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Read for Free in Exchange for Reviews!

Interested to read books for free and write reviews for them? We're inviting you to Reading Alley ( Reading Alley is a site…Continue

Started by Carole Oct 7.

FREE, Legend of the Mystic Knights

Untill March 25 my novel, Legend of the Mystic Knights, will be FREE for the Kindle.The world has been taken over by evil monsters spawned in hell itself. So powerful is the evil that civilization…Continue

Started by W.A.Rusho Mar 23.

The Princess, the Witch Queen & the Sorcerer is free from 27th Feb to 3rd March

Fantasy Ebook 'The Princess, the Witch Queen & the Sorcerer' is free from 27th Feb to 3rd March, 2015Though it is the 4th volume in the series, 'Magical Ventures of Loli and Lenny,' yet it can be…Continue

Tags: books, fiction, witch, wizard, magic

Started by Pratibha R DH Feb 27.

Seeking Reviews for a Sci-Fi Fantasy Tale - Bob the Bubble Gum Spider

Sci-Fi Fantasy Available For Review the Bubble…Continue

Tags: review, book, fiction, science, fantasy

Started by Book Buzz Sep 4, 2014.

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Comment by Jessica Haight on Wednesday

We love those magical bookshops where stories creep off the shelves and into our hearts, so we're giving away a $100 gift card to an independent bookstore to celebrate the release of The Secret Files of Fairday Morrow on December 1st.

Pre-order the mystery, and enter for a chance to win a $100 gift card to an independent bookstore of your choice.
Send us a copy of your receipt, and you’re entered to win! 
Contest runs until November 30th 

Comment by Alexander Wallis on November 3, 2015 at 6:51pm

Gothic Fantasy for review

The terrifying tale of a girl’s journey from child, to woman, to goddess. A provocative story that will challenge everything you believe.

Daimonia Vornir is a wild and impulsive girl, who fears she is unlovable. When corrupt politicians execute her brother, she travels to find her mother — the famous hero who abandoned her years before.

To survive the treacherous journey, she hires the Way Knight — a travelling warrior sworn to protect anyone who pays his fee, no matter how dangerous the journey, or hopeless their cause.

Together they will chance the battle-torn coast, but can they escape the narcissistic champion of the Secret God?

Illustrated by Phil Ives and Anastasia Ilicheva


Comment by Avery Nunez on October 11, 2015 at 3:50pm
The name FoF is so awesome, I had no choice but to join the club! Glad to see you all.

Comment by E.A. Walsh on September 28, 2015 at 3:21pm

Hookah by Cameron Jace Release Day

blitz! Excerpt - Giveaway!

Comment by Book Buzz on September 3, 2015 at 10:17am

Dark Fantasy For Review

Cross Academy
By Valicity Garris
Published: August 2015
ISBN: 978-1310975851
ASIN: B0141YR5K8
Genre(s): Dark Fantasy, Supernatural Thriller, Post-Apocalyptic, YA Fantasy, Christian Fiction
Formats Available For Review: PDF, ePub, mob

Over half the human population falls victim to the storm of demons that appears on the event known as Black Day. This is the beginning of the 350-year Great Demon War. On the brink of extinction, humans unite and build massive walls to encircle their villages. The stone structures manage to keep the blood-thirsty demons out... until Black Day occurs once again.
Sixteen-year-old Fox Fire witnesses the terror of the demons as her family and village is massacred before her eyes. Homeless and orphaned, she enrolls in Cross Academy, an institution dedicated to destroying the vile creatures. Its not long before Fox is recognized as a fully-fledged Demon-Hunter but her loyalty is tested when her best friend becomes possessed by one.
Fox must decide if she will spare her only companion or stay loyal to the Cross.

For review copies contact:

Valicity Garris

Comment by Book Buzz on August 27, 2015 at 5:31pm

Historical Fantasy For Review

The Gift-Knight's Quest
By Dylan Madeley
Publisher: Troubador Publishing
Published: March 2015
ISBN: 978-1784621414 (print)
ASIN: Publisher: Matador
Genre: Fantasy, Historical Fantasy
Formats Available For Review: PDF, epub, mobi

“Chandra had yet to fathom why Jonnecht could not have lived and ruled for many long years, or why it was so urgent that she ascend immediately.”

Chandra never asked to rule Kensrik, but fate took a strange course. Known as a usurper and sorceress by most and traumatised by all that has transpired, she is forced to make use of the few loyal allies she has in order to hold together her restless empire. In an attempt to identify and defeat the conspirators who inadvertently landed her in power, Chandra risks putting the lives of many in mortal danger, as well as her own.

