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There is a the Cozy Mystery Group, but I find that some books posted there do not fit in the Cozy section of mystery. This group is a place for anyone who loves to read a good mystery and/or thriller and/or action adventure book.

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CHIMERAS -- detective thriller available in Kindle/ePub for reviews

CHIMERAS is the first in a detective thriller series featuring LAPD Detective…Continue

Tags: hard-boiled, noir, procedural, police, mystery

Started by E.E. Giorgi Mar 27.

Suspenseful Thriller / Horror Novel For Review

Suspenseful Thriller / Horror Novel For ReviewThings That Go Bump in the Night…Continue

Started by Book Buzz Mar 17.

Mystery Novel Available For Review

Mystery Novel Available For ReviewDeath by Sarcasm…Continue

Started by Book Buzz Feb 18.

Mystery Thriller Available For Review

Mystery Thriller Available For ReviewEmpty Places…Continue

Started by Book Buzz Feb 17.

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Comment by Mk - on April 9, 2014 at 12:20pm

The Cairo Affair by Olen Steinhauer: A Timely Geo-Political Thriller

If you like nail-biting spy novels, you’ll want to read our review of the new bestseller from Olen Steinhauer, The Cairo Affair, at

Comment by Book Buzz on April 4, 2014 at 11:36am

Crime Suspense Available For Review

Thou Torturest Me
By R.M. Doyon
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 978-1484108253
Published: September 2013
Pages: 300
Genre: Crime Fiction, Suspense
Formats available for review: ebook, pdf, smashwords

IN A SEQUEL to his highly acclaimed debut novel, Upcountry, R.M. Doyon returns to Morgan County, New York and the tragic lives of the Schumacher family. It is a sultry Labor Day weekend in 2010 and the clan is gathering at a large lake in the shadows of the Adirondacks to celebrate a milestone in Hubie Schumacher’s life—and to effect closure on the events of that fateful Thanksgiving nearly four years before. Upcountry readers will recognize many of their favorite players, including Hubie’s daughter, Joanne, and the new man in her life. Central to the story, as well, is the county sheriff and the daughter he never knew he had. But new to the saga are Hubie’s literate younger sister, Barbara Cahill, her ailing husband, Roger, and their adult children. Daughter Ria is a beautiful and disciplined triathlete and their pride and joy. Her half-brother Brad, on the other hand, is a rudderless, drifting man who has forsaken college to fish, drink and live for the day. Joining them for the weekend—and seemingly beyond—is Ria’s beau, Nick, an angry yet magnetic man with a questionable past. Immediately, we are introduced to the enigmatic world of the ‘old order’ Amish, who have arrived from Ohio by the thousands, searching for inexpensive land and freedom from temptation. At twenty-one, Joshua Troyer is a strapping, intelligent but unhappy young man struggling with his father’s edict to shun the dangerous ways of the ‘English’ world. Following a chance roadside encounter, however, Joshua accepts Ria’s invitation to join their party by the lake, setting in motion a romance that sparks a bigotry-driven clash of cultures that rapidly escalates into violence and strife. In a narrative that brings the decades-long malaise of post-industrial upstate New York to life, Thou Torturest Me is a compelling, fast-paced story fueled by prejudice and principle that will leave readers clamoring for more.

For review copies contact:

R.M. Doyon

Comment by Book Buzz on April 4, 2014 at 11:31am

Suspenseful Thriller Available For Review

Price of Justice
By Alan Brenham
Publisher: Black Opal Books
ISBN: 978-1626940833
Published: November 2013
Pages: 328
Genre: Thriller-Police Procedural, Suspense
Formats available for review: print, ebook, pdf

His focus is on solving the murders–until the unthinkable happens…

Recently widowed, Austin Police Detective Jason Scarsdale works to solve the murders of two pedophiles, while trying to be both mother and father to his five-year-old daughter.

During his investigation, Scarsdale is forced to navigate between the crosshairs of two corrupt police commanders out to get him. Drawn to Austin Police Crime Analyst, Dani Mueller, who has also suffered tragedy, Scarsdale fights both his attraction and his suspicions that something just isn’t right…

She is hiding a secret, one that could not only cost her a job–it could end her life…

After her daughter was brutally murdered, Dani exacted her revenge then changed her name and fled to Austin. But if her secret ever gets out, she knows there is no place she can hide from the murderer’s vicious family.

Pulled into a web of malice and deceit, Scarsdale and Dani discover the value of breaking the rules. Then just when they thought things couldn’t get worse…they do.

Alan Behr

Comment by Book Buzz on April 4, 2014 at 11:18am

Crime Fiction/Humor Available For Review

The Carrier
By Preston Lang
Publisher: 280 Steps
ISBN: 978-82-93326-18-2
Published: March 2014
Pages: 235
Genre: Crime Fiction/Humor
Formats Available For Review: Kindle, pdf

A drug courier gets held up by a sultry-voiced girl he picks up in a roadside bar. Throw in a sinister brother, bosses, a fast talking sex-offender and his oversized neighbor, a gum-loving Puerto Rican girl, stalks of corn and bars of gold, and you have… The Carrier, the debut crime novel from Preston Lang.

If you like Tim Dorsey and Laurence Shames, The Carrier will be right up your alley.

For review copies contact:

Kjetil Hestvedt

Comment by Robin Austin on April 4, 2014 at 1:09am

The Cut-Out

Jon King

99 Cents Starting 4/4


When the American called me up and said he wanted to talk, I never imagined he would tell me what he did: that someone of global renown, “within days from now”, would be assassinated.

Why tell me? A low-key conspiracy journalist? I didn’t know. And quite frankly, I didn’t believe him, either—until the assassination happened…

Comment by Chris Stevenson on April 3, 2014 at 8:21am


YA novel by Enter to win ARC today...


Or Intrigue Publishing:  Sandra Bowman at:

Intrigue is proud to announce our latest author acquisition; Chris Stevenson, author of the YA Dystopian and Science Fiction novel The Girl They Sold to the Moon. Eighteen-year-old Tilly Breedlove’s father has pawned her to a ruthless company called Family Trade and Loan, who sells her into a form of modern day slavery on Luna—the Tranquility Harbor Mining Company, 240,000 miles from home. Forced to be an exotic dancer, she performs risqué shows for the filthy and filthy rich ore miners--a far cry from her classical and modern dance training. If she isn't resisting obscene advances from bearded “Prairie Dogs”, she's fending off jealous head-liner acts who view her as a threat to their status—and when those jealous showgirls say “break a leg”, they aim to cause it. The only reprieve she finds in this shop of horrors is a few close ward friends, a sympathetic dance coach/choreographer, and Buddy Gunner Bell, who just might become the love of her life. It's just enough to stem her psychological meltdown. Find out what happens to Tilly and her friends in this fast-paced, fun ride.
Chris Stevenson , originally born and raised on the beaches of southern California, moved to Sylvania, Alabama in 2009 and settled in with his twin sister. His occupations have included newspaper reporter, front-line mechanic and federal police officer. He has been writing off and on for 36 years, having officially published books beginning in 1988.
Comment by Mk - on April 1, 2014 at 9:23am

The Rich and the Dead by Liv Spector: Book Review & Giveaway

Like a good detective murder mystery? The Rich and the Dead has an interesting twist. Enter to win it at It’s part of the Fools for Books Giveaway Hop!

Comment by Alan Porter on March 27, 2014 at 11:23am

Just published, my new thriller, GM.

"Modern genetic science threatens chaos in a tiny African nation, in this controversial thriller of greed, betrayal and decades-old ambition."

Read Darmie Orem's interview, watch the video trailer, or find out more about the book!

Available now as ebook or paperback. Review copies available.

This novel is a good, fast-paced read from beginning to end. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in reading about the bubbling cauldron that is Africa today.

(Frank Monti, author of Midnight Sun)

Comment by Mel Comley on March 27, 2014 at 9:34am

Lorne's back in HOSTILE JUSTICE on Amazon, other stores to follow shortly guys! $0.99/77p for 48 hours ONLY!

Comment by Beck Valley Books Blog on March 27, 2014 at 7:05am

Book Review - Curse The Moon Cold War Rising by Lee Jackson

Our Book Review
When this novel arrived through my letter box I just had to read it immediately and I was not disappointed.   It is based around Cuba and the Fidel Castro takeover of the island, which is one of my favourite periods in history.  This book had me hooked from page one to the end, every page was full of action, suspense and mystery which made me want to follow the Heroes plight and journey.

The story and characters make an exceptional read.  The main character is caught up in a web of intrigue and entrapment and an unknown source is holding sway over his actions and future which adds extra spice and excitement to an excellent thriller.

Excellent emotive writing really makes the characters spring to life and you really join in with their personal struggles making the reader wanting to whisper in the ears of the characters to help them through.  The research and knowledge that the author has really shines through and the descriptive images that are portrayed makes you think that you are wherever the action is taking place.

An excellent read full of historic content and questioning what was really going on the island of Cuba and who really did pull the strings, the Americans or the Russians, leaving the poor people to fight for survival.

This is one of the best books I have been asked to read and review for a long time and this author is definitely going to be on my list and if you like an excellent novel please read this one.

Our Rating
'a very easy'

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