am

Please download Frank and Bob June 15-16, June 22-23, and June 29 and leave reviews :) I love this story.

Comment by Dawn Chandler on June 10, 2013 at 2:37am Stop by my site and read the first three chapters of The Dark Lady for free. Come to Barnes and Noble in Twin Falls Idaho on June 29th 2013 from 11am to 3pm and get your signed copy. Every purchase will receive a free bookmark.

Comment by Robert Peter Thompson on June 9, 2013 at 2:02pm

A recent review from a very respected reviewer and bibliographer:

5.0 out of 5 stars An Engrossing, Phantasmagorical Book,


David A. Willson (Maple Valley, WA USA) - See all my reviews (REAL NAME)

This review is from: Everything Happened In Vietnam: The Year Of The Rat (Paperback)

This is an engrossing, phantasmagorical book. I've read a lot of Marine Corps memoirs, and this is an unusual one, but very readable on every page.
It's hard to explain why I find this book so singular. The author gives us some clues on the verso of the title page. "This is not a work of fiction although I have written it more like a novel than a narrative." He goes on to call the book, "true fiction," and he warns the reader the final chapter contains an event that isn't "digestible as literal truth." He is right about that, but the book is filled with such events and is the better for it. Some scholars of literature call this sort of writing, "magical realism." It works well with the material in this Marine Corps memoir.
The language of the book is a mytho-poetic style that is often more poetry than prose, and the book is arranged in short, powerful chapters. It is very novelistic as Thompson warns us early on. Many of his phrases were so memorable that I found myself jotting them down. I loved his phrases for the view from a helicopter. "the emerald embrace of the vegetal world." My favorite chapter is The Letter. It packs such a powerful punch in three and one half pages that I recommend buying the book just for that chapter alone. It is worth it.
In his chapter, "Mamason" is the best description of what Agent Orange is like on the ground that I have read. "...I was walking through some bush that was black and withered and the only way that I can describe it is that it was slimy, like a million snails had oozed across every leaf of every bush and turned them black and shriveled in their wake and the slime was getting all over me." A bit later he says, "This must be Agent Orange." He goes on to offer a defense of the use of the stuff, as the defoliation aspect of it enabled him to see a landmine before he stepped on it. Agent Orange saved his legs and his life.
If you are up for reading another Marine Corps memoir, this is a fine one. It is short and sweet and can be read in one or at most two sittings. I read it in a great rush, eager for what was coming next. You will too.

All the best, Robert Peter Thompson Author of:

Everything Happened In Vietnam: The Year of the Rat – Kindle $3.99

Everything Happened In Vietnam: The Year Of The Rat – Print $10.34

Comment by Cody Alan Reel on June 8, 2013 at 8:28am

Please download my poetry collection this weekend and leave reviews :)

Comment by Chris Stevenson on June 8, 2013 at 1:16am

PLANET JANITOR CUSTODIAN OF THE STARS--Starship Troopers meets Robinson Crusoe on Mars. A must read for classic and Golden Age Fans!

Planet Janitor: Custodian of the Stars (Engage Science Fiction) (Illustrated) 

Captain Zachary Crowe and the crew of Planet Janitor Corporation are adept at handling environmental clean-ups and close system jumps to collect precious ores and space trash. The problem is they have yet to complete an assignment without a mishap to add to their not so stellar record. Scraping the bottom of the barrel, Orion Industries contracts Planet Janitor for a clandestine operation that no one else wants, offering them more money than they could spend in three lifetimes. The mission entails a 12 light-year trip to a newly found habitable planet in the Tau Ceti system. The crew will lose 26 years on Earth due to the cryo jump, but that is the least of their problems. What they find on Tau Ceti will rattle their wits, test their courage, and threaten their very survival.


"Planet Janitor does deliver an interstellar romp that hearkens to the best of Robert Heinlein or Philip José Farmer... A rollicking plot-driven adventure... The dangers are intimidating, the wonders evocative and the thread that ties it all together is always just a little more tangled than it seems." --The Canadian Science Fiction Review, December 13, 2010

"An intriguing and exciting cross between Aliens and 10,000 Years B.C. - Stevenson shows us a future filled with proof that we should listen to Stephen Hawking's warnings about alien life forms and what they want to do to us." --Gini Koch, author of `Touched by an Alien' & `Alien Tango', December 1, 2010

"Stevenson's book considers the possibility of an elite industry of environmental cleanup specialists who take on all sorts of bizarre environmental jobs... Clearly, this is a timely topic that hits home in the wake of the Gulf oil spill." --SF-Fandom, September 21, 2010

From the Publisher

A great deal of care went into the quality of this book, with case laminate library binding, wrap around cover art, and 26 illustrations.

Comment by Chris Stevenson on June 8, 2013 at 1:11am

Welcome to THE WOLFEN STRAIN. Half Jurassic Park, half Wolfen. A Beauty and the Beat tale flipped and ripped on its ear. Still reduced to 4.49!

The Wolfen Strain 

Product Description

In a remote compound in Wyoming a geneticist created the first female human-wolf hybrid and adopted her as his daughter. When Melina Salinger discovers who and what she really is she escapes her father's domain and sets out into the wilderness—any other life would be better than the one that was forced upon her.

Seth Anson, a ranger stationed at the Wheeler Ridge watchtower, is trying to get over a bitter divorce—working in the majestic Shoshone forest is the only way he knows how to get on with his life. Consequently, he is unprepared for the strange and mysterious woman he accidentally shoots and then must nurse back to health. As Seth and Melina form a close bond that leads to something deeper—they have no idea that the geneticist’s other creation—the result of a DNA cloning experiment gone horribly wrong—is bent on finding Melina and committing a monstrous act

Comment by Chris Stevenson on June 8, 2013 at 1:04am

THE WAR GATE, A BACKLIST PARANORMAL/ROMANCE TITLE, NOW FREE ON AMAZON TODAY AND TOMORROW--2-18 TO 2-19! Full-length, 332 pages of thrills, romance and chills. Available on Amazon Kindle:

Tag Line: Through a miraculous conception, Avalon Labrador must give birth to herself before she is executed, to solve her husband’s murder and her own wrongful conviction.

When the reincarnated Avy Labrador is kicked out of her stepfather’s house on her 18th birthday, she has no idea that the man who raised her framed her mother to cover his murder so he could acquire a major software empire. Now, years later, with the help of her magician boyfriend, Sebastian, Avy is about to discover that her birth was otherworldly and for a purpose. The ancient Roman God Janus was so appalled by the heinous murder of Tom Labrador by his brother Drake that he opened up a War Gate. Avy has received half of her mother’s soul light and half of a God’s essence. Her mission is to put the real killer behind bars. The only catch: she must learn to “Gate-Walk”, that’s time traveling to the layman. She soon finds out that she is a drunk driver on the space/time continuum super highway.

“This was a solidly written tale with a trace of fantasy and complex thought used in defining the concept of leaping from one time gate to the next—excellent job of structuring.”

Terrie G, Bitten by Books, 4 out of 5.

“The War Gate is a captivating book. Mystery, magic and the paranormal blend together in a perfect mix. I would thoroughly recommend this book to fantasy enthusiasts who also like romance.

Orcid, Aurora Reviews, 5 out of 5.

War Gate Author's Note: The antagonist character, Wax Man, is not for the squeamish. I warn you ahead of time that he is the most disgusting, vile creature/human you're ever likely to read about. Not for younger readers under 13.


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