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Comment by Jerome Brooke 1 hour ago

Free and $0.99 books every day December January. Amazon promos. Pen names Jerome Brooke, Juliet Baranne, Joan Barron for F&SF. Pen names Sarah Cohen, Jada Jackson, Georgia Robins taboo erotica. Need reviews? contact

Comment by Alan Joshua yesterday

Reviewed By Carol Coetzee for Readers’ Favorite 5 stars "

An engrossing read!"
In The SHIVA Syndrome by Alan Joshua, we are thrown right into the action with the prologue. A test subject is in a liquid filled cylinder in a basement laboratory in Podol'sk in Russia. During the procedure, he experiences a seizure and chaos ensues in the laboratory. When everything settles down, all that remains in the tank is a formless, featureless black cloud. The cloud totally engulfs everything and disappears, leaving nothing but a massive crater. A team is quickly assembled to investigate the incident and the strange crater. Among these is Beau Walker, psychologist and empath. It is obvious that something very unusual has occurred in Podol'sk. What the team finds and experiences will shock, surprise and amaze you. As events escalate, Walker embarks on a journey dealing with his personal demons and must struggle to save humanity from itself.

In The SHIVA Syndrome, Alan Joshua cleverly interweaves various genres. We deal with altered states of consciousness, parapsychology, genetics, paleontology, mythology, military intrigue, hard science and religion. This combines to produce a complex and exhilarating tale, twisting, turning and yet racing along at a blistering pace towards an intense climax. This story will certainly challenge everything we know, or think we know, about reality, life and the universe, and lead you to the ultimate conclusion that human consciousness does not end with the flesh, but continues well beyond, and humans have enormous potential for both creation and destruction.

The story is extremely well written, well researched and well-paced, and will keep you turning pages till your eyes close of their own accord. Whilst not a quick read, and containing some new ideas and concepts, for me anyway, there is never a dull moment. Walker is an extremely interesting character, and his empathic skills, as well as his genetic heritage, play an important role in the tale. Each character is interesting, well defined, and has flaws and strengths that are as fascinating as they are realistic. A wonderful read that I would love to see being made into a movie!

Comment by Diversion Press yesterday


Diversion Press is looking for bloggers and book reviewers.  If you are interested in blogging about our books, posting covers, doing reviews, or adding content to our website (such as the art of writing, editing, or how to find reviewers or do book reviews, etc.) please contact us.

If you don't follow our blog already please do so.

Also, we have a few new books that we would love to have reviewed.  

Thank you for your help in advance.


Diversion Press

Our newest book is the Blabbermouth Club by Debbie Shakespeare Smith.  It is a middle grade book and we would love to have reviews and blog tours for the book.

The Blabbermouth Club by Debbie Shakespeare Smith is sure to entertain readers of all ages but is a humorous story geared towards middle grade readers.

When 10-year-old Summer McKay calls a wrong number and finds herself talking to Emily Lear, the class blabbermouth, she becomes flustered and invites Emily to her upcoming slumber party. At the overnight Emily threatens to take over Summer's friends as well as the party. Without thinking, and in an effort to get the girls' attention, Summer lies and blurts out that her very common basset hound is an award winning show dog. To make matters worse, every time Summer thinks her boast is forgotten, Emily makes sure everyone remembers. Now, at the teacher's invitation, Summer has to bring her not-so-special dog to class, but what she'd really like to do is put a zipper on her big mouth and Emily's too-if she can stand to be around her that long.

The Blabbermouth Club is available now from Diversion Press or your favorite online bookstores.

  • ISBN-10: 1935290258   $9.95
Comment by Ottilie Weber yesterday

Christmas Lites V is released! It is a book that 20+ authors contribute stories about the holidays and all of the money goes to the NCADV! Check out the details:

Comment by Sage's Blog Tours on Saturday


When Life Gives You Lemons, Drink Coffee!

Book Reviewers + Blog Tour Hosts Wanted for Women's Fiction

hosted by Sage's Blog Tours

Picture When Life Gives You Lemons, Drink Coffee!
By Deanna Martinez-Bey
Genre: Women's fiction
Emerging Edge Publishing

186 pages

Janine is a smart and sassy southern girl from Triple Creek, North Carolina, who knows what she wants and fearlessly goes after it.  Janine's goal of making a life for herself and marrying the man of her dreams finally became a reality. She was a newlywed, married to a successful business man named Tom Whitfield and owned her own bakery.  Their life seemed perfect and all was well in Janine's world until her faith is rocked through a course of events that would challenge her own beliefs and change her fate forever.

Tom is unexpectedly promoted to a new job that requires change for both he and Janine.  Leaving her life in Triple Creek to support her husband's career took a leap of faith for Janine and was a risk so early in the marriage.  But the bigger threat comes when Janine discovers some of Tom's darkest secrets and learns valuable lessons while she was there.  

