Hi everyone.

I've got MANY titles for April so I thought I'd put them all in this one post.  It's a varying selection of books that can help the mind, body, and I'd say heart, because when it comes to family, that's a huge part of it. :)

By Jackie Warner

"Being fat isn't your fault; staying fat is." That's what Jackie Warner, America's favorite no-nonsense celebrity fitness trainer tells her own clients, and that's why no one delivers better results than Jackie does. Now for the first time, Jackie shares her revolutionary program, showing readers the best ways to drop pounds and inches fast, without grueling workouts or deprivation, and keep them off for good! Her two-tiered approach provides a complete nutritional makeover and a failure-proof condensed workout routine PLUS all the emotional support and encouragement you need to get to the finish line and beyond.

Check out her website JackieWarner.com

By Therese Borchard

Whenever Therese Borchard was weathering a personal storm, and help was nowhere to be found, her one guiding light was the question, "What would a therapist say?" The result was a sort of therapy scrapbook for rough days--a quick reference for anyone who needs a dose of encouragement, support and tried and true ways to cope.

THE POCKET THERAPIST is a compact and accessible guide filled with techniques and advice to help combat everything from addictive behavior to negative thinking.

Visit ThereseBorchard.com
Read her blog at BeliefNet.com and at the HuffingtonPost.com
Or follow her @ThereseBorchard on Twitter
You can also read her article, "Mental Health to Go!"

By Supa Nova Slom

In this two-part health guide, Supa Nova Slom shares his cleansing program that revitalizes as it cleanses and restores balance by flushing and feeding your body. The second half of the book focuses on The Five Week Power Plan that provides amazing energy and the pathway to real weight-loss through healthy living and a green diet. With tasty recipes and lifestyle secrets from stars such as Erykah Badu, Chuck D, Hype Williams, Melyssa Ford, Tyson Beckford, and Dr. Benjamin Chavis, The Remedy will change your body and your life.

Learn more at TheRemedyBook.com
Visit SupaNovaSlom.com
Become a fan on Facebook
Follow @SupaNovaSlom on Twitter

By Robert Sears, MD

With clarity and compassion, Dr. Robert Sears guides the reader through the maze of autism, explaining what precautions parents can take to decrease their baby's risk, how to detect autism at the earliest possible age, and how to proceed once a diagnosis has been made. The book provides parents with a simple and clear understanding of the biomedical treatment approach that Dr. Sears has used successfully with many of his young patients. It lays out a plan for developmental, behavioral, and learning therapies; shows parents how to begin treatments without a doctor's help; presents information on vaccines and their safe use; and includes an extensive resources section.

If you would like to review any of these titles, please fill out this form:


If you would like to host a giveaway for them, please take note of these guidelines:

-You can give away up to 3 copies
-When you have the contest posted, send me the link.
-Only residents of the U.S. or Canada are eligible to win
-No P.O. Boxes, please.
-Giveaway copies will be sent directly to winners--you must provide their mailing addresses and enter them here: http://snurl.com/hbgwinners.

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Hi Anna,

I filled out the form to review THE POCKET THERAPIST by Therese Borchard. I enjoyed her other book, Beyond Blue, that I am looking forward to reviewing The Pocket Therapist.

I filled out the form for Jackie Warner's book. Thanks!
I filled out the form for the Jackie Warner and Therese Borchard books as I enjoy both of their work.
I love self help books!!I filled out the form. Thanks!
thanks Anna - I've signed up to review and host a giveaway of The Pocket Therapist
I've filled out the form to review and host giveaway for THE POCKET THERAPIST. Thanks, Anna!
signed the form.


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