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Comment by Robin Austin 9 hours ago

Zodiacts:Taurus Treehouse

Donna McGarry

iTunes and Amazon 

A wonderful and quirky story that uses the signs of the Zodiac to explores themes of ownership, control and sharing. This is a unique rhyming tale with colorful original artwork by the author. If you have an iPad, get the interactive version that includes audio. It's getting 5 Star ratings from real reviewers :)


When the Moon is in Taurus things can get pretty tough.

It’s time to value your assets and take care of your stuff.

Time to work hard for something you can call your own.

A plot of land, a comfy shirt, a dependable phone.

Treasure your resources whatever they may be-

A loyal friend, a healthy body, your ingenuity.

Comment by Robin Austin on Friday

It Means Something To Me

Carly van Heerden


Our story focuses on a young boy who lives at the foot of a hill with his mother.

They have very little; in fact their home is merely a wooden square with a roof! On the hill that towers above their make-shift home is a mansion.

Of course, the boy’s mother often wonders how it would be to live in such a mansion. Our boy journeys into the forest one morning, for no other reason than to spend some time outdoors. As he walks he discovers a few odds and ends that look seemingly worthless.

This story, illustrated by Marcin Osinski, was written to help children to see and understand that often we ignore the little things in life, including our newly-discovered talents, but that this can be a mistake. What we may deem insignificant may actually be worth the world to someone else.

Comment by Robin Austin on April 15, 2014 at 4:39pm

The Fairies’ Message

Carly van Heerden


Rhyming children's book with beautiful illustration and a priceless message for everyone.

Something very special unites every one of us on planet Earth, whether we feel it or not.

Love ultimately holds us together, but so can… fear. In this rhyming story, a young girl follows a shimmering light into her garden.

In moments she is reduced to the size of a mouse, but continues to follow the light into what now appears as a darkened forest. The light she follows, she soon discovers, comes from… a fairy.

Comment by Barbara Fisher on April 11, 2014 at 6:10am

A slight change from books - vintage spring and Easter postcards. I hope you enjoy looking at them.

Comment by Chris Henderson on April 10, 2014 at 10:09pm

Here a bunny, there a bunny. There's lots of bunnies around this time of year. My latest blog interview is with Russell Whitehead where we discuss his two bunny picture books with a Christian perspective. Drop by for a fun read at TheWriteChris,

Comment by Worlds To Discover on April 4, 2014 at 10:32pm

New Character Illustration -

Comment by Erica on April 3, 2014 at 9:23pm

A Dark & Dismal Flower by JC Herz and Eve Scott

It all started with a cranky little brother...
On the way back from kindergarten, five-year-old Eve Scott reflected on how mornings tend to unfold the way they start. “It’s like planting a seed,” she explained. “If you plant the seed of happiness, it grows into a happy morning. If you plant the seed of crankiness, it grows into a bad morning.” Her morning had gone beautifully: teeth brushed, bed made, and breakfast eaten with a cheerful spirit. But her brother Jack, had moaned and protested the entire time. “Jack planted the seed of misery,” she deadpanned, “and I hope it has not grown into a dark and dismal flower.” 
From those provocative insights sprouts a mesmerizing, magical journey for one little girl.
Each day, the girl plants a different seed, only to see flowers bloom into botanical allegories of her own behavior: The bright seed of Cheerfulness grows towards the light. The seed of Patience grows slowly and blooms after many moons. In the garden are virtues: Kindness, Hope, Generosity, Humor and Gratitude. But also failings: Fibs, Misery, Tattle Tale, Vanity and Argument. Each flower represents a quality that the little girl cultivates (or battles) within herself. 
Signs ups are currently happening for the blog tour for A Dark and Dismal Flower taking place April 16-May 16, Monday through Friday stops only. Stops will be a combination of review stops, spotlight stops,  interviews with author JC Herz, and stops featuring YOU by you selecting a seed from the book and telling a memory that relates to that particular seed/flower. Feel free to follow the book on Twitter as well, for updates & news. The book is launching May 1. 
To participate in the tour, please email me at with a link to your blog, a few date preferences, and the post type(s) you are interested in to sign up for the tour.
Comment by Chris Henderson on April 3, 2014 at 3:08pm

I've got a new interview up with an author, editor and publisher in TX who produces delightful board books with Christian themes. She's also looking for new submissions! Here's the link to my blog to read it...

Comment by Chris Stevenson on April 3, 2014 at 8:37am


YA novel by Enter to win ARC today...


Or Intrigue Publishing:  Sandra Bowman at:

Intrigue is proud to announce our latest author acquisition; Chris Stevenson, author of the YA Dystopian and Science Fiction novel The Girl They Sold to the Moon. Eighteen-year-old Tilly Breedlove’s father has pawned her to a ruthless company called Family Trade and Loan, who sells her into a form of modern day slavery on Luna—the Tranquility Harbor Mining Company, 240,000 miles from home. Forced to be an exotic dancer, she performs risqué shows for the filthy and filthy rich ore miners--a far cry from her classical and modern dance training. If she isn't resisting obscene advances from bearded “Prairie Dogs”, she's fending off jealous head-liner acts who view her as a threat to their status—and when those jealous showgirls say “break a leg”, they aim to cause it. The only reprieve she finds in this shop of horrors is a few close ward friends, a sympathetic dance coach/choreographer, and Buddy Gunner Bell, who just might become the love of her life. It's just enough to stem her psychological meltdown. Find out what happens to Tilly and her friends in this fast-paced, fun ride.
Chris Stevenson , originally born and raised on the beaches of southern California, moved to Sylvania, Alabama in 2009 and settled in with his twin sister. His occupations have included newspaper reporter, front-line mechanic and federal police officer. He has been writing off and on for 36 years, having officially published books beginning in 1988.

Comment by Kate Blackham on April 3, 2014 at 4:38am

My review of the Barefoot Books World Atlas


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