Hello fellow bloggers. I am getting great traffic (both bloggers, readers, and authors) and interest for my new feature "In the Spotlight". 

Every Wednesday I  have a fellow blogger featured  "In the Spotlight". I ask a bunch of questions so I get to know them and their love of blogging.

If you want to promote your blog, get more followers or traffic, why not be a featured blogger "In the Spotlight"? 

If your interested come fill out the contact form.

Come join the fun!!

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Hi, I am a author or young adult romance.  My new book: Southern Attraction.  I am trying to promote it.  If interested in hosting me on your blog, please send me questions or info needed to tracykauffman@charter.net

Also, I am partnering with a book tour company who is needing interviewers and reviewers for author's books.  If interested apply here: http://literary.yolasite.com/blog-tours.php

This is a wonderful idea, and very generous of you. Thanks! I am checking the form out right now

Thanks so much for this! I would love to have more followers on my blog and what better way to do it than being featured on your blog? Thanks again Kat!

My Book Review Blog: http://kindleaffairs.blogspot.com ! If you do decide to follow, link me back to yours! I 



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