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Editing Service

Hi everyone, my name is Stormi from Lightning Book Promotions and my sister-in-law is a freelance writer and she is looking into getting into the editing business. She is charging $5.00 per 1000…Continue

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Started by Stormi Johnson Jun 7.

Free from Monday, March 17th to Friday, March 21st

I'm giving away "Fanaticism" and "Bees" for free from Monday, March 17th to Friday, March 21st.Please download them, leave reviews, and ask others to do the same.Thank you :D…Continue

Started by Cody Alan Reel Mar 17.

Free poetry collection giveaway

I'm giving away my poetry collection from Monday, February 10th to Friday, February 14th (Valentines Day!)I promise there are a lot of romantic and sexual poems within the collection. Please download…Continue

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Started by Cody Alan Reel Feb 10.

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Comment by iamjenai yesterday

Signed Paperbacks (Book 1 - 3) giveaways for US residents

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Comment by iamjenai yesterday

Some call them extraterrestrials, others call them Gods. This is their story.
After Sir Henry Johnston falls into a volcanic crater, two warriors from another world come to his rescue; they manage to keep him alive. These two warriors, a female named Suchja and a male named Dran, are Tesgans who claim to be here protecting planet Earth and its inhabitants, including plants and animals, on behalf of Annur’s Empire.
Sir Henry questions their claims but he can’t do much more. He is nearly comatose. Suchja tells Sir Henry to consider reading or listening to the Expedition Reports because that’s where he can find most of the answers he seeks. Thus begins a most amazing saga: How these beings got here, how they made us, how they transformed us, how they continue to influence us, and how they are protecting us from enemies that wish to do us harm.
Comment by BookGirlR yesterday
Love The Dresden Files and looking for more urban/paranormal fantasy with a male hero?  Come read BookGirlR's newest review on BookGirl's BookNook Blog.

Comment by iamjenai on July 15, 2014 at 12:02pm

A coming of age story that centers around seventeen year Maja who, in the midst of coping with the fact that her mother has Asperger's and a complicated relationship with her father, falls in love for the first time. Written by professional psychologist, Jenny Jägerfeld, this novel is told with such bare bones honesty that one can’t help but be drawn in. Maja is both wise beyond her years and naïve in ways one wouldn’t expect. Her story begins with an accident that leaves her 'on the floor bleeding' and ends with a bittersweet revelation.


Thursday, 12 April
Spurting Blood

It was a quarter to one on Thursday the twelfth of April: one day before the so-called unlucky thirteenth. I had just sawn off the tip of my left thumb with an electric saw.

I stared at my thumb—what was left of it, I mean—with its pale midwinter skin and the pinky-red stuff inside. The flesh. In a detached kind of way I noted that I’d sawn it off quite neatly, that the edges of the cut were straight, which was good. Wasn’t it? I searched my mind for relevant experiences but I came up blank. Empty. My knowledge of sawn-off body parts was distinctly limited. Regardless, the cut suddenly became fairly difficult to make out because a massive stream of blood spontaneously spurted right up into the air. Like a tiny geyser. 

The saw fell to the floor with a violent crash. Perhaps I dropped it, perhaps I threw it away from me; I don’t remember. I grabbed my thumb with my right hand and held it tight, so tight my knuckles turned white. One second passed, then another. I watched as the saw jerked across the floor, its blade wildly vibrating. 

Everything in my vision swam about like bad television reception and a stream of blood forced its way between the thumb and index finger of my right hand. Then blood began pouring out between every finger and my right hand gradually turned bright red. I tried to squeeze even tighter but the blood just kept gushing through. It dropped onto the white worktop with such relentless speed you’d think someone was spraying it with red paint.

read more click HERE

Comment by BookGirlR on July 13, 2014 at 1:38pm
BookGirlR is sad.  Read her most recent review at BookGirl's BookNook Blog and find out why.  

Comment by Jessica Haight on July 10, 2014 at 10:47pm

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Comment by Richard Humphreys on July 5, 2014 at 3:19pm

Review of House of Silk (Sherlock Holmes) by Horowitz ...

Comment by Kevin Peter on July 2, 2014 at 9:23am

Check out my book review of 'Presidents’ Body Counts' -

Comment by Alecia Stone (CBY Book Club) on July 2, 2014 at 5:08am

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Comment by Laurie Carlson on June 26, 2014 at 10:20pm

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