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For book reviews on any religion, spiritual path or philosophy. Whether you're into Buddhism, Christianity, Islam or Wicca - love The Secret or something else...

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Looking for Reviews to my Functional Medicine books 2 Replies

I am a registered Chinese Medicine practitioner, and my blogsite "You Hold the Keys to Healing" about my five books on alternative health or functional medicine is at…Continue

Started by Ricardo B Serrano. Last reply by Hunter Kane Sparrow Oct 24, 2013.

Seeking help from people to review my book - non fiction/spiritual journey

Hello fellow book loversI am looking for some help from you guys to take a look at my book and with an open mind and give a  honest review. The Space Within is a fairly quick and simple book to read.…Continue

Started by Hunter Kane Sparrow Oct 24, 2013.

TOUR HOSTS WANTED: Letting Go and Moving On by James Oh

Hello!Irresisitible Reads Book Tours is looking for bloggers to host a review, interview, guest post or book excerpt during the Letting Go and Moving On by James Oh blog tour.Join the fun!…Continue

Tags: