Ive just finished doing my first review and looking for books in paranormal, supernatural, urban fantasy to read and review...... Recommend any?

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Hi Carmen,

I'm a published author and self-published my new novel, Snorr's Saga, as an e-book after receiving several personalized rejections from major agents who said my novel wasn't a fit for them at this time but "someone will pick this up."

It's a Viking saga that deals with zombies in the Norse sense, as well as the supernatural aspects of Viking culture/mythos.

If you're interest in considering my work for a review, I would be happy to provide you with what you need.




Tim Brommer

Funny you should ask. LOL I'm seeking reviews for my latest release....

ASH: Return Of The Beast


It's only available on Kindle right now ($3.99). Paperback coming by the end of January, 2012.

If you have a Kindle and would like to review the book, I'd be happy to order it and have it sent to your Kindle. Contact me at TheEzekielCode@aol.com and let me know. Or, if you don't have a Kindle, I can send you the ebook in pdf format. Thanks, in advance, for considering my book for review. :-)

ORBS Series

Hi  Carmen,

I've just published 2 teen paranormal novels under the ORBS: A haunting at.... and would love to get them to you. They are available in Kindle and paperback.Let me know... I'd be happy to return the favor if you have something you'd recommend.





Are you still available for reviews? If so, I have a short story anthology of sci-fi, fantasy, and dark tales that I would love to have reviewed! Please contact me at alwaysabuttrfli(AT)hotmail(DOT)com  You can find it here:  http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/105822 


If you're interested, I'd be happy to send you my book, The Metaphysical Detective, to review.  Here's the blurb:

When her new client is found dead, Riga Hayworth smells a set up of metaphysical proportions.  Now, to find a killer, Riga must travel from San Francisco to the underworld – and make it back alive…

A paranormal mystery based in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Metaphysical Detective explores the power of the archetypes through the double lens of Tarot and Greek mythology.


Kirsten Weiss


Description: Displaced in a strange and hostile city with no memory of her previous life, Breena finds a friend and savior in music shop co-owner Ciaran. Caught in a relationship he can't seem to end, Ciaran's whole life is upheaved by the arrival of Breena and the mystery of her origin. Yet neither Ciaran nor Breena can shake the feeling they've met before; and as Breena finds her place in the city and begins a new life the two find their easy friendship growing into something more. But as the truth of Breena's otherworldly origins comes to light, she soon finds that the very nature of what she is could make it impossible to ever truly be with Ciaran.

I can arrange to gift the book to you if you are interested; you can contact me at perstephon3@gmail.com

Available at: http://www.amazon.com/Dream-Catcher-Novella-Trilogy-ebook/dp/B006WD...



Need help?




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