Authors Needing Reviews and Interviews


Authors Needing Reviews and Interviews

This group is for authors who are looking for reviews and interviews and for bloggers who do reviews and interviews. Authors post a link to your work or if your is still in progress then post a link to your blog with updates on your work.  Bloggers post your blog link, a way for you to be contacted and what genre of work you review

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Discussion Forum is always in need of new book reviewers to join our prestigious community. is always in need of new book reviewers to join our prestigious community. If interested, please email me at with your bio and a sampling of your writing.…Continue

Started by Norm Goldman on Saturday.

Fantasy Farm Tales - stories for children who love animals. 2 Replies

I am looking for reviews…Continue

Started by Susan Keefe. Last reply by Susan Keefe Jul 21.

Looking for reviewers in urban fiction and christian fiction genre 1 Reply

Hello everyone,I am looking for reviewers. I have several books I'd like reviewed in the genres listed above. I can provide ebook copies to those who are interested.Thanks!Continue

Started by Dominique. Last reply by A. Kerr Jul 20.

Reviewers Wanted ! (for a variety of books)

Reading Alley has a wide selection of books for you to choose from! Romance, mystery, erotica, new adult, LGBTQ, science fiction, fantasy, young adult, and more! These books are from both bestselling…Continue

Started by Carole Jul 10.

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Comment by Ottilie Weber on Sunday

Project US is a Young Adult novel that will be released on August 7! In this Leading Lady post you get to meet Rachel who is the main character of Project US it also includes a sample of a chapter in the book!

Comment by Book Buzz on Saturday

Mystery/Suspense Novel For Review

False Witness
By Scott Cook
Genre: Mystery, Suspense
Formats Available For Review: mobi, kindle, epub, PDF

When reporter Alex Dunn finally gives in and agrees to meet with a security guard who claims to have information on a major drug ring, he has no idea he is about to see the man executed right in front of his eyes. Now a key witness in the trial of the decade, Alex helps put ruthless criminal Rufus Hodge behind bars for life. Almost immediately, others connected to the case are brutally murdered in what appear to be acts of revenge, and Alex is next in line. He takes on a new identity and flees to a small mountain town from his past to ride out the storm and write a book about the trial. Meanwhile, Rufus Hodge's right-hand man must fight to keep his boss alive in prison as he and two of Alex's fellow reporters take a closer look at the case and discover the facts just don't add up. They soon realize that Alex is an unwitting pawn in an elaborate plot, and that keeping the truth buried is worth more than any of their lives.

For review copies contact:

Scott Cook

Comment by Ottilie Weber on July 23, 2015 at 9:21pm


I am offering a couple of ARCs of my upcoming YOUNG ADULT novel Project US. The release date is August 7! Check out the details at:

Comment by Book Buzz on July 23, 2015 at 2:08pm

Hurricane Katrina Memoir For Review

Below the Water Line
Getting Out, Going Back, and Moving Forward in the Decade After Hurricane Katrina
By Lisa Karlin
Publisher: Centennial Publishers
Published: July 2015
ISBN: 978-0996232708
Pages: 367
Genre: Personal Narrative, Memoir

In this intensely personal and moving memoir, Lisa Karlin provides a gripping account of her family’s hurricane evacuation experiences and all that followed in the decade after Hurricane Katrina. Her story begins in August 2005, when Lisa, her husband, thirteen-year-old daughter, eleven-year-old son, and two dogs evacuated New Orleans for what they thought would be a two-day “hurrication.” Her day-by-day account of the weeks that follow vividly chronicles the unprecedented displacement of thousands of Americans, and on a personal level, describes how her family makes the trifecta of major life decisions: where to live, where to work, and where to enroll their children in school. With unflinching candor, Lisa Karlin provides a first-hand commentary on how everyday life has been impacted by Katrina’s aftermath and how, a decade later, there are still lingering effects of one of the most devastating events in American history.

For review copies contact:

Lisa Karlin

Comment by joss Landry on July 15, 2015 at 8:43am

Looking for reviews for Exhale and Reboot. This is a romantic mystery suspense. Needs love, so welcome please e-mail letting me know how you normally proceed. Thank you

Comment by Book Buzz on July 11, 2015 at 6:11pm

New Contemporary Fiction Available For Review

Metal: A Treasure Hunt
By Java Davis
Published: July 2015
ISBN: 978-1515004684
Pages: 130
Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Dr. Frank Lally, a retired Navy podiatrist, is a family man and metal detector hobbyist. His wife is being treated for Alzheimer’s disease at an expensive lifecare center. His step-daughter needs to divorce her cheating husband and move back home. His step-son is losing his job, his place to live, and he has hardly written a word of his great American novel. Frank wonders how he will keep it all together when, one day, he takes a long walk with his dogs ...

For review copies contact:

Java Davis

Comment by Cathy on July 6, 2015 at 6:58am

Hello guys!

I'm in dire need for Amazon reviews.  Of course I would be more than glad to do the same for you.

I specialise in education. I've written several parenting guides. If any of you is willing to read any of my books, then I can buy them and send them to you as a gift.