Janine makes new friends in New York, but she still misses her family and friends in North Carolina. She discovers that love is not always predictable when faced with new challenges.  Can love truly conquer all? Or are some things best left behind?  After seeing things that shock her, Janine feels betrayed by people who she thought she could trust. 

This is the second installment written by author, Deanna Martinez-Bey, and focuses on Janine, a character we met in her first book, Twinkle, Twinkle Christmas Star. Told from the perspective of Janine and her funny southern humor, this story will move you while you share in this journey of discovery, love, betrayal, and the realization that you can make anything you like out of what life gives you.


Interested in joining this tour? Find all the details here!


Comment by Jessica Haight on Wednesday

We love those magical bookshops where stories creep off the shelves and into our hearts, so we're giving away a $100 gift card to an independent bookstore to celebrate the release of The Secret Files of Fairday Morrow on December 1st.

Pre-order the mystery, and enter for a chance to win a $100 gift card to an independent bookstore of your choice.
Send us a copy of your receipt, and you’re entered to win! 
Contest runs until November 30th 

Comment by Alan Joshua on Wednesday
 NEW: Readers’ Favorite Review by Lit Amri 5 stars
The SHIVA Syndrome: "An enthralling transcendent mind trip."
Beau Walker is a man with an interesting internal conflict. Born to a full blooded Native American father and African-American, evangelical mother/healer, he struggles to accept his heritage. He rejects his parents’ wishes, and relies on solid scientific reason to comprehend his inner distress. When Walker is coerced into joining an experiment in Moscow, the suspense element in the story scales up from this point on, taking readers into an unprecedented, gripping journey.
Set in modern times, the string of events in The SHIVA Syndrome by Alan Joshua gears toward the evolution of higher, spiritual awareness. It reminds me somewhat of Carlos Castaneda’s Don Juan series such as The Teachings of Don Juan, A Separate Reality, and The Fire from Within. The premise and plot of the story are ingeniously laced with Castanadian intrigue. Joshua deftly combines science and spirituality, and the result is an enthralling transcendent mind trip.
The characters are well fleshed out. The dialogue is sharp and the story line has twists that you won’t see coming. Joshua brings everything to life with his adroit narrative, making the story believable and highly readable. On the whole, The SHIVA Syndrome is a page turning, sci-fi thriller. The notions proposed in the story are thought provoking and will linger in readers’ minds long after they put down the book. The mentioned possibilities of what the human mind can do are both fascinating and frightening. In essence, this is an enigmatic spiritual endeavor that I highly recommend to my fellow readers.

Comment by Sage's Blog Tours on Wednesday


Authors, Learn to Write Effective Dialogue!

Book Reviewers & Blog Tour Hosts Wanted for Non-fiction

hosted by Sage's Blog Tours

Picture He Said, She Said: Writing Effective Dialogue
By Laura E. Koons
Genre: Nonfiction

Review copies available in epub & mobi, 66 pages

Dialogue that drones on, clutters the page, or stalls the scene can ruin even the best of novels. Learn to avoid common dialogue pitfalls, balance your writing, and dazzle your readers, editors, and agents with snappy scenes and smooth-as-silk transitions between dialogue and narrative. “He Said, She Said” is packed with innovative instruction, detailed information, and essential exercises to help your dialogue skills mesmerize and impress.

The information offered in “He Said, She Said” is easy to understand and simple to implement. In this guide book you will learn: How to balance realistic dialogue with your narrative style, including addressing accents and learning the 4 things to leave out of your dialogue 5 ways to seamlessly insert dialogue into your scene, such as expressing gestures and employing summary dialogue 7 tricks to getting the most out of dialogue tags: everything from finding the right intensity level to avoiding POV issues 4 ways to improve your dialogue crafting skills, with prompts and exercises included.

Don’t waste an opportunity for success by settling for mediocre dialogue in your novel. Let “He Said, She Said” help you craft your characters’ exchanges with ease and skill.


Interested in joining this tour? Find all the details here!


Comment by Mike Nach on November 20, 2015 at 10:12pm

FREE till 11/21. WHY ME? The Complete and Uncut Edition
If you love Magic Realism or Occult mysteries, read my book and leave a review.
You’ll get to know the secrets of the universe; our true identity; God; life and death; secrets of manifestation; occult exercises for spiritual advancement and much more…..

Comment by Merry Gardener on November 19, 2015 at 1:04pm

To beet, or not to beet? That is the question.  Let my new cookbook, Meet My Beet, inspire you to answer that question with, "Definitely, beet!"

You may titter at the title, and make no mistake, some of the wordplay and innuendo in the narrative would make Mae West proud, but the recipes, images, and health information are true.  Beets in sweets, beets in breads, beets in mains, sides, snacks, and drinks - yes, beets everywhere you never imagined.

After a career as a chemist my kitchen has become my laboratory, my garden- my supplier, and my recipes- my experiments.  Let Meet My Beet (my logbook) inspire you to pick up your beet and get creative!

Sign up for a giveaway at:

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