The main purpose of this group is for Twitter networking. If you're seeking followers on a network besides Twitter, such as Google Friend Connect or Facebook, please reply to this thread from this point forward so that we can keep everything organized. Thank you!

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Hi, Stacy!

I have just signed on at the Twitter discussion, and then headed here.

As I mentioned on the other post, I do not Tweet too often!  My blog is on Wordpress, not GFC.

My blog is also my main means of communication when I am in cyberspace!


Thank you for starting these discussions.



Choose Joy!

The Paperback Pursuer blog, please follow me on GFC! 225 followers = ARC giveaway!!!

I am looking for new friends on facebook who are interested in Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy Books. You can follow along with me and stay posted. I also have a website if you are more interested and would love even more info on my books and on me:0)

looking foward to getting to know you!


Hi There!

Have we all exchanged face book?  Exchange LIKE on each other's page to promote our books,!/pages/The-Bridge-of...



Hello everyone,

Have we liked each other's page on facebook? I noticed i have far more friends on twitter than on facebook and far more at book blogs! If not please let me know.!/pages/The-Bridge-of-Deaths/130675087014521




I have facebook group and profile page as well as GFC and NB...plz find links to these on my blog here:



Read my special interview with the author of MY BODY BELONGS TO ME, who made appearance on many television shows, including THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW. Hope you will comment, share and follow my blog. 

Here is the link:


Also read a great guest post on my blog on selling e-books...awesome article! Here is the link:


Thanks so much.

Have a great day!

Komz@The Review Girl

Have you met Darrell Moneyhon here at Book Blogs?
Allsville Emerging is a genre cross-over with the elements of a novel and elements of a manual. In a story told through the actions of various fictional characters Darrell Moneyhon creates a blueprint for “a model community” known as ALLSVILLE.
In Allsville Emerging the author presents the birth of a place where “gifts and virtues” replace the search for power and materialism. The belief and theme that we are all interconnected flows through the entire book; in it Mr. Moneyhon gives each fictional character his/her place and importance. Their ‘gifts and virtues’ come in handy as they identify and develop all the things that a community needs in order to bring out the best in everyone. Moneyhon takes the reader through a journey that shows how, brick by brick—in physical, intellectual, educational and any other form imaginable (truly no detail seems to have been by-passed)—Allsville emerges from an idea to become a reality.
The characters are everyone’s somebody. The clever manner in which the author chose to make them just enough of personality but at the same time generic enough gives the reader the freedom to visualize someone they know—a teacher, a businessman, a farmer—as a possible co-creator of Allsville, and it works to help the reader interact with the story.
Allsville Emerging is not a quick read.This is a book that will provoke thought and discussion, and not everyone will agree with some of the political implications, especially in today’s world where sharing and support gets easily confused with intrusive or enabling forms of ‘socialism.’

I am giving this book five stars. I do so because as a cross-over it is a unique and original book. It is well-written and it excites thought. I am also very impressed by the roots of where this comes from. Darrell Moneyhon is a retired prison counselor. It strikes me as fascinating that a person who spent years interacting with people who so many would see as the worst of society has a soul and spirit that believes there is so much good in ALL of us that he was able to create a concept such as Allsville. Mr. Moneyhon has great faith in the human race and sees our potential to really bloom if we tap into our innate sense of community.
M.C.V. Egan
Author of The Bridge of Deaths

Hi friends, I have a blog too, Books and Beyond if you want to stop by & say hi I'd surely appreciate it :) 

I re follow..

Blog:Books and Beyond I re follow

Follow our blog! (GFC)

I don't have GFC but you can still follow me via Linky widget. Please visit my blog, Bluest Ribbon to see my widget and reviews. Thanks!

I would love to get more followers on my Reading Between Classes I review mostly YA but also review adult books once in a while and post about things I think would be interesting to other readers (such as the new scarf I bought from etsy which features text from Harry Potter).  In my YA reviews, I make an effort to note any issues with appropriateness, violence, language etc, which is useful for all the other teachers and parents out there. 

GFC follow on my blog

facebook page

Thanks for the follows!


Need help?




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