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Free from Monday, March 17th to Friday, March 21st

I'm giving away "Fanaticism" and "Bees" for free from Monday, March 17th to Friday, March 21st.Please download them, leave reviews, and ask others to do the same.Thank you :D…Continue

Started by Cody Alan Reel Mar 17.

Free poetry collection giveaway

I'm giving away my poetry collection from Monday, February 10th to Friday, February 14th (Valentines Day!)I promise there are a lot of romantic and sexual poems within the collection. Please download…Continue

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Started by Cody Alan Reel Feb 10.

Free from Monday, January 27th to Friday, January 31st

I'm giving away Torture and Deadly Accurate from Monday, January 27th to Friday, January 31st.Please download them (download the free Kindle app if you don't have a Kindle) and then leave a review on…Continue

Started by Cody Alan Reel Jan 26.

Free from Monday, January 20th to Friday, January 24th (please download because I'm looking for reviews. Download the free Kindle app)

I'm giving Dark away for free from today, Monday, January 20th to Friday, January 24th.Please download it and leave a review.Free Kindle app is under "Author Profile" at this link.…Continue

Started by Cody Alan Reel Jan 20.

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Comment by Chris Stevenson on April 10, 2014 at 4:53am
Comment by Chris Stevenson on February 22, 2014 at 2:10am

I just wanted to note that The Girl They Sold to the Moon is now available on pre-order on Amazon. The paperback price is especially affordable at $11.33, undoubtedly one of the lowest out there. You can find it here:




Or Intrigue Publishing:  Sandra Bowman at:

Intrigue is proud to announce our latest author acquisition; Chris Stevenson, author of the YA Dystopian and Science Fiction novel The Girl They Sold to the Moon. Eighteen-year-old Tilly Breedlove’s father has pawned her to a ruthless company called Family Trade and Loan, who sells her into a form of modern day slavery on Luna—the Tranquility Harbor Mining Company, 240,000 miles from home. Forced to be an exotic dancer, she performs risqué shows for the filthy and filthy rich ore miners--a far cry from her classical and modern dance training. If she isn't resisting obscene advances from bearded “Prairie Dogs”, she's fending off jealous head-liner acts who view her as a threat to their status—and when those jealous showgirls say “break a leg”, they aim to cause it. The only reprieve she finds in this shop of horrors is a few close ward friends, a sympathetic dance coach/choreographer, and Buddy Gunner Bell, who just might become the love of her life. It's just enough to stem her psychological meltdown. Find out what happens to Tilly and her friends in this fast-paced, fun ride.
Chris Stevenson , originally born and raised on the beaches of southern California, moved to Sylvania, Alabama in 2009 and settled in with his twin sister. His occupations have included newspaper reporter, front-line mechanic and federal police officer. He has been writing off and on for 36 years, having officially published books beginning in 1988.

Comment by Saul Weber on February 20, 2014 at 9:40am

The wait is over. I’ve finally decided to convert my award winning children’s book, “A Lesson My Cat Taught Me” to a KINDLE format. [Pricing information might take another day or two to appear elsewhere.]

The paperback edition is available on Amazon =

If anyone is interested in seeing/learning about the award the book won you’re invented to check out the following link:

PLEASE FEEL FREE to share this information with your friends and family

Comment by Daniel Klockenbrink on January 24, 2014 at 3:37pm

Looking for reviews and broad exposure on Social Networks?

If your are looking for reviewers and broad exposure on social networks you might like this affordable service: and

Comment by krishna on January 17, 2014 at 11:29pm

Hi People ... Gm have a wonderful day .. love you al

Comment by Robin Leigh Morgan on January 10, 2014 at 10:57am
I've just received another 5 STAR review for my first YA Paranormal/Time Travel/First Kiss romance novel entitled "I Kissed a Ghost"
I would love for you to check it out for yourself, your daughter or any other young girl in your family. If possible I would also appreciate your support by sharing this information with your friends and family, 
THANKS for your kind support and have a GREAT WEEKEND !!!  :-) :-) :-)

Comment by david stuart ryan on November 1, 2013 at 1:30pm

Announcing the publication of what will come to be seen as the definitive portrayal of the amazing year that was 1967, ‘the summer of love’

Free ebook in exchange for a review.

