Hi everyone, I was just hired as a PR agent for www.StoryTimeForMe.com that is giving away multimedia children's books for bloggers.

Feel free to check out the website and look at the 2 sample stories from the home page.  If you would like to host a giveaway, send me a private message please.  Be sure to include your blog and email address.  

The company is giving away 2 books per reader (not just a winner) with an option for them to earn 10 more books.  

I hope to hear from you soon.

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Just emailed you.
Brian too funny. I just saw your email asking me to email you. We are on the same wave length.
O.K., I'm interested! :)
You might want to look here for example of what another blogger just did http://www.squeakycleanreads.com/giveaway-2-free-books.html

Our giveaway program is very simple. Here are the following points to consider.

1) This is not a sweepstakes or contest, rather EVERYONE wins. Every follower you have receives either 2 or 10 free books. We sell 10 books normally for $24 by the way, so it’s a great deal.
2) Simply write up a nice review of our product. There are 2 sample stories from our home page that you can use to test it out with your kids. You can then write up the post however you’d like to, however I just ask you that you at least incorporate the following items:
a. One of the reasons I’m doing a giveaway is to gain some quality back links from good sites. In your review I’d like you to use 2 out of the 3 keyword phrases below which should be hyperlinked to my home page. ‘Children’s Storybooks’, ‘Children’s Books’ and ‘Children’s Stories’. If you can use all 3 that’s even better.
b. You are going to give them 2 options. Option 1 is for them to earn 2 storybooks for free. All they have to do is email me stating that they want the 2 books. But they MUST following these simple instructions:
i. In the subject line it should say 2 Books: Referred by ABC BLOG (example, whatever you call your blog)
ii. In the body of the email I need to know their first and last name, their email address, child’s first name and child’s birth date (if they have more than one child just have them select the one they feel will be using it the most)
iii. Tell them they will receive an email confirmation from info@StoryTimeForMe.com within 1 business day. They should add that email to their address book and white-list it so they are sure to receive the email, but in case they don’t get it, make sure the know to check their junk mail as sometimes it does end up there.

The 2nd option they have (which I hope they take advantage of) is the 10 storybook giveaway which retails for $24. All they have to do here is visit www.StoryTimeForMe.com/10.doc, save the word document and fill it out. As you can see from the form, they just have to refer 10 ‘unique’ friends that have not yet registered at Story Time For Me. For anyone with a child in the 1-8 age range this should be very easy. By using their Facebook, Twitter, other social media sites, email and the telephone, between their friends, neighbors, relatives and child’s friend’s parents, it should be very easy. They are doing their friends a favor by giving each of them 2 free books as well. HOWEVER, they do need to actually contact their friends and ask if they want to participate. It only counts if indeed they follow through with the email verification. Moreover, I don’t want to upset people by spamming them, it’s illegal and not a good for our reputation.

I do all the work for both options, all they have to do is confirm the email confirmation, they will then be prompted to create a password and can begin selecting which books they would like to add to their library.

Please ‘suggest’ that they might also like my Facebook page (whether they choose option 1 or 2) which they can find by clicking here: http://storytimeforme.com/facebook.

Now, not to confuse you, but we have another program currently going on. My thinking is that you might want to write about it either separately or mention in your review. Please read about it here: http://storytimeforme.com/teachers.pdf and read this recent press release http://www.storytimeforme.com/pr-release-9-7-2010.pdf. This is VERY interesting and every parent should be sure to inform their child’s teacher and email them about the program for them to check out.

Let me know if you have any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions. I usually respond to emails very quickly.


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