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Bloggers needed for upcoming Book Blitz: Signup and be eligible to win the Exclusive hosts Giveaway!

#Bloggers #SignUp for the #Upcoming #BookBlitz for Feb and March and be eligible to enter #ExclusiveHostGiveaway! :)1) How To Survive Your Sisters by Ellie Campbell {15 Feb} :…Continue

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Started by Nikita aka Njkinny Feb 4.

Blog Sponsors Needed


Started by Literary Chanteuse Jan 15.

Nominate FAMILY SECRETS for Publishing Contract 1 Reply

Nominate FAMILY SECRETS for a publishing contract:November 21st – December 21st Okay, everyone I need your help!I have submitted my newest novel FAMILY SECRETS to Amazon Scout Publishing. They will…Continue

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Started by Donna M. Zadunajsky. Last reply by Michael Phelps Dec 10, 2014.

author bio & links from Kelli Wilkins

Hi everyone!I’m new to the group and sharing my author bio & links!ABOUT KELLI A. WILKINSKelli A. Wilkins is an award-winning author who has published more than 90 short stories, 19 romance…Continue

Tags: author, romance, Wilkins, Kelli

Started by Kelli A. Wilkins Dec 2, 2014.

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Comment by Rosanna Leo on February 10, 2015 at 11:09am

She's the best bridesmaid money can buy.

The Stand-In by Rosanna Leo, a hot, humorous contemporary romance, available through Liquid Silver Books. 

The Stand In by Rosanna Leo

Failed actress Winn Busby is at the end of her rope. With no money and no prospects, she accepts the one job she never thought she’d see on her résumé. Professional bridesmaid. It should be easy. If only the idea of weddings and vows didn't give Winn a case of the hives. Her role becomes more challenging when she's told a reporter will shadow her work for a men's magazine article.

Working for Player Magazine is Patrick Lincoln's worst nightmare. A former political journalist, he used to write thoughtful columns for one of Toronto's most respected papers. That is, until he was blackballed for allegedly sleeping with the boss's wife. Overnight, Patrick becomes the city's most reviled bad boy. And now he's forced to write a seedy expose on, of all things, a bridesmaid.

Patrick begrudgingly accompanies Winn to a series of strange weddings. As they are forced to work together, he learns there is more to the stand-in bridesmaid than puffy dresses and pretty speeches. She, in turn, begins to question whether or not Patrick actually deserves the derision of his peers. As much as they fight their attraction, it begins to threaten their work and their sanity.

For so long, Winn has felt second-best. A stand-in. She finally meets a man who believes in her value. But can she let go of the past and accept him?

Available at as well as Amazon, ARE, B&N and Kobo.

Comment by Beck Valley Books Blog on February 9, 2015 at 3:20pm

Who Am I? How My Daughter Taught Me to Let Go and Live Again by Author Megan Cyrulewski 'This books shows the remarkable strength of a mother's love.' reviews What Jenna Thought - Blog...

"This book is seriously gritty, yes in places the narrative is messy but to me that just adds to the reality of the piece. I felt like I was standing next to Megan as she filed the police reports, as he heart sank at the sight of another email and lifted again at the sight of her precious daughter. I have given Who am I? 5 stars because of the emotional response it provoked in me. This is a book I will remember. I couldn't put this down from the moment I started it and finished it in two nights, the second it was after 1am when I finished. 

When approaching this book please remember that it is not fiction, it is not a novel - which is by definition fictitious prose - this book is heart wrenchingly real and I wouldn't change a bit of it. The author does go into minute details at times but this for me just served to build the picture of what Megan was facing and what she and her family went through.

I suffer from depression and panic disorder myself and found the way that Megan opens up about her time in the hospital being treated for her mental health as truly inspiring. I can't imagine how she must have felt going through all of this, there must have been many times when she wanted to give up which is where her beautiful little girl stepped in and kept her going. This books shows the remarkable strength of a mother's love. 

I'd be very interested to hear more from Megan, about the rebuilding of her life and how her parents and her daughter are now." 

Find out more on the #book and author here...

Comment by J.L McFadden on February 9, 2015 at 1:54am

Book Tour sign up for April: Will be Freebooks, Amazon Gift card and some other goodies. Click here for the sign up. Thank you all and have a great day.

Comment by Beck Valley Books Blog on February 5, 2015 at 12:00pm

*** ONLY $0.99 !! ***
FLIRTING WITH LOVE (The Bradens) by Melissa Foster
For a limited time read Ross Braden & Elisabeth Nash's story for only $.99! Reduced from $4.99!

