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READING is Amazing! -
Danny & Ester's Fortunate Adventures: Amazing Ants! by Renee McCuen
A learning adventure even Ms. Frizzle would be proud of.....

Bachelor Number 1 or Number 2: Emblem of Eternity, Book 1: ETERNAL STARLING by Angela Corbett
The first book of a new Young Adult trilogy that's worth a look....

Happy reading! ^_^

FREE Two Days Only: A Vampire Novel with Actual Bite!

As the modern world establishes itself and pushes the supernatural into the shadows,
the supernatural fights back.

The Darkening Dream is a chilling new dark fantasy novel by Andy Gavin, creator of
Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter, that has received rave reviews on Amazon.


When their best friend Maya, dies from AIDS related complications, three friends cook up a plan to get revenge on her fiancé who had been living a double life. To make matters worse, affluent African American men are being gunned down in Los Angeles, but nobody knows why. Will these friends get the justice they seek or will they uncover more than they bargained for?

Check out my review of Murder On The Down Low by Pamela Samuel's Young

Check out my 5 star review of Call Sign, White Lily by M.G. Crisci.

New book review of Matched (Matched, #1) by Ally Condie

To read a review click HERE or on the book title.

There are several new reviews up at the blog - A fantasy,Between Their Worlds, by Barb and JC Hendee, and a saga, The Legacy of Eden, by Nelle Davy.

- Here is my review of Mornings with Jesus 2012 (a wonderful devotional written by several well-known authors such as Tricia Goyer, Judy Baer, Sharon Hinck, Camy Tang, and more) 2/14

Review of Arcadia by Lauren Groff

Book Review - The Obsidian Pebble by R A Jones

Book Review
The Obsidian Pebble
(First in the Artefact series)
by R A Jones
RA Jones, author of The Obsidian Pebble About the Author
RA Jones was born in 1955 and grew up in a mining village in South Wales with his nose in a book and his head in the clouds. He managed to subdue his imagination long enough to carve out a career in medicine, writing whenever the chance arose.

In 1994, writing as Dylan Jones, he published his first scary book for adults, a thriller, which was subsequently made into a two-part film by the BBC. Other scary books followed.

A growing desire to move away from adult thrillers and write for children is what currently preoccupies him. RA Jones has three grownup children who have emerged remarkably unscathed into adulthood. When not writing, he practices medicine and lives in darkest West Wales with his understanding (very) wife and two dogs.

Book Description
Oz Chambers lives in a haunted house. His mother wants to move, but Oz believes that the old place is too full of mystery to leave. When he and his friends hear ghostly footsteps, they decide to investigate the house’s eerie reputation. But what Oz hasn’t bargained for is that he’s not alone in his quest and that solving Penwurt’s puzzles will uncover a murky secret, and the chilling realisation that nothing is quite what it seems.
Book Review
What is an obsidian pebble? What has it got to do with Oz's dead father? And why won't his mam let him into his dead fathers study? Follow Oz on his adventure through the different undiscovered rooms in his own house. As Oz and his friends delve into his fathers past works, they discover clues that will lead to the answer, but are they are not the only ones who want to discover the secrets. Who is making the mysterious footsteps Oz can hear?
As we travel through the adventure the characters are described vividly and you feel as you are there with them and at times want to warn them of the danger. The trials and tribulations the hero is facing and along with the emotions of a young child growing up are believeable, such as the problems with the hard knocks are what most children experience with the indifference of the attitudes of the teachers.
An exciting adventure for any young reader, to try and help the hero crack the codes, try and help his mom get over his fathers death, ward off the bad guys and most of all, find out the mysterious secret from the clues his Dad has left him, believing that only his son can crack them.
The book reminded me of a series of books that I read when I was a young reader, mainly due to the intrigue and the twists and turns in the storyline. I would recommend this book and look forward to the next in the series.
Our Rating

A review of my book From Zero to Four Kids in Thirty Seconds was posted on The New Book Review web site by reviewer Joy V. Smith  The New Book Review was named to Online Universities’ 101 Best Blogs for Readers; it’s also a Writer’s Digest Best 101 Web Sites Pick. 

My Life. One Story at a Time.: Empty Arms by Erika Liodice

I have a copy to give away.

Catharine Chase’s entire life is built on a secret. In 1972, at the tender age of sixteen, she got pregnant. An embarrassment to her parents...

Empty Arms: a novel


Need help?





At NetGalley, we like to take a moment at Thanksgiving to thank you for your loyalty and support. We are grateful to have a dedicated community of Book Advocates who love reading and recommending – you truly help new books succeed! By the end of this year, your enthusiasm for reading & recommending will mean […]

Blogger Spotlight – Romance Edition

Blog name: Straight Shootin’ Book Reviews Blog URL: http://www.straightshootinbookreviews.comYour name: Mandy – Str8shooterMLet’s begin with your blogger origin story - how long have you been blogging about books and why did you start?I’ve been blogging for almost two and a half years, which is really hard to believe. It all started in March of 2012 […]

Cover Love – November Edition

November Edition We’ve rounded up five covers we love, and we hope you will too. We’ve also gathered all of your cover votes from this month, and your most loved cover is… THE PASSENGER by Lisa Lutz! Click on each cover to read the full description, request the title, and “Like” the cover if you […]

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