Not a day goes by that I am not approached by at least one author seeking a book review. Most days I have multiple requests in my inbox.

I wish I could say yes to every author who approaches me. Even with reading over 200 books a year I can't keep up with the requests. I have been asked many times if I know of sites who are accepting books for review so I'm creating a spreadsheet of potential book reviewers for authors who are seeking a book review.

If you'd like to be included on the spreadsheet just fill out the form below. I will share this spreadsheet with authors who are seeking book reviewers.  They can check out your site to see if it's a good fit for their book and contact you if they are.

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Hi Kathy,


I would like to have my book added to this spreadsheet.  SILENT KNIGHT, a 70s Mystery/Suspense Novel. 

Silent Knight, Novel




I write reviews for self-published authors who are listed in my bookstore. Below is the page where the reviews are published. 


I don't accept all,  but I am open.


All the best on your quest,



I am new to all of this and recently wrote a book to help people rise up and live effectively after a divorce. It is an ebook. Any insight/ideas would be appreciated.


Hello Kathy,

We have a number of new titles up for review in several genres. Would be grateful if you could add our name to the spreadsheet.  Please see our Media release below for further information.  Many thanks.....

Marion here from The Amazing People Club.  I am writing to tell you about our latest fascinating titles, set for release in April.  I believe that some of these releases would be of particular interest to you.   Please see below for further information and let me know if you would like me to send you any product/s for review.  Please observe that we can only supply audio or eBooks for review purposes.  I thank you for your time and look forward to discussing any possible way that we can work with you....



**** Media Release ****
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Psychologist and entrepreneur Dr Charles Margerison has travelled back in time to ‘interview’ some of the world’s most amazing people.
He has made the lives of a huge range of amazing people accessible like never before, bringing their stories to life, via virtual interviews, to motivate and inspire, in the latest Series on offer from The Amazing People Club®.

“I’ve gone back in time to interview some of the world’s most iconic millionaires, writers, mistresses, scientists, artists, and more,” says Dr Margerison. The new series launch in April 2011 from The Amazing People Club® features numerous titles including Amazing Mistresses, Amazing People of Paris, Amazing People of Sydney, Amazing Scientists and Amazing Doctors and Nurses. “These people are all so amazing. Their stories can help inspire and motivate everyone!”

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Interesting, entertaining, engaging, educational, and sometimes controversial, the latest Series is sure to please.

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§  Amazing People of Sydney
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The author of more than ten books on business management, Dr Margerison is the co-founder of Team Management Systems and Emerald Journals. He was Professor of Management at the University of Cranfield and at the University of Queensland, Australia.  He is currently the Chairman of Bell Hughes Music Group and the President of Amazing People Club® LLC.

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I am looking for chick lit books to review on my blog:



Hello! I am a fairly new book reviewer, so my blog is limited and I am still learning how it is best to write my thoughts out. I focus on Young Adult and Children's Lit. I will also review Adult Paranormal, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Christian books, bibles, photography.


Check out my blog: The Book Heroine




Hi Kathy,

I'm an author currently looking for reviewers of my novel, Treasure Me. Can you transmit the spreadsheet?


Many thanks!


Thank you for this opportunity.  I filled out the form.  I am looking to do book reviews.  I just read one book and have the review ready to post in a few days!  Always open to more books!!!!  I am looking for reviewrs of my novel, Darcy and Fitzwilliam.  It is a continuation of Pride and Prejudice, but completely different from the usual Regency Romance.  I would love to have a review from outside the Austen genre.  I think the book could be main stream.  It is very funny - a sort of Pride and Prejudice meets Tom Jones. 


I noticed the link up there says "iamareadernotawriter," so I do not know if this disqualifies me, but I am both!


I have just started with book blogging and have reviewed one book on my site. I have also posted my musings on writing and even a sample.  I would enjoy reviewing the books of writers who are seeking book reviewers. I love to read - it is what has led me to writing! Writing a story to me is like reading one, I get lost in the characters and their dramas, it just takes a bit longer!  ha!


Anyway, my info is below:

tommy.sean (at) hotmail (dot) com


Hi Tommy, I am a follower of "I am a reader not a writer" and just wanted to clarify for her. The is the name of her blog and it has nothing to do with signing up. It does not disqualify you:)

Hi Kathy,

I'm an author who'd love some reviews for my romantic suspense, Bound to Love, can you please forward me your list?

Thank you!

Sally Clements - sally (dot) clements68 (at) yahoo (dot) ie


Need help?





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