Visit use coupon code ZP85X

 '1967' plots the course of a momentous year.

The year when pop turned into progressive rock and masterpieces from The Beatles and The Rolling Stones provided the soundtrack to what were revolutionary times. The novel by David Stuart Ryan, author of the bestselling 'John Lennon's Secret’, describes the events as they happen month by month, through the non-stop kaleidoscope of the life of Paul Dane, an advertising copywriter, and his circle of friends. If you thought the world of ‘Mad Men’ was strange, the adventures in this volume will only confirm all your wildest suspicions. You live out the exhilarating, unpredictable but always totally engaging events, music and experimentation that stamped themselves on a year, and produced the legendary 'summer of love'.

There has probably never been a time when the women were so willing, the mood music so congenial, the artificial aids to expanded consciousness so freely available. You start to realize as you progress through the heady months of 1967 that everything is evolving at a fantastic speed, a whole year's evolution appears to take place in a month, or less, as the young suddenly and inexplicably begin to seek out their dreams and fantasies, aided and abetted by some of the best music every produced, the tracks that have become an intimate part of our lives and which continue to haunt and fascinate in equal measure.

'1967' takes you behind the scenes to give you an understanding of just what it was like to experience this tsunami of change, of hope and ultimately of changes with profound revolutionary implications that are even today working themselves out as the old ways are rejected, as a counter-revolution runs out of steam and the visions that beguiled a whole generation move into the mainstream.

And yes there is a lot of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. This is 1967. It is more 50 shades of psychedelic colour than the grey of a postwar world. What a trip you are about to embark upon.

Comment by Chris Stevenson on October 24, 2013 at 2:36am

HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS AND HITCH YOUR PANTS UP--we have new six-book epic fantasy series out, penned by the astounding Jim Melvin. If you haven't read any of these books yet, whet your appetite on any one of the prequel short stories, free and offered at the lowest prices. THE DEATH WIZARD CHRONICLES!

Enter the realm . . .

Book One, The Death Wizard Chronicles.

Only a Death-Knower can die. And live again.

Only a Death-Knower can return from death. And remember.

Only a Death-Knower can tell the world what he's seen. Not all care to listen.

For a thousand years, none have rivaled the power of Torg, the Death-Knower wizard, as he ruled his people and kept peace on Triken.

Now a new threat has suddenly arisen. The evil sorcerer Invictus is greater even than Torg, and his greed and ambition threaten to engulf the land in eternal darkness. When Invictus imprisons Torg in a horrifying pit bored into the solid rock of a frozen mountain, the fate of Triken hangs in the balance.

Torg becomes freedom's final hope, but first he must die to earn the victory.

Jim Melvin is the author of The Death Wizard Chronicles, a six-book epic fantasy. He was an award-winning journalist at the St. Petersburg Times for twenty-five years. As a reporter, he specialized in science, nature, health and fitness, and he wrote about everything from childhood drowning to erupting volcanoes. Jim is a student of Eastern philosophy and mindfulness meditation, both of which he weaves extensively into his work. Jim lives in Upstate South Carolina in the foothills of the mountains. He's married and has five daughters. Visit him at and

Comment by Jennifer Kitchens on October 21, 2013 at 12:51pm

The holidays are coming!!! If you have a clean romance, then don't forget to get your holiday ad space....I have room for both Nov and Dec.

Comment by Robin Leigh Morgan on October 18, 2013 at 3:21am

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I’d love to invite everyone to check out my first YA Paranormal/Time Travel/First Kiss romance novel entitled “I Kissed a Ghost” for yourself, your daughter or any other young girl in your family.


KINDLE:  Released on May 12, 2013




PAPERBACK: Released on December 20, 2012




THANKS for your kind support


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