Some book review blogs hand out positive reviews like free candy. At Cafe Reads, on the other hand, honesty is the best policy. In the politest way possible, authors will receive a review that looks at the pros and cons of their books (occasionally there will be purely negative reviews). The point here is not constructive criticism. The point is a reality check. Self-publishing should be no excuse for a poor quality manuscript. Cafe Reads wants authors to succeed in their endeavors. Thus, Cafe Reads will tell the brutal, honest truth.

May the odds be ever in your favor!

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I clicked your link and it says it has been removed. 

Hi Amy

Fellow Hunger Games fan! Anyway, I am a new author and I have a new book --Keeper of Reign by Emma Right, a YA fantasy. Would you be willing to read my book and give me an honest review? It is an amazon e-book so if you are interested let em know and i will gift you the book.


Emma --who's new to this book marketing game.May the odds be in MY favor! 


Need help?




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