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Seeking Reviewers for a Fun New Novel: "Square Affair"

The Cadence Group is currently seeking reviewers for a newly released novel: Square Affair.  Written by author Timmothy J. Holt, this delightful novel explores the notion that a community can change its moral structure with love and…Continue

Started by The Cadence Group Mar 3.

Seeking Eco-concious Reviewers for a New Fantasy/Issue-Based Novel: We Are The Destroyers

The Cadence Group is currently seeking eco-conscious reviewers for a newly released fantasy/issue-based novel: We Are The Destroyers.  This thought-provoking novel is the first in a series that offers a sneak peak at the future of humanity if we…Continue

Tags: SciFi, Fiction, Fantasy, Environment

Started by The Cadence Group Sep 25, 2014.

Comedy/Humor title available for review: "Liberty Call...Port of Spain"

The Cadence Group is seeking reviewers for a newly released humor fiction title: "Liberty Call…Port of Spain". If you simply enjoy comedy, this is a must read. If you love hilarious comedy, then spend a quiet afternoon with this one."Liberty…Continue

Tags: review, book, humor, comedy, fiction

Started by The Cadence Group Sep 20, 2013.

TRILOGY is now available for review!

The Cadence Group is currently seeking reviewers for a new paranormal fiction title:  Trilogy:  A Collection.  Written by author Prudence MacGregor, this short collection is very Twilight Zone-esque.  Things are not always as we see them and the…Continue

Started by The Cadence Group Feb 11, 2013.

"Change Your Life Not Your Wife" is now available to reviewers!

The Cadence Group is currently seeking reviewers for a great new relationship non-fiction title:  Change Your Life Not Your Wife written by psychologist Dr. Tony Ferretti and physician Dr. Peter Weiss. Are you winning at work but failing at…Continue

Tags: self-help, couples, marriage, nonfiction, relationships

Started by The Cadence Group May 1, 2012.

Seeking top reviewers for "The 7% Solution" by John Graves.

The Cadence Group is currently seeking bloggers, media outlets and top online reviewers for a new non-fiction title:  The 7% Solution.  Written by John Graves with the baby boomer generation in mind, this money management book aims to keep folks on…Continue

Tags: finances, boomers, retirement, money, nonfiction

Started by The Cadence Group May 1, 2012.

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Comment by Miriam Downey on February 17, 2013 at 4:36pm

A fun mystery set in Savannah. Try out The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club by Duncan Whitehead.

Comment by Lynda Coker on August 28, 2012 at 5:10pm

Publish Like The Pros: Book Review by Between The Pages

There are probably a zillion writers who've wondered about the shadowy world of 'Self-Publication'. The problem is, without a LOT of research, no one knows where the starting line is. For that matter, no one seems to know where the important midway points are either, or where the finish line is, if it exists at all.

This book is exactly what it claims to be, A BRIEF GUIDE TO QUALITY SELF-PUBLISHING. Don't expect to have all your questions answered in depth. There may even be certain advanced self-publishing aspects that aren't covered at all. But for the writer who is looking for that starting line, it's a great tool to set your feet on the right path. It takes you through the course, familiarizing you with the many and varied midway points, then guides you to the finish line. 

One thing I really appreciated, is that the author never fools you into thinking that this is all just as easy as riding a bike. Michele DeFilippo shows how it can be accomplished with style, but emphasizes that it takes dedication and work. She also makes the point that the material or book to be published must, first of all, be of good quality, up to professional standards. I liked the information starting on page sixty about how to determine the pricing of your work.

I think of this small book as a primer on self-publishing. And how many of us would be reading at a higher level if we hadn't started reading in those grade school primers designed to get us started in the right way. I give this four stars!

Comment by Sue Fitzpatrick on June 27, 2012 at 6:33am

Looking to highlight Children’s & YA books in the month of August with reviews, author interviews, guest posts or promos and giveaways if available

If interested please contact me (


Comment by Miriam Downey on May 7, 2012 at 4:27pm

Redemption Day is a fast-paced thriller about homegrown terrorism. An interesting book.

Comment by LORI CASWELL on March 21, 2012 at 12:00pm

Escape With Dollycas Into A Good Book

Check out my review of Redemption Day and don't forget to check out the Current Giveaways and Giveaway Blog Hops!

Comment by Jackie Paulson on March 11, 2012 at 12:49pm

Comment by Beck Valley Books Blog on December 13, 2011 at 9:35am

Book Review

About the Author
H. S. Toshack has lived and worked as an English teacher and educational
consultant in the UK, the Caribbean, Africa, Thailand and the Middle East. He
now lives and writes in Portugal...and travels, still.

