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Comment by Sage's Blog Tours 18 hours ago


Seeking Book Reviewers & Blog Tour Hosts for Literary Fiction

hosted by Sage's Blog Tours

Picture Walking Home
By Arleen Williams
Genre: Literary Fiction
Review copies available in PDF & mobi 246 pages

Walking Home is a compelling glimpse into the lives of emigrés in modern day America–refugees from genocide and war. The book journeys from loss and grief to survival and joy. The story hits the ground running, literally, with Kidane’s escape from Africa that reaches far into his future into Seattle, Washington. Kidane battles with survivor guilt while he struggles to settle into Seattle, a new life, relationship, school and work. He wants the American dream but is haunted by the past where he survived horrific violence in Africa, and was forced to leave everything and everyone he loved, behind.

Beautifully written, this poignant and intimate portrait of survivors is a must read for anyone seeking to understand the lives of emigrants in our evolving communities.

Interested in joining this tour? Find all the details here.


Comment by Francis H Powell yesterday

Comment by Robert Garris yesterday

Hello All,

Check out my first historical novel, Murder in the Tiergarten, which was inspired by time I spent in Berlin while writing my PhD dissertation (many, many years ago!). A blurb is below. I'd also love your recs for novels set in the same time period.

William Heath, an American journalist, has been found dead in the Tiergarten in Berlin, in the months just before the outbreak of the First World War. The investigations into his death bring together an American diplomat new to the foreign service, an outspoken young noblewoman, a naive police officer, and a reticent friend of the victim. This unlikely team calls on all of their resources to unravel the political, social, and romantic intrigues that might have provoked Mr. Heath's murder.

Available on Amazon

Comment by Krystal Larson on Thursday

I have a massive 20 book YA giveaway going on right now :)

Comment by Justin Bienvenue on Thursday

Hey Everyone,

I am having a Book Launch Event next month on Facebook for the release of my upcoming novel, Opium Warfare. There will be plenty going on such as snippets of the book, games, contests, giveaways and other authors will be giving away copies of their books as well. It's sure to be a lot of fun day and I hope you will come and enjoy the festivities so if your interested in attending please check it out and invite others!

Opium Warfare Book Launch

Comment by Sage's Blog Tours on Thursday


Seeking Book Reviewers & Blog Tour Hosts for Urban Paranormal Fantasy

hosted by Sage's Blog Tours

Picture Blood Master
Book 1 of The G.O.D.s Series
By Kirsten Campbell
Genre: Urban Paranormal Fantasy
Review copies available in mobi & PDF, 444 pages 

2052: Two-thirds of the human population have been killed by the Great War, the Clover Virus and the Death Plague. Only one man survived the Death Plague, an albino man named Griffin Storm. He’s the only albino in existence. No one knows what happened to the other albinos, but most believe the rumors that they were eliminated by the Guild Faction’s deadly experiments.

Griffin is hiding out in Underground Atlanta. He has special abilities. He can manipulate crystal and glass. He uses these abilities for good, raiding warehouses and old buildings for food and medical supplies to give to the abandoned children that live in the Underground. While on a raid he meets Tassta Vinetti. She’s a resident of the legendary Brotherhood Fortress. Griffin is taken to the Brotherhood and chaos ensues as Tassta, her twin brother Penn and her Uncle Lerin Sanctobous keep their new visitor and his untold powers secret. They can not disclose that the only albino in existence is now at their fortress or they could all be in great danger.

Fact is the Guild is hunting Griffin. He is the only survivor of their deadly experiments and his survival will have dynamic consequences. The Guild believes Griffin will transform into a G.O.D., a Genetically-enhanced Omni Dimensional being. If he transforms, he will have inter-dimensional doors within his body, doors that lead to heaven and hell. Griffin will become a Blood Master and he’ll be able to control the demons from the Dimension of Blood.

Will Griffin save the children of the Underground from their tragic life? Will he transform into a G.O.D. and become the Blood Master? Only time will tell…

Interested in this tour? Get all the details here!


Comment by W.A.Rusho on Thursday

Legend of the Mystic Knights ON SALE FOR ONLY $0.99.

Get the novel that has been described as Harry Potter meets Game of Thrones before the price goes up.

Comment by Paula Berinstein on Thursday

Seeking Reviewers and Blog Tour Hosts for Middle-grade Detective Story with Sherlock Holmes Tie-in

A reluctant detective, a criminal mastermind, and . . . sugar?

Amanda Lester wouldn’t be caught dead going into the family business. Her ancestor, Sherlock Holmes’s colleague Inspector G. Lestrade, is a twit. Nevertheless her parents refuse to see his flaws, and she’s going to a secret English school for the descendants of famous detectives whether she likes it or not.

When Amanda arrives at the dreaded school, she considers running away—until she and her new friends discover blood and weird pink substances in odd places. At first they’re not sure whether these oddities mean anything, but when Amanda’s father disappears and the cook is found dead with her head in a bag of sugar, they’re certain that crimes are taking place.

Now Amanda must embrace her destiny and uncover the truth. The only snag is that arch-villain Blixus Moriarty, a descendant of Holmes’s nemesis Professor James Moriarty, might be involved, and he doesn’t like nosy little girls interfering in his business.

For review copies contact:

Paula Berinstein


Web site:


Twitter: @pberinstein





Comment by Sarah Butland on Wednesday

I launched Blood Day the Novella today and hope you'll download it for your kindle soon. Follow the mystery of Veronica as she tries to determine why she doesn't bleed, breathe or see her reflection. As the saying goes, things aren't always as they appear:

Blood Day

Comment by Jessica Hernandez on Tuesday

Hello! I'm Jessica, author of the fantasy-adventure novel "Capering on Glass Bridges." Looking for your next read? Consider my book; it's sure to offer an escape from reality--for a short while, at least :)

Get it here:


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