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Comment by Vi Keeland on February 4, 2013 at 1:21pm


I was drawn to him the moment I saw him. I couldn't keep away, and I didn't want to. That knowing, confident smile...those beautiful pale blue eyes...and those dimples....simply delicious. Who could resist such a beautiful strong man?

Hope York transformed her boring self into flawless beauty on the outside. But inside, she never changed. Kennedy Jenner was a successful, wealthy and jaw dropping handsome man that could have whatever he wanted, on his own terms. And he wanted Hope. But would he still want her after he saw her for who she really was, instead of what she carefully planned for everyone to see? And will his own secret past stand in his way for getting what he really wants?

Sex, secrets and dominance, with a little love story in between.

Comment by Lyn LeJeune on February 4, 2013 at 11:47am

promoting a book is much harder than writing it, that's for sure.  Mine new out

Comment by Book Buzz on February 4, 2013 at 11:44am

Romantic Contemporary Fiction

Against The Odds: A Love Story
by J. Adams
Publisher: Jewel of the West
ISBN: 978-0615457369
Pages: 264
Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Romance

Tired if dealing with an unfaithful husband after seven years of marriage, Raine Edmunds finally gets a divorce. Wanting to start over, she leaves her successful modeling career behind and goes to a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico to stay with her best friend. The ranch is the perfect place for her to take stock of her life and all she’s accomplished. Then Raine meets Hayden, her friend’s brother-in-law, and the opposite of all the other men she has ever known. As their friendship blossoms, so does her love of ranch life. She discovers that what she wants most-what her heart truly desires-is right in front of her. Everything about Raine and Hayden’s love is against the odds. Now they must prove to each other and to themselves that no matter what trials assail them, their love will be strong enough to overcome any obstacle.

For review copies contact:

J. Adams

Comment by Book Buzz on February 4, 2013 at 11:44am

Chick-Lit Novel Available For Review

Groom and Doom: A Greek Love Story
by Theresa Braun
Publisher: Theresa Braun
Published: April 2012
Pages: 299
Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Chick-Lit
E-book Format Only

Groom and Doom: A Greek Love Story gives a realistic portrayal of a day that ends up less like the fairy tale so many girls dream of and more like a roller coaster ride without the brakes. Angela must listen to her heart when a tarot card reading before the wedding in Crete casts a ray of doubt on her happily-ever-after. She resolves to let her relationship and her destiny take flight.

And the family drama ensues. Soon after the bride and groom arrive in Greece, they are tormented mentally and emotionally by the groom’s father, Georgius. Tensions rise and Angela’s body reacts to the stress, all while she begins to realize she has absolutely no control over anything related to the ceremony.

She and Stavros finally escape to Venice for their romantic honeymoon where she is haunted by ridiculous sightings of Georgius, her mind warped by the wedding’s trauma. Angela prays the honeymoon will still be magical enough to keep them together.

Love is war, one that is complicated by a host of human flaws. The newlyweds duck for cover from an obstinate father-in-law lighting the fuse, as they struggle to avoid their relationship’s complete annihilation.

For review copies contact:

Theresa Braun

Comment by Book Buzz on February 4, 2013 at 11:44am

New Age Memoir Available For Review

An Astrologer’s Journey: My Life With The Stars
by Kelly Lowe
Publisher: CHB Media
ISBN: 978-0982281987
Pages: 190
Genre: New Age, Astrology, Memoir

An Astrologer’s Journey is an entertaining and inspirational voyage through a life guided by the stars. You don’t need to “speak” astrology to enjoy Kelly Lowe’s secrets to living a happier, more fulfilling life through astrology. She relives 30 years of stimulating experiences, during which she convinces many others to “come on board” and make her passage their own. Whether or not you are a follower of astrology, you will enjoy this journey and come away with a deeper understanding of how this ancient practice can help anyone sail with more favorable winds on life’s changing seas. It’s filled with entertaining stories and insights that will help make life’s difficult cycles easier to navigate.

Kelly Lowe is an astrological counselor, teacher and author whose special talent lies in helping clients to understand themselves and cope with difficult cycles in their lives. A past president of the Astrological Research Guild, she has taught astrology at Seminole State College and Daytona State College, and has appeared on national television and as a regular guest on numerous radio shows.

For review copies contact:

Kelly Lowe

Comment by Book Buzz on February 4, 2013 at 11:44am

Paranormal Memoir Available for Review

by Tamera Lawrence
Publisher: Outskirts Press
ISBN: 978-1478718055
Published: October 2012
Pages: 124
Genre: Memoir, Paranormal


A nurse who gives invisible shots, a girl who likes to dart into corners and a man who still sits in the common room are just three of the spirits haunting the Pennhurst Asylum in Spring City, Pennsylvania. How do I know that? I have spent the past Halloween Season working in the Mayflower Building, 2nd floor and have witnessed the paranormal activity first hand. Over twenty-five years ago, Pennhurst State School and Mental Hospital was closed down due to resident abuse. Today, Pennhurst has been turned into a Halloween attraction. I took a job as an orderly working the the Mayflower building, one of the most spiritually active of all the buildings. People are fascinated with Pennhurst and want to know more of its past and its present. Intrigued, I decided to do my own research. I have written a book bringing the past and present together to not just entertain, but also enlighten.

For review copies contact:

Tamera Lawrence

Comment by Book Buzz on February 4, 2013 at 11:43am

Psychological Thriller Available For Review

The Devil’s Fan Club
By Mark Kirkbride
Publisher: Mark Kirkbride
Published:July 2012
Pages: 249
Genre: Psychological thriller
Ebook Format Only

Want to join The Devil’s Fan Club? Sure, there’s just one catch. You have to commit a crime, tailored to you.

So enigmatic Nick tempts twisted twins James and Louise when they meet him at a nightclub. He’s been questioned by police in the hunt for the serial killer terrorizing West London and they suspect it is him. But he appeals to their rebellious natures and they are ripe for corruption. So even when he assigns them the worst crime of all, they are enthralled. Half-believing they’ve met him, they go over to the Devil’s camp. And rather than trying to catch a killer, they cover for one. Yet while they yearn to join Nick’s club, the task is too dreadful to complete. The killer gets closer. And James fears Louise will be next.

But sometimes the most fertile breeding ground for evil is innocence…

Uncompromising, dark, irreverent, psychological thriller The Devil’s Fan Club taps into the midbrain, and stays there.

For review copies contact:

Mark Kirkbride

Comment by Herman Sherwood-Sitts on February 4, 2013 at 11:09am
Comment by Mel Comley on February 4, 2013 at 10:19am


The first book in the Justice series is on offer at only $0.99.

Top 3 police procedural 2012
The headless body of a wealthy widow is discovered decomposing in Chelling Forest. Then a second victim is found. Detective Inspector Lorne Simpkins and her partner, DS Pete Childs are assigned the case. Before they can discover the identity of the killer they must make a connection between the two victims.
After a third murder, Lorne receives a grisly surprise. Clearly, a vicious serial killer is on a rampage...and Lorne has become the killer's fixation.
Lorne can't allow her failing marriage or her new boss--a man with whom she shares a sensuous secret--keep her from focusing on her job. She must catch the macabre murderer, or risk becoming the next victim.
Approx 88,000 words

Comment by Matt Ponticello on February 3, 2013 at 9:53pm

For a limited time only, the following three books are on sale for only 99 cents each! Download ASAP. "Americana: Boiled Alive in the Melting Pot," "The Poet Blossomed," and "V-Positive: The Bloodbaby Chronicles."


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