Comment by Nikita aka Njkinny on February 4, 2015 at 2:18am

#Bloggers #SignUp for the #Upcoming #BookBlitz for Feb and March and be eligible to enter #ExclusiveHostGiveaway! :)
1) How To Survive Your Sisters by Ellie Campbell {15 Feb} : #Chicklit #RomanticComedy
2) Born To Magic by David Wind {27 Feb}: #Fantasy #Scifi
3) Grade A Stupid (The Darcy Walker Series Book1) by A.J. Lape {16-17 March}: #YA #Mystery

**You can also signup for the Master Blitz Hosts list and just host the Blitzes:

**Link to the #ExclusiveHostGiveaway:

#NjkinnyTours #UpcomingBlitzes #SignUpForms

Comment by Daye Riolpe on February 2, 2015 at 3:02pm

A mystery of complex relationships - Amazon UK.”

He is a scientist who struggles to find his place in the scientific community and in society in general. The novel tells the story of his search for love while trying to find his niche in the world.

Over time Curl is involved with three women: Anna, Henne and Silke. The inter-connectedness between the three women is at the heart of the plot. Anna is highly intelligent and principled but much too young for Curl. Henne is manipulative and scheming; Silke is an elusive but genuine soul-mate if Curl doesn't m

uck things up. How Jeffrey Perren weaves these complex relationships together is a mystery but one which is explained, rather unexpectedly, in the end.

The presence of the enigmatic lighthouse of the title recurs throughout the novel like another character. It even stays in the plot when Curl leaves America and re-locates to York, in England. The descriptions of the scenes in York and surrounding area are fascinating. I don't know if the author has visited the place or based his writing on research; either way he's successfully encapsulated the spirit of the place."



FREE on Kindle Unlimited

The Lighthouse Pylon is dramatic suspense harkening back to the golden age of Gothic romance, when a shoreline structure could be as menacing as the villain. Jeffrey Perren’s latest is surely his finest novel yet, with a twist at the end we challenge any reader to guess!” - ClioStory Publishing

Comment by Princila Murrell on February 2, 2015 at 12:37pm

Love multicultural stories? You'll probably love to read Courtney's experience in Saudi Arabia, a fascinating middle grade novel that has stayed in Amazon's top 100 "Prejudice & Racism" for three consecutive weeks. Read the blurb, an excerpt and reviews here:

Comment by Beck Valley Books Blog on January 27, 2015 at 11:48am

Book Review - Murder in Paradise by Deborah Brown - Paradise SeriesBook 4 plus $25 Amazon / Paypal Giveaway

"Here we are again in the Keys with Madison and Fab in their crazy world. Even though this is the 4th book in the series it can be read as an individual as the author explains and clarifies what has happened in the previous stories.

It is amazing how the author can keep providing new escapades and adventures which keep the reader enthralled and the story moving forward. We fall more in love with Maddison, feel sorry for Fab and learn more about Maddison's family, plus the fact that even though Maddison thinks she is in charge the real power is her mother.

This story revolves around the murder of Fab's ex-husband who has returned to try and find the hidden booty from previous criminal endeavors. Fab is framed and it is a race against time to find the real murderer. This takes us on a real roller coaster ride full of violence, sex and back handed IOUs.

The characters have become more humane and made more life like which is testament to the author, I cannot wait for the next installment, keep them coming!"

Read the full post here...

Comment by Michael Phelps on January 26, 2015 at 4:49pm

A Beautiful Book Trailer Video, a tribute to my friend, DAVID JANSSEN ~ "THE FUGITIVE".

Comment by Beck Valley Books Blog on January 26, 2015 at 2:45pm

Our Beck Valley Book Review - Afric by Eileen Enwright Hodgetts

"That feeling when you start reading a book and you know after one line this is the book for you, this is that book. An excellent read, I love the fact that it is centered around a country and continent which has a lot of mystique and tradition, which we are still trying to understand.

Based around East Africa and Uganda this story is about witchcraft, war, tribal feuds and control. If you understand African traditions, beliefs and general way of life then this is the book for you. If you don't, then a word of caution, you will find certain parts of the story line upsetting.

The novel revolves around a murder and a baby, who has been cursed by the local witch doctor and who the warlord wants in order to cure his tribe. On the other side we have a young 18 year old american girl who on her first visit to Uganda believes it is her destiny to rescue and keep the baby from harm.

The historic references and the fact that the story jumps from the past to the present explains the changes and the power struggle which ensues. It's fast paced, with excellent descriptive scenes and describes perfectly the rules of a nation where the basic rule and law is to survive. Also along with this is the way of the tribes and how you are dealt within that tribe depicts how you will treat and behave towards outsiders and nothing stops the tribe moving on ruling by terror. 

I cannot praise this book high enough and this is my favourite read of the year, I must again stress that it is down to the tribal feuds and understanding of the story line, as mentioned some readers might find this upsetting. "

Read more on the #book and author here....


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