Seeking Short Story Reviewers....I want YOU *points finger* for a reviewer list!

I posted this in the main site forum with no luck. Maybe it will be more productive here.

I am looking for bloggers who are willing to review short stories by independent authors on their blog and who would like to be added to a list of short story reviewers. The sign up form is on my blog here. 

I went searching for a reviewer list for short stories and couldn't find one.  There are several general lists of indie book reviewers but none that focus on those willing to review short stories, so I decided to try and create one myself.  Short stories don't get a lot of blog love, yet they seem to be a growing niche. I know, I know, I know you are out there!  Please add your name to the list.

Also, if you decide to follow my blog, let me know and I will be happy to follow you back!  Any blog that reviews indies and/or short stories will be added to my blogroll as well.

Eventually, if I can get a decent sized list together, I'd like to also get a short story blog hop going, too. 

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Hi Gigi, that's a great idea! Short stories are quick to read and review so it can be less overwhelming as well. Feel free to add your blog any time. I can always update your listing later.


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