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Started by Sandra Golden Nov 30, 2012.

For Immediate Release: Rhythm & Poetry vol.2

Started by Acilegna Santos Mar 7, 2011.

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Comment by aparajita basu on March 29, 2014 at 12:02pm


Tourz De Codex, the virtual book tour program has slots open for scheduling book tours, trailer release events, cover release events and many more and promises to use their best of the best methods available to garner an audience for the respective book..


Comment by Jennifer Thompson on November 26, 2013 at 4:48pm

The Vilincia Coven - A new aged paranormal romance novel about witchcraft and love. Finding that they are training the future god of mankind to protect the earth from becoming hell will take the whole coven working together. Will he be able to protect us from the evil side of witchcraft?
Vilincia, Midwestern U.S – Vilinica,‎ a town built by a coven of witches and warlocks. They believed in peace and promoted living in peace with the normal humans. That was until one of the 8 founding families turned to the dark side. After massacring the town in the early 1800's town founder Adam Taylor kills his best friend, turned dark Thomas Brines. For years the coven believed that they had killed all the Brines and stopped the rain of terror they brought. More than 400 years later the coven is learning that the Brines are alive. Cole Taylor, 16, grandson of the founder attends the school his grandfather built for him. Taylor Preparatory for the gifted and talented had specialized programs for normal and the coven. Training the 3rd and 4th generation of coven children, the coven learns that Cole is a future god.
Whitney Brines had no idea who she was. She had been in an orphanage since she was born. She was fostered and sent to Taylor Prep for her dancing capabilities. She literally collides with Cole, slowly learning that she was sent to protect him. She saved the growing god from the shadows of the dark side, who would love to take his soul and create their own god to take over the earth. From the moment he crashed into her, though, he fell in love. He had a purpose in life and it was her. While he convinces her that he can, he finds himself unsure if he really can save her from her fate. Between saving the world and figuring out love Cole struggles to live up to the hype he was made out to be. Can he save the world and become a true god for his kind? Can he save his love from her ill-fated nature? Or will his love for her kill us all?
About Jennifer Thompson- Mother of three, Jennifer enjoys writing paranormal romance novels. She has had a passion for writing for more than 10 years. With a history in poetry, Jennifer is now enjoying telling the fictional love stories of those who are a little different from the rest of us. She has also published on with two other romance novels.
For more information about The Vilincia Coven, please visit 

Jennifer Thompson

Comment by The Desert Rocks on February 28, 2013 at 1:24pm



LA QUINTA, CA-Author Eve Gaal released Penniless Hearts on Kindle and is amazed at the positive reaction her words are having on readers. “This is a happy, upbeat book,” says Eve, “there are no vampires or conspiracy theories causing massive destruction or Armageddon. The main character uncharacteristically flees from her responsibilities and the pieces of her fantasizing personality that pin her down. It’s the torment caused by the lack of communication that keeps the book flowing on the surface and the deepening and awakening spirit that takes us along for a pleasant ride with radically familiar and lovable comic characters. Once you get into the story, you’ll worry right along with Penny’s colleagues who want to know where she’s gone.

 It’s a week before Christmas and there are important things to do at the newspaper where she’s a graphic artist. Her dad relies on his little turtle to make breakfast. Her boyfriend loves her and is tired of the self-reliant attitude. Does she take him for granted or is it the other way around? Then there’s her boss and one of the ladies she works with who need her to hurry up and get back to work. Do these people love her or just want something? Right now Penny is in Hawaii and all she wants is a nice vacation.  But….


Just when it seems things couldn’t get much worse-they rapidly do! A volcano erupts and well there’s more trouble than a luau full of intoxicated hula dancers.


If you enjoy books that take the reader on a journey, you’ll love Penniless Hearts. The trip includes great descriptions of lovely and memorable Hawaiian landmarks and a rollercoaster of emotions.


Why wait in lines at the airport when you’re only an armchair away from a good read? Though this book is not trying to be Treasure Island, I think you’ll still feel transported into Penny’s world.”


“Having read Penniless Hearts, I can honestly say it's a wonderful novel. Anyone who buys it will not be disappointed!”—Bestselling Author Norma Beishir.


Though Eve wrote stories and poems since she was a child, a career in the newspaper business kept her too busy to explore anything long like a novel. Printed copies of Penniless Hearts will be available on Amazon in March.

Comment by Lyn LeJeune on February 4, 2013 at 12:19pm

My name is Moonlight.  I was an orphaned slave. I wrote the first Primer for orphaned slaves after the Civil War and started a school on Jewelweed, the planation on which I was once a slave.

Comment by aparajita basu on December 18, 2012 at 8:26am

TOURZ DE CODEX: URGENT~ 13 more hosts needed - sci-fi genre book tour - sign-ups OPEN. - "SEVEN POINT EIGHT: THE SECOND CHRONICLES"‏

Genre - Sci-fi
 13 more hosts needed
Tour Schedule:-
30th Dec, 2012  - Nitzan @Drugs Called Books
31st Dec, 2012  -
1st Jan, 2013     - 
2nd Jan, 2013    - Nadege @My Home Away From Home
4th Jan, 2013    - Lucy @aweBOOKsome
5th Jan, 2013    -
6th Jan, 2013    - Andrea @Andi's Book Reviews
7th Jan, 2013    -
8th Jan, 2013    -
9th Jan, 2013    -
10th Jan, 2013  -
11th Jan, 2013  -
12th Jan, 2013  -
13th Jan, 2013  -
14th Jan, 2013  - Athena @The Stuff of Success
15th Jan, 2013  -
16th Jan, 2013  -
17th Jan, 2013  -

Comment by Linda Ann on December 10, 2012 at 10:30pm

                       Press Release

A young couples struggle to survive tough times and family dysfunction in post war Chicago, Illinois in the 1940’s.

