I have a fairly new blog and am wondering how to obtain items to review.  Some bloggers seem to get some really cool stuff.  How do they do that and how can I start down that road?  Thanks

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Honestly...the best place to start (in my humble opinion....you guys can weigh in here too) is by reviewing the books you have and the books you love. Spread the word on those reviews and get your "name" out there. Most publishers are looking for an example of what you can do so show them.... ^_^

Additional options...sites like this one, LibraryThing Early Reviewers program....GoodReads...Shelf Awareness newsletter (book news and ARC offers)...and reading/commenting/entering on other blog sites....it all begins with putting something out there that you love! Welcome to the blog community! ^_^

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Gina covered it nicely. Here at Book Blogs there are two existing forums/discussion groups you want to join, one is "Bloggin' for Bookd and Giveaways," the other is "Book Blog Giveaways." Participate first by commenting on reviews and entering the giveaway contexts... become a follower of others; they will be come a follower of yours, if you leave the information to find your blog - what is the URL of your blog, by the way - always leave your URL so folks will come visit. Once you get 50-75-100 followers, people/publicists/publishers will seek you out to send review copies to, if you have shown you regularly do good reviews (following the model Gina presented). It generally takes about six months or so of steady participation (my experience, anyway!) I have four nonfiction books and recently published my first novel, Back to the Homeplace.. I now have 5-6 or more book bloggers who are scheduled to do reviews over the next month or so. So, you can see, I've been working both sides, and have met a lot of great people in this business. That is a nice side benefit. Best wishes!
Bill ;-)
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Hope you'll check out my book giveaway:
There are quite a few companies on BB that post their items each month. Instructions are provided for sign up. I don't believe there are any hard and fast rules. Nor is there is a specified time frame involved unless you're dealing with a group that has this requirement and it would be clearly stated. The only two that I can think of that fall within that spectrum are Pump Up Your Books! and TLC Tours. Good luck.
Hi Stephanie

I've been reviewing for a little bit over a year, and although I've gone the "review what you own/buy/library" method, there is something to be said about getting free books in exchange for a review that really got me into loving what I do. My biggest selection I receive is from a firm called Bostick Communications. Basically, for a fee, authors send their press releases to them and they in turn send that email to anyone who's interested in requesting a review copy. You can go to their site bostickcommunications.com and request to be put on their email list.
Don't expect any communication from Bostick or the author, but be patient and you will probably receive a book from the author eventually. Now some of your requests you will never get, and some authors will even write to you telling you their book is being delayed, but again, be patient, you will get books - I've got a huge shelf of books waiting to be read to prove it!

If you're looking for something quicker to get books, you can also try netgalley.com. They also have a wide variety of books for review, and it's easy to join, but they are all e-books.

Hope that helps, if you need any further suggestions or other help, please feel free to send me a private message.

I have to second DelGal's suggestion of NetGalley. I heard about them in June and signed up last month. So far I've been pleased.

my blogsite is just three days old and i've been looking for materials to cover. this tip is a great one. in fact i just signed up at netGalley prior to posting this.

i signed up at NetGalley, searched for titles in its catalog, requested for galleys and just a couple of hours later i got two! this is such a cool site. i'd recommend it to all book bloggers looking for new material!
How long would you say you would have to be a blogger to get a title from netgallery because I did sign up and and get denied the request of the title I recommended. Does the number of followers matter too??
hi Mariya. my blog is just 4 days old and i'm very new to the blogosphere. my blog has 10 followers so far so i don't think numbers count in my case. i guess it all depends on the publisher where you requested your galleys.

okay. okay.
Mariya: Have you written down the title of your blog under Company Title on NetGalley? I've been rejected once and the automatic email reply from Netgalley suggested doing that if one were a blogger. I did that and saved tried requesting the galley again and I got it :)
Oh. That could be it. I didn't know what to put in the company slot so I left it blank. I was trying to request Angelfire. I will fill in the company slot and try again. Thanks for the advice, Ladybug83 =D


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