Derek is an aimless wanderer – the youngest in a lineage that has long fallen from nobility. He finds himself summoned by tradition to serve a family historically considered his bitter enemy. As he journeys down the same path a fateful ancestor once travelled, he struggles with personal demons and begins to reconsider his loyalty to the mission.

Duke Lenn found one true cause in love and it cost him everything. His legacy shaped the present in which Chandra and Derek find themselves. Now their choice will shape the future of Kensrik...

The Gift-Knight’s Quest is set in a new and vividly imagined world, written with delicate prose that will allow the reader to explore with their imagination. Inspired by authors such as Michael Moorcock, J. G. Ballard and Roger Zelazny, it will appeal to fans of fantasy and historical fiction.

For review copies contact:

Dylan Madeley

Comment by Book Buzz on August 25, 2015 at 4:31pm

Dark Urban Fantasy For Review

The Demon's Grave
By E.M. MacCallum
Published: June 2015
ISBN: 978-0994778215 (pb)
ISBN: 978-0994778208 (ebook)
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Horror
Formats Available For Review: pdf, epub, ebook, mobi, Smashwords Coupon

When strange shadows and messages plague Nora's daily life she fears for her sanity. To escape questions from her family, Nora joins her friends on a weekend getaway. Despite not liking Aidan Birket, Nora finds his remote, Victorian house charming. Until they discover the marble doorway on the third floor and, against Nora's better judgment, they open it.

Trespassing into an unfamiliar world called the Demon's Grave, the group face a charismatic demon and six nightmarish Challenges as punishment. Those that make it to the end can go home, but those that don't will be his forever. Friendships are tested, secrets revealed and sacrifices will be made.

Nora battles zombies, doppelgängers, eyeless bikers, and the demon—whose interests are more than just a game of cat and mouse. If it's all in her head, then it should be easy. But, if not, it means the demon knows about her sticky past, and the death of her twin sister.

For Review Copies Contact:

E.M. MacCallum

Comment by Book Buzz on August 23, 2015 at 5:29pm

Urban Fantasy For Review

The Order
By A.C. Donaubauer
Published: August 2, 2015
ISBN: 978-3950405804
Pages: 913
Genre: Urban Fantasy

A clumsy step, the wrong branch to hold on to and a bump on the head to leave her unconscious – no more than that causes Eryn’s life to turn upside down and to suddenly find herself in the capital city as a prisoner to the king.

She is determined to keep her magical abilities a secret in a kingdom where magicians have only ever been male as long as anyone knows. That doesn’t work out that well, though. The Order, the governing body for magicians, and the king seem to have their own plans with her, none of them caring in the least that she just wants to leave that blasted city behind and return to the peace and quite of her profession as a healer.

And then there is Enric, a high ranking magician in the Order thanks to his considerable strength, who seems to find watching her struggles an amusing diversion.

For review copies contact:

A.C. Donaubauer

Comment by E.A. Walsh on August 19, 2015 at 11:29am




Comment by Tracy Joyce on August 17, 2015 at 10:42pm


I'm a Aussie writer of epic fantasy for teens through to adults.  My debut novel, Altaica, was published last year by Odyssey Books.  The sequel should be out around Christmas.  The publisher has Altaica back up on Netgalley until the end of August. (I'm trying to hit the magic 100 reviews before it gets taken down :-) )  If you're after a something a bit different in the fantasy genre with strong female leads please check it out and write a review. 

“Look at her – she’s Hill Clan. Even the Matyrani don’t like them …”

Isaura – little is known about her race, but much is whispered. Born to refugees, she grows up enduring racism and superstition within a community that fears her. She has few friends, and those she treasures. Trapped, she longs for escape to a different life. 

Escape is only the beginning of her troubles. Having fled an invading army with her friends, Isaura is faced with heinous choices in order to survive. Secrets from her past emerge to torment her and threaten to destroy all she holds dear. Her struggles forge a bond with an ancient power – a power which may transform or consume her. Old hatreds and superstitions are renewed and at her most vulnerable she learns the true nature of those around her.

Her only hope lies in a foreign land – a land rich in tradition; ruled by three powerful clans. A land with a history marked by warfare; where magic as we know it does not exist. Instead what is here, in abundance, is a more primal power.

Survival carries a high price.

Welcome to Altaica.



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