“A Child Has No Voice,” is a heartbreaking true story of a 5 year olds sexual abuse when no one was watching.

GREEN VALLEY, Arizona- “A Child Has No Voice” ISBN: 1479132934, ISBN: 13:9781479132935 a true story by Linda Ann, tells of her parents struggles, their hardships, and failed attempts to make a better life for themselves and their children, failures that led to sexual abuse and abandonment.

Both Sarah and Mario had strikes against them coming into the world. Mario lost both his parents to tuberculoses when he was age 5. He was then separated from his younger brother when put on a ship sailing from Puerto Rico to the US by himself to go live with his Uncle and jealous wife.

Sarah at age nine became the mother figure to her alcoholic abusive mother and step father’s 7 children.

Linda was inspired to write her story, hoping to bring awareness and change to both child abandonment and child sexual abuse. Her hope is that by sharing her story with young parents they will better understand the pain their choices can have on their children’s lives.

“A Child Has No Voice” is available at and other

 Channels. Released 12/01/2012                        

About the Author

                        Linda Ann is a native of Chicago, Illinois. She is retired, married and lives in AZ.

Media Contact:

Linda Ann

Phone: (520) 777-3346      ###


Comment by Joshua Paul Viola on August 20, 2012 at 9:45pm

Award-Winning Saga Has It All: Riveting Action And A Free 3D Comic App With Music By Celldweller


The Bane of Yoto, by Joshua Viola, is a trans-media experience that offers many ways to explore its rich storyline. From paperback or eBook to a free 3D interactive comic mobile app, this attention-grabbing novel was recently released by independent record label and music publisher FiXT – and promises to transport readers to a sinister world of cosmic drama and action they will never forget!


Formerly a professor of Game Art and Design, and now Art Director for Leviathan Games, Viola’s astounding vision is unmistakable in this perfect blend of science fiction and fantasy that comes together in a breakneck paced, action-packed plot where creatively original characters battle for their very existence in a brutal world.


Drawing rave reviews for its originality and vision, The Bane of Yoto has won awards from both the 2012 New York Book Festival and the 2012 Hollywood Book Festival, and is the first installment in a trilogy of science-fantasy novels by Joshua Viola.  


…Some say the Arbitrators existed long before the world was born. Others believe their dark powers spun the fabric of time itself. They are mystery. But this is truth. After ages of formless existence, the Arbitrators craved physicality once more and in their search for a worthy body to inhabit, they destroyed Ajyin – home to the gentle, blue-fleshed Numah and the combative, carapaced Olokun. But not all was lost. General Vega and his vile warriors enslaved the remaining Numah and they relocated to Ajyin’s thriving moon, Neos.

Under the general’s imperious rule, the Numah toiled to extract minerals for a defensive barrier called the Aegis Shield that the general vowed would protect Neos from the Arbitrator’s return. But the Arbitrators’ hunger sparked a great fire – a blaze of revenge and revolution that soon found its home in the heart of a weak and cowardly Numah named Yoto, transforming him into a powerful and dangerous being beyond the general’s control. Will Yoto use his new-found power to free his people – or will he annihilate them? Once again, the Arbitrators’ dark presence haunts the world of Numah and Olokun.


Always looking to break new ground, FiXT (owned by cyber-rocker Klayton of Celldweller), recently entered the book publishing business with The Bane of Yoto. Staying with the book’s theme, Viola has merchandise available ranging from PlayStation 3 Dynamic Themes, Sculptures and T-shirts, to posters and more, that are available through FiXT.  


For more information on Joshua Viola and his extraordinary novel, please visit:


The Bane of Yoto

By Joshua Viola

Available at all online outlets, author’s website and

ISBN-13: 9780985559014

Publisher: FiXT

Comment by Theresa Danley on July 4, 2012 at 4:44pm

Just Released!

While on the hunt for two missing colleagues in Mexico, anthropologist Anthony Peet barely escapes a cenote collapse with his life while his student, Lori Dewson, is lost to a watery grave. Reeling from the tragedy, he is forced to continue his search, which quickly leads to the trail of a stolen reliquary cross rumored to have direct access to God. Little does Peet realize he’s centered himself between two opposing paramilitaries gridlocked in their own clandestine war.

Combed from the land where even gods are known to fall, subtle clues sweep Peet from majestic Mayan pyramids to Izapan mythology to the Long Count Calendar’s cosmology. Secrets are as entangled as the tropical forests and unraveling them requires wading through the emotional jungle of his own heart. In this world, truths are distorted every step of the way and Peet must determine which friends cannot be trusted, which enemies to befriend, what finds were never lost and which losses should never be found.

From the author of EFFIGY comes the sequel adventure, DEITY – “Science Resurrects The Gods.”

Comment by Larissa Hinton on May 9, 2012 at 10:41am

Want to win a free romane book called Senator, Mine by Kerry Adrienne? Then head over to my blog here:

Comment by Larissa Hinton on May 8, 2012 at 12:58pm

Wanna win my book, Everblossom? Then head on over to YA Cafe:


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