His Paka Mdogo stories are set in Africa, but they are coloured by his
experience of people, and lives lived, in all of those other places; and he
intends to take his cat heroine Sheena, in future books, to some of them
(perhaps Thailand next).

Book Description
It s all very well helping a young meerkat whos been poisoned by a scorpion.
But when you ve made friends with the whole Duwara tribe of meerkats, and you
discover that they re at war with the Utongo, you may find yourself involved in
that too, even if you re only a little black-and-white cat. And when you realise
that the two tribes are fighting because each one believes it lives under The
One True Sun, then you may have to undertake a very dangerous journey to help
them see things differently. You may have to go through The Gorge.

Sheena, the amazing co-author !!

Book Review
The authors knowledge of how Meerkats live, work and play is well researched, which adds to the story and the belief that you are really living like a Meerkat. The knowledge of the other types of animals encountered along the adventure is also first class.

Sheena, a poor lost cat, brings the story to life with her adventures, fights and struggles to get back to her human family. She encounters two fighting tribes of Meerkats, the Duwara tribe and the Utongo tribe. Sheena realises that both tribes need to believe in the same thing 'One Sun' to end all the fighting, so they can live in peace. Can she achieve this?

A book to be enjoyed by both young and old as the author brings the sense of humour and honour among the Meerkats alive. With sketches throughout the book for you to enjoy.
Our Rating Photobucket

Available at and

Comment by Beck Valley Books Blog on December 12, 2011 at 3:55pm

Here's my review of Code Blood -

Book Review - Code Blood by Kurt Kamm

Book Review
Code Blood
by Kurt Kamm
About the Author
Malibu resident Kurt Kamm has used his access to Los Angeles County and Los Angeles City firefighters and his experience in several devastating local wildfires to write his novels. He has also attended classes at El Camino Fire Academy and training sessions in arson investigation and hazardous materials response. One of the Malibu fires, the 60 mile-per-hour Santa Ana wind-driven Canyon Fire, burned to his front door and destroyed the homes of several neighbors. Mr. Kamm said the lessons he learned from L.A. County Fire Department while writing his books helped him save his home.
Kurt lives with his wife and three dogs. He was previously a financial executive and semi- professional bicycle racer. He was Chairman of the UCLA/Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center Foundation and is an avid supporter of the Wildland Firefighter Foundation.

Book Description
A young Los Angeles County Fire paramedic responds to a fatal accident. A woman’s foot has been severed. Who is she, and what happened to her foot?

During a week long search, while he risks his career to find the victim’s identity and her missing foot, Colt Lewis visits the dark side of Los Angeles, an underworld of Goth fetishists and body parts dealers. He encounters a woman with a full upper body tattoo, a mysterious Chinese woman involved in stem-cell research, and a killer.

When he finally finds the foot and buries it in the San Gabriel Mountains, the paramedic brings closure to the woman’s death and resolves the absence of his mother who deserted him a decade earlier.

Firemen at workThere is a flame that burns inside of us. It is what keeps us going, from house to house or wreck to wreck. We know that once we put that gear on, we are stronger than superman. The flame that burns inside each of us rouses us to save others. We put our lives at risk for others, it is what we do. Not everyone has that flame. We face the devil every day and somehow we win the battle. We love it, if we didn’t, why would we do it? WE LIVE TO FIGHT AND FIGHT TO LIVE.

Book Review
A turn paging enthralling story - the characters and places portrayed by the author give the reader a perfect picture and you can imagine yourself in the background observing and following the main characters.

A rookie fire paramedic on a shout is horrified to find a victims severed foot has disappeared, but who has taken it and who would want it? This is a mystery he cannot let go of and will pursue all avenues to solve. The thief is an albino goth who has a strange fetish and obsessions, he gets drawn into the Russian underworld to feed his fetish habits, which he then has to find ways of making money to pay them or lose his life. Working in a research lab, the goth finds a way he could pay the Russians back after discovering a Chinese student has a very rare blood type, which his fellow goths, who have a taste for human blood, would buy.

Will the paramedic solve his mystery before the goth gets his blood? Will the goth survive or die?

This story had me hooked from page one and I found it really hard to put down. The author has kept the storyline simple which means the reader can get to grips with what makes each character tick and their reasons for pursuing their own individual goals. I would strongly recommend this book to all readers who enjoy a really good thriller.

Our Rating Photobucket

Comment by Hey Lorri on November 17, 2011 at 9:14pm

My review of Code Blood

Comment by Darlene's Book Nook on October 30, 2011 at 9:51pm

Here is the link to a new book review at my blog:


4/5 stars


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