Whether you are a parent or simply work with kids, my guides will be of use to everyone who believes that children are our future. Their brain capabilites are infinite and as adults our role is to help them develop their potential. In my books I provide you with strategies and tools to do so and to help kids thrive. 

In my free time I read a lot of books, various genres. Please let me know if you want to receive my book. 

Comment by Julie Elizabeth Powell on July 4, 2015 at 7:00am

I am an author of 18 titles in a variety of genres.  I also read and review for others on Amazon UK, USA and Goodreads; where I also have a blog.  In addition, I have a review page on Facebook for every book I review.

Of course, as every other author, I am looking for reviews.

Amazon UK link to my books:

Review page on Facebook

Goodreads blog (though please note that the more 'professional' posts are through Tami Adam's 'Magic Of Books Promotions', as I can only post basic text and links (I haven't even been able to work out how to post pics, I've tried many times but with no success - oops).  But I do my best.

So, that's me - Julie Elizabeth Powell (pen) ever hopeful, with a passion fo words that allow my imagination to roam where it will; or where the characters take me. :)

Thank you.

Comment by Jessica Kong on July 3, 2015 at 9:26pm

In the first book of the Sea-anan Saga, A Lost Kitten, readers meet John McCall. The second book, A Forgotten Kitten, features Areo McCall. Both of these intriguing protagonists are children of an intergalactic marriage. Now, fans of the saga will be thrilled to learn the story of how their parents get together. 

A Seacat’s Love takes readers back in time to planet Earth, where Rick McCall is committed to living the lonely life of a government spy after losing his wife and unborn daughter due to his own arrogance and poor decisions. 

Leonora, one of the top scientists on the planet of Oceana and a high-ranking Seacat Warrior, is a humanoid feline who has come to Earth to study human evolution and find similarities between earthlings and oceanans. But her expedition’s camp is stormed by the human army. 

Rick and Leonora first encounter each other at a secret military lab during the cat woman’s attempt to escape her captors. When she collides with Rick in a corridor, Leonora begs for his help, claiming that the government has been experimenting on her, and one look into the frightened feline’s pale-blue eyes is enough to stir the hardened spy’s heart. For Leonora, the spark ignites in her chest after Rick dares to defy his government and his own commanding officer to aid her and her colleague Tigif. She recognizes the nobility in this selfless act of helping strangers—aliens from another world, no less! 

Now committed to helping Leonora and Tigif remain safely out of the clutches of a wrongful government and find a way back to their home planet, Rick faces many difficult choices—but he doesn’t want to repeat the past and make another devastatingly wrong decision. His relationship with Leonora grows in fits and starts, constantly undermined by Tigif’s devious plots, and Leonora is threatened by Tigif’s increasingly forceful advances. As they avoid a massive government dragnet, fight off dangerous feline fevers, and try to retrieve the aliens’ ship, heated emotions of jealousy, distrust, and resentment that arise in the confusion put their very lives in jeopardy. 

Amazon US:

Barnes & Noble:

Amazon UK:

Comment by Jessica Kong on July 3, 2015 at 9:22pm

***Free on Kindle Unlimited***

Many readers enjoy Star Wars-esque stories of conflict on faraway planets, while other readers tend to stick to epic romances. Few authors have managed to combine the two genres in such a seamless way as Jessica A. Kong has in her Sea-anan Saga. She has created a highly complex story with fully developed characters, and the themes explored here are inarguably adult, yet the reading level required is no more than eighth grade. A Forgotten Kitten zips along at just the right pace, allowing the reader to digest the complexity of the plot and interrelation between the characters without having to think too hard. The story revolves around Sev, a young, handsome prince and member of a royal family who rises to become king of the Oceanan race. Sev is raised in the midst of a vicious family feud, but all seems worth it when his adoptive aunt gives birth to a beautiful little girl whom Sev falls instantly and irrevocably in love with. But when Sev’s planet collides with its own sun and collapses, he must bear the loss of his entire family, including his love as well as any memory of her. Areo, the heroine of the story, is that little girl that Sev fell for during his childhood. She is a human-feline hybrid who has grown to hate the royal family that her soul mate hails from. She undergoes a destructive event and space travel episode similar to Sev’s, and it is not too long before she has settled her new planet and with her fellow half-bloods, created a strong, thriving society. When she is brutally attacked by Daehog, everyone in her empire is scattered throughout the universe. Where does she land but the planet that Sev is currently occupying. What follows is a continually building conflict interlaced with one of the most fervently passionate love stories seen in these kinds of novels. Kong chooses not just to write about space travel, or war, or love, or family, or even racism; instead, she chooses to combine all of these classic literary themes into one amazing story. The result is a mysterious and ultimately deeply satisfying story that only leads to the craving for more from this gifted and astoundingly creative writer. Reading should always be enjoyable, especially when reading escapist literature, and Kong has remembered this and accomplished it without sacrificing plot or characterization. The task of any science fiction writer is to take alien, unbelievable concepts and present them in a way that convinces the reader they are plausible in reality, and Kong has certainly hit the mark with her second novel in this delightfully mystifying series.

Amazon US:

Barnes & Noble:

Amazon UK:


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