I get a lot of requests to review independent releases and I usually get to one per month.


Please leave your link and email address if you would like self-published authors to contact you about their books.



I started a Google Document for the members here.


Please go the the form HERE


Authors and publishers:

Please contact the bloggers directly!



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Sure do ☺

My blog is A Moment With Mystee and is located here: http://amomentwithmystee.blogspot.com/

Email: amomentwithmystee@gmail.com

I would like to Please. I am Glenda and my email is

MommiesPointofReview@gmail.com and my

Blog is http://www.MommiesPointofView.blogspot.com


I would love to!

my blog: http://mybookaddiction.blogspot.com/

my e-mail:mybookaddictionbookgirl@gmail.com

I would like to do this. :)

My blog is Raven's Art Shack.



my email is ann.ravenking.rodela@gmail.com

I often review indie/self-published authors.  My blog is The Enchanted Book and my email address is enchantedbook@gmail.com





Hi Selena,

My name is Mindy Larson and I am an Indie writer  I have just published my first novel This Morning I Woke Up Dead on amazon  I would love it if you read and reviewed it. Check out My blog and My author page 

If you'd like or you can email me at mindy.larson@gmail.com Thanks for your time, have a great day, Mindy

I'm willing to review independent books providing the books:

#1 Are Dark Fiction Genre

#2 Have gone through some legitimate sort of editing process (hate it when books have real bad grammar/filled with typos).

#3 Have a strong plot and the author is NOT afraid of having the book reviewed by someone who is honest with feedback


Check out previous reviews: http://VampireReview.blogspot.com

My name is Mindy Larson and I am an Indie writer. This Morning I Woke Up Dead on amazon Its  I've had a lot of amazing things said about it by everyone whose read it. I would love it if you read and reviewed it. Check out My blog and My author page 

If you'd like or you can email me at mindy.larson@gmail.com Thanks for your time, have a great day, Mindy

Do Not Disturb My Books  www.donotdisturbmybooks.blogspot.com

Email: brturnbu@uno.edu

** I review YA Paranormal but will also do a few YA books that aren't paranormal here and there**



I review pretty much everything, because I read pretty much everything. I'm not interested in romance books though. My reading list tends more towards YA. 


Email: msbookgeek@gmail.com

Yup! I totally do. All YA and dark fiction welcome. Dystopia, sci-fi, paranormal, horror preffered. I don't accept erotica or religious-bent books

My blog is http://www.fictionflaire.blogspot.com/ and email fictionflaire@gmail.com

I sure do.  I've reigned in what I review now to YA/MG and Romance/Erotica.


Blog:  For The Love of YA

Email:  bookjunkie221@gmail.com


Need help?




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