Starts January 14th!
The question will be: What was your favorite book you read and reviewed last week? Feel free to  put a link! If you haven't reviewed any, what book are you excited to read this week?
The Paperbook Princess and Readers In Wonderland have teamed up to present you with the: Leap Frog Follow Hop! This is something we are going to give a try and see where it goes! We have some ideas for expansion like giveaways if it works out!
The idea: Find new blogs and gain new followers.
Basically: Answer the weekly question and follow the blog before you. You can then hop around and gain more followers.
~You must create a post dedicated to the meme, just like every other meme. It can be in whatever format you wish as long as you include the answer to the weekly question, linky list and button to come back here so people can keep hopping. 
~We post a new linky every week on Monday and it runs all week, meaning if someone comments on your blog Sunday, you should still follow them back.

~The URL you link MUST go to your post, not your blog in general.
 ~You should follow the hosts, Paperback Princess and Readers In Wonderland.

~Just like leap frog, you hop over the person, meaning you have to stop by and follow the person who is before you on the list. Not everyone before you, just the person directly before you.

~After you have done your mandatory hop, you are free to hop to whomever you want and follow their blog. You must leave a comment on the new blogs you follow telling them you followed them and include your link so they can follow you back.

~If someone comments on your blog telling you they followed, you follow back. Everyone wins.
 ~You can only enter the linky list once as of right now, after that if you want more followers it is YOUR job to go around hopping to other blogs to gain followers.
If you have any questions please ask in the comments below or email one of us!

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I'm Carmen Stefanescu from:

I read and reviewed The Inadvertent Thief by Leti Del Mar. You find the review on the above page.
Happy reading!


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