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There is a the Cozy Mystery Group, but I find that some books posted there do not fit in the Cozy section of mystery. This group is a place for anyone who loves to read a good mystery and/or thriller and/or action adventure book.

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Reviews wanted for Upcoming Crime Thriller

Hey Everyone,I will soon be releasing my 4th novel, a Crime Thriller called Opium Warfare. Before the books release I am looking to get a few reviews for it, preferably around 5 just to get things…Continue

Started by Justin Bienvenue Aug 27.

Seeking Reviews - Suspenseful Crime Thriller

Suspenseful Crime Thriller Available For Review the…Continue

Started by Book Buzz Aug 21.

New Action Thriller For Review

Action Thriller For Review…Continue

Started by Book Buzz Aug 17. Always In Need of New Reviewers is always in need of new book reviewers to join our prestigious community. If interested, please email me at with your bio and a sampling of your writing.…Continue

Started by Norm Goldman Jul 25.

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Comment by BeaCharmed 15 hours ago

I'm celebrating my blogaversary by giving 2 copies of Playing Dirty by HelenKay Dimon (US). There's also an international giveaway for a book from the Book Depository.

Comment by Sid Park on Monday

12:07 THE SLEEPING is a novel – it is also a story. Whether it is true or fictional has no bearing whatsoever. But what is true, is that things like THE SLEEPING are all too real, albeit to some people only. Some of you sceptical out there can pull from the story what you like. But whatever you draw or conclude, the fact remains, it is only a story – or is it?

The sensation in which some people, when either falling asleep or waking, briefly experience an inability to move, is commonly known as Sleep Paralysis. It’s described as a state of transition between wakefulness and rest, which has the effect of complete loss of muscle strength. It can happen at the onset of sleep or upon awakening, and it often has disturbing visions. For example: The feeling that someone has entered the room and is now sat upon you, to which you are unable to react due to paralysis.

Now if that sounds like a nightmare, then I suppose it is. But that’s only in the fact that it is a wakeful nightmare. I use the word ‘wakeful’ because to the recipient of such a nightmare, they feel they are awake.

Sleep paralysis – known also as hag’s syndrome – is real. It is now being described, by some, as a paranormal experience. To those who have this supernatural involvement: “Keep on fighting whoever it is that comes, because fighting may just keep you alive.” Buy it here

Comment by Justin Bienvenue on August 27, 2015 at 3:39pm

Hey Everyone,

I just join this group. I see a lot of interesting and cool looking books. I am sort of new to the Mystery and Thriller genre from a writing sense but am definitely familiar with it from a reader perspective. I just posted a discussion about looking for reviews for my own upcoming Crime Thriller but will definitely be looking into everyone elses book as well.

Looking forward to discussing the genre and books with you all.



Comment by Book Buzz on August 25, 2015 at 4:17pm

Suspense/Thriller For Review

The Renaissance of Aspirin
By Glenn Parris
ISBN: 9781483633022 (pb)
ISBN: 9781483633039 (hc)
ISBN: 9781483633015 (ebook)
Genre: Suspense, Thriller
Formats Available For Review: ePub, ebook, kindle and PDF

Medical resident Jack Wheaton must protect the irresistible Prof. Anita Thomas and her billion dollar Fibromyalgia cure when she desperately poses as an intern to escape  corporate assassins.

For review copies contact:

Glenn Parris

Comment by Harvee Lau on August 25, 2015 at 11:55am

TAHOE BLUE FIRE by Owen McKenna, a thriller set in Lake Tahoe and Florence, Italy. Reviewed...Click on title for the review.

Comment by Lelia Taylor on August 23, 2015 at 8:30pm

It's been a while since I've posted any reviews here but that's because I need help! I'm looking for 1 or 2 book reviewers, YA and/or adult, no pay but free books, print and epub/pdf (no Kindle). For print, must be US. Interested? Check out Buried Under Books to see what's what, especially the review policy, then contact me at to find out more.

Comment by Book Buzz on August 19, 2015 at 3:34pm

Women's Mystery Available For Review

By Carolann Camillo and Phyllis Humphrey
Publisher: Camel Press
Release Date: October 2015
ISBN: 978-1603813556
Genre: Woman-in-jeopardy mystery
Formats Available For Review: Print (limited quantities, available to qualified bloggers/reviewers in the USA only); ePub, Mobi, PDF

The big break Toni Abbott longed for has finally arrived. She has been cast as the soap opera villainess everyone loves to hate, and because of her, ratings are soaring. Then her lucky streak runs out. During a late-night photo session, Craig, the photographer, is shot to death. In the confusion Toni hits her head and is knocked unconscious, and when she awakes, she can’t recall what happened. If she could regain her memory, could she identify the killer? Apparently the killer thinks so, because soon after the incident, Toni hears someone breaking in to her apartment and barely escapes. Too bad the police believe she is somehow responsible for Craig’s murder. It doesn’t help that her character on the show is so convincingly nasty and conniving. Was the target really Craig, or did the killer aim for Toni and miss? Craig was an unscrupulous womanizer. Any number of people might have wanted him dead, including a career criminal he helped convict, his business partner, his wife, and his mistress. Despite her winning personality, Toni has her share of enemies, among them an older actress jealous of her success and the show’s director, whose animosity baffles her. With the help of Michael Benedict, a handsome young criminal lawyer, Toni sets out to awaken her dormant memory and unmask the killer. Meanwhile the character she plays, Alexandra, is in a coma, fighting for her life. The writers will decide Alexandra’s fate, but Toni must save herself.

For review copies contact:

Catherine Treadgold
Camel Press

Comment by dichira a dane on August 19, 2015 at 2:35pm


The Girl on the Train has more fun with unreliable narration than any chiller since Gone Girl. . . . [It] is liable to draw a large, bedazzled readership.”—The New York Times 

Comment by Book Buzz on August 17, 2015 at 4:46pm

Crime Mystery For Review

The Combat Zone
By Jed Power
Publisher: Dark Jetty Publishing
Published: July 2015
ISBN: 978-0985861780
ASIN: 978-0985861780
Genre: Crime, Mystery, P. I.
Formats Available For Review: (print (limited quantities only available to qualified reviewers/bloggers in the U.S.), ebook, pdf

Harvard Square, 1972. Sex. Drugs. Riot  s. Mike Malloy, a novice PI, has chosen to hang out his shingle in the Square. One of his first cases—find Susan Worthman, aka Susie Sparkle, a teenage runaway. With the help of Square denizen and small-time drug dealer Stoney Sundown, Mike begins a nightmare journey that sends him on a roller coaster ride through the turbulent counterculture of the Square—with all its drugs, sex, and political street clashes—and into the darkest depths of the Combat Zone, Boston’s notorious red-light district—with all its strip joints, peep shows, dirty bookstores, and assorted other degenerate delights. Along the way, Mike knocks heads with outlaw bikers, big-time meth dealers, a South Boston Irish gang boss, mafia thugs, and crooked Cambridge cops. They all want Mike out of their hair, one way or the other. But there’s something else just as dangerous to Mike and just as deadly—himself. Haunted by visions of his experience in Vietnam, Mike seeks solace in the arms of a beautiful woman—the love of his life. A love who turns on him in the dark, leaving him shaken and bleeding. As if that weren’t enough, Mike decides to try the cocaine Stoney offers him, awakening new thoughts and sensations in Mike’s already tortured mind.  Thoughts that once out of the vial can never be put back.

For review copies contact:

Jed Power

Comment by Christine L on August 17, 2015 at 1:40pm

Two reviews for one click ... my reviews here


Need help?




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