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Comment by Book Buzz on Wednesday

Spy Thriller Available For Review

Antidote: Clandestine Warfare in Modern Russia
By John Lonergan
Published: June 2014
ISBN: 978-1500361167
Pages: 295
Genre: Spy Thriller

Antidote, a new spy thriller deals with the real possibility of terrorists using germ warfare as a threat against whatever target appeals at the moment. Anyone who believes that germ warfare is unlikely should read, for example, the news about current problems at the Centers for Disease Control that required closures of two laboratories: Live anthrax bacteria were mistakenly transferred to an unsuspecting laboratory, endangering the lives of workers; and a benign flu was accidentally contaminated with the dangerous H5N1 bird flu strain. In addition, vials of live smallpox virus were recently discovered in a cabinet at the National Institutes of Health, where they had been stored since the 1950's.The threat is scary and real.

"Antidote" begins at a slow pace, entertaining in a this-isn't-bad-and-I've-nothing-else-to-do kind of way, but becomes a page-turner about the time that the Chechin is introduced. In this story, a group of Soviet Georgians develop a strain of common bacteria and create an epidemic against the Russian High Command. Robert Cook, a microbiologist in La Jolla helps track down the perpetrators through France, Moscow and the Georgian republic. The novel features the sights, sounds and tastes of those lands, while bringing in enough science to interest the lay reader who likes a galloping thriller...

Lonergan clearly knows a lot about microbiology and about the technology of growing and weaponizing pathogenic agents. He is adept at describing people and places, and he has written a compellingly frightening and believable story. The end leaves unanswered questions and curiosity unfulfilled; could there be a sequel?

For review copies contact:

John Lonergan

Comment by Eliza Earsman on Wednesday


Friends, welcome to my new Facebook Fan Page.

I'd love you to take a minute to visit and 'like'.

God bless.

Comment by John G. Evans on Tuesday

Dare you tread where evil fears to tread....


For centuries it waited in the darkness, cast into the coldness of space. It listened in the hope of finding others who shared its twisted beliefs, until eventually it heard a voice in the void. A voice of hate. A voice of evil. The voice of the Third Reich. Then the trap was prepared....

Comment by Rosanna Leo on Tuesday

Recently awarded Top Pick and a 5 star review at The Romance Reviews!

Reviewer Evampire says: "There is never a dull moment in this story and I was enthralled from the very beginning with the captivating Gemini Island Shifters."

Predator's Fire

Nina never dreamed a world of shape shifters could exist. Killian never dreamed he’d fall in love with a human. Neither of them ever expected their love would make them targets of a vicious shifter cult. Together, they’ll have to find a way to protect Gemini Island from destruction! Rosanna Leo is pleased to bring you Predator’s Fire, Book 5 of her passionate romance series, Gemini Island Shifters. 

When Nina Suzuki discovers the body of her best friend Janine, her world turns upside down. Things go from bad to worse when Janine’s corpse seems to transform into that of a large, brown wolf. For the first time, Nina is faced to confront all the clues indicating her BFF was not what she seemed. A letter from the dead woman opens Nina’s eyes to a strange, new world. The same letter warns of a sinister group called the Alpha Brethren, and urges her to find Killian Moon of the Ursa Fishing Lodge and Resort on Gemini Island. 

Killian Moon is a jaguar shifter and teen mentor at the Ursa Lodge in Northern Ontario. He may be a comfort and inspiration to confused teen shifters, but he also has a fiery past. His past comes back to haunt him when human Nina arrives at the resort, demanding to speak with him. Demanding answers. Can he trust her with knowledge that will not only change her life, but possibly endanger those around him? 

As Killian begrudgingly tutors Nina on all things shifter, their mutual curiosity flares into passionate need. Once they touch, once they succumb to desire, there is no going back. Killian realizes Nina is his mate and they both begin to comprehend the terror threatening those on their shifter-friendly island. He is forced to confront the tragedy in his family and determines to protect Nina at all costs. 

But can they protect everyone they love from a cult of dangerous shifters, intent on horror and destruction?

Comment by thawilsonMAG on Monday

Comment by steven nedelton on November 15, 2014 at 4:37pm

THE LAST OMEN Paranormal, Horror, HORROR Occult at #ASMSG #AllBook

THE LAST OMEN: POSSESSED  NEW Top Noir/paranormal suspense THE LAST OMEN/POSSESSED is now available on Amazon. Soon in audio book. THE LAST OMEN: POSSESSED  NEW

     This occult suspense story is about a possessed woman, a journalist/author trapped by her demon and a soldier of fortune hunting untouchables.

     Aengus Adams, a journalist/author, inherits a fortune from his uncle. He is pursuing a successful business woman when he discovers that she is possessed by a demon. She warns him, but the demon turns vicious and the journalist is exposed to blood-freezing occult encounters.

     In a parallel narrative, a foreign soldier, a commando married to a New York City nurse, and desperately looking for employment in the New York City, turns to bounty hunting the most dangerous untouchables. At one point, the paths of the two men cross.

    Detective Richter is trying to unscramble the crime puzzle, but cannot control the events. What happens next, when demons possess the naïve—is up to the reader to discover.

    This partly true-life thriller tale contains horror settings, unrelenting action and true demon encounters. If you never believed in the demons, you will after reading this entertaining book. A paranormal, suspense, horror, action thriller.

Comment by Philippa Anne Rees on November 15, 2014 at 12:29pm

A Shadow in Yucatan, recently short-listed for the Quagga Prize is a poetic novella, set in Florida. Here is the synopsis.


A mythical jewel of a story… A true story told on a beach in Yucatan, A Shadow tells Stephanie's story but it was also the story of the golden time. Its nostalgia sings like cicadas in the heat.

An American ‘Under Milkwood’, this distilled novel of the Sixties evokes the sounds, music and optimism on the free-wheelin streets and parks of Coconut Grove. You can hear Bob Dylan still strumming acoustic; smoke a joint with Fred Neil; and Everybody’s Talkin is carried on the wind.

Stephanie, a young hairdresser living in lodgings finds herself pregnant. Refused help from her hard Catholic mother in New York, unable to abort her baby, she accepts the kindness of Miriam, her Jewish landlady, whose own barren life spills into compassionate assistance for the daughter she never had.

The poignancy of its ending, its generosity and acceptance, echoes the bitter disappointment of those of us who hoped for so much more, but who remember its joy, and its promise, as though untarnished by time.


Comment by dichira a dane on November 15, 2014 at 12:14pm

Comment by Lynelle Clark on November 15, 2014 at 5:53am

Comment by dichira a dane on November 14, 2014 at 3:16pm

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