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Comment by Jessica Kong on July 9, 2014 at 8:43pm

I'm offering a eBook gift via Amazon for anyone willing to read and review my paranormal romance A Lost Kitten. Send your email to


Seacat John McCall labels the attack on the Sea-anan Empire as a nightmare. He escapes the enemy’s invasion, only to find himself stranded on a distant planet called Surreal. Tormented by thoughts of his family being massacred or captured by the enemy, he focuses on returning to aid them until he experiences a mind-boggling kiss that can only come from the one he is meant to share his life with. To ease the terror he feels for his family, John seeks the identity of his secret admirer. He quickly learns the true meaning of nightmare when he discovers his soul mate is of “the mist.”

Jasira Eversole is drawn to the powerfully built outlander sitting at the king’s table. Unable to resist the need to see him again, she enters the warrior’s room while he sleeps. John’s rugged good looks and chiseled body compel Jasira to reach out and touch him. Being of the mist, Jasira knows she will not be able to feel John, but she cannot resist his pull. The richness of John’s hair, the firmness of his muscles, and the clean scent of his skin all take Jasira off guard. She swiftly realizes John is her intended mate. Now, Jasira must somehow convince the young warrior that they are two halves of one soul without chasing him off Surreal, leaving her to a lonely existence as mist.

Amazon UK Kindle:

Amazon US:

Comment by Jessica Kong on July 9, 2014 at 8:42pm

I'm offering a eBook gift via Amazon for anyone willing to read and review my new science fiction romance A Seacat’s Love. Send your email to


In the first book of the Sea-anan Saga, A Lost Kitten, readers meet John McCall. The second book, A Forgotten Kitten, features Areo McCall. Both of these intriguing protagonists are children of an intergalactic marriage. Now, fans of the saga will be thrilled to learn the story of how their parents get together.


A Seacat’s Love takes readers back in time to planet Earth, where Rick McCall is committed to living the lonely life of a government spy after losing his wife and unborn daughter due to his own arrogance and poor decisions.


Leonora, one of the top scientists on the planet of Oceana and a high-ranking Seacat Warrior, is a humanoid feline who has come to Earth to study human evolution and find similarities between earthlings and oceanans. But her expedition’s camp is stormed by the human army.


Rick and Leonora first encounter each other at a secret military lab during the cat woman’s attempt to escape her captors. When she collides with Rick in a corridor, Leonora begs for his help, claiming that the government has been experimenting on her, and one look into the frightened feline’s pale-blue eyes is enough to stir the hardened spy’s heart. For Leonora, the spark ignites in her chest after Rick dares to defy his government and his own commanding officer to aid her and her colleague Tigif. She recognizes the nobility in this selfless act of helping strangers—aliens from another world, no less!


Now committed to helping Leonora and Tigif remain safely out of the clutches of a wrongful government and find a way back to their home planet, Rick faces many difficult choices—but he doesn’t want to repeat the past and make another devastatingly wrong decision. His relationship with Leonora grows in fits and starts, constantly undermined by Tigif’s devious plots, and Leonora is threatened by Tigif’s increasingly forceful advances. As they avoid a massive government dragnet, fight off dangerous feline fevers, and try to retrieve the aliens’ ship, heated emotions of jealousy, distrust, and resentment that arise in the confusion put their very lives in jeopardy.


Author Jessica Kong seamlessly blends multiple themes into her Sea-anan Saga and Oceanan Trilogy books, including loyalty, racism, family, and love. In A Seacat’s Love, the theme of multiracial relationships is particularly prominent, where the difference in race between the two protagonists is exaggerated to galactic proportions. As in all of the volumes in the series, this book shows how fundamentally similar we all really are when it comes to our basic needs, desires, and even cultures.

Amazon UK:

Amazon US:   


Comment by Jessica Kong on July 9, 2014 at 8:40pm

I'm offering a eBook gift via Amazon for anyone willing to read and review my science fiction romance A Forgotten Kitten. Send your email to


Many readers enjoy Star Wars-esque stories of conflict on faraway planets, while other readers tend to stick to epic romances. Few authors have managed to combine the two genres in such a seamless way as Jessica A. Kong has in her Sea-anan Saga. She has created a highly complex story with fully developed characters, and the themes explored here are inarguably adult, yet the reading level required is no more than eighth grade. A Forgotten Kitten zips along at just the right pace, allowing the reader to digest the complexity of the plot and interrelation between the characters without having to think too hard.


The story revolves around Sev, a young, handsome prince and member of a royal family who rises to become king of the Oceanan race. Sev is raised in the midst of a vicious family feud, but all seems worth it when his adoptive aunt gives birth to a beautiful little girl whom Sev falls instantly and irrevocably in love with. But when Sev’s planet collides with its own sun and collapses, he must bear the loss of his entire family, including his love as well as any memory of her.


Areo, the heroine of the story, is that little girl that Sev fell for during his childhood. She is a human-feline hybrid who has grown to hate the royal family that her soul mate hails from. She undergoes a destructive event and space travel episode similar to Sev’s, and it is not too long before she has settled her new planet and with her fellow half-bloods, created a strong, thriving society. When she is brutally attacked by Daehog, everyone in her empire is scattered throughout the universe. Where does she land but the planet that Sev is currently occupying.


What follows is a continually building conflict interlaced with one of the most fervently passionate love stories seen in these kinds of novels. Kong chooses not just to write about space travel, or war, or love, or family, or even racism; instead, she chooses to combine all of these classic literary themes into one amazing story. The result is a mysterious and ultimately deeply satisfying story that only leads to the craving for more from this gifted and astoundingly creative writer.

Amazon UK:

Amazon US:

Comment by Paul Hafalla on June 17, 2014 at 3:07am

Hello Book Reviewers! I need your help to review my FIRST EBOOK. I kinda new how the process goes. But my book is FREE to download via Amazon Prime at You can post your review via the link or at your blog/website. Just message me the url link to the review anytime once you've posted it so that I can share it on my social media as way of saying thank you.

Comment by aparajita basu on March 29, 2014 at 11:59am


Tourz De Codex, the virtual book tour program has slots open for scheduling book tours, trailer release events, cover release events and many more and promises to use their best of the best methods available to garner an audience for the respective book..


Comment by David Allen McNutt on March 24, 2014 at 4:25am

My first book 'Society's Fall' in my Sci-Fi series 'Survival' is now on Amazon.

I am currently looking for reviews of my book and am offering free copies. If interested please contact me at put 'review' in the subject and tell me what format you require and I'll send you a copy.

For anyone interested the book is available on amazon at

Thank you in advance.

Comment by Amelia Picklewiggle on March 12, 2014 at 7:33pm

Hi Everyone! Been a while since I visited! I just want to let you know that Amelia Picklewiggle/PA cadaver has been very busy! Please check out my profile here:

I have many books available from children's picture books to middle grade and young adult in Amazon and Barnes and under Amelia Picklewiggle and PA Cadaver for the best selections. I have a babble of news to share but you can link to my page for that...if you like my pages I will also like back...

Amelia Picklewiggle is the Ambassador for the state of Nevada for United States Board on Books for Young readers, A judge for PBS television station, a retired Teacher, has books in braille and more come and join me!

I also have a 168 book series titled The Ghost Tales Mystery series that is published with Penguin Digital for all the middle grade readers!


Comment by LadyBug on March 11, 2014 at 8:51am

Comment by LadyBug on March 10, 2014 at 9:17am

Book Tour Guest Post: The Soured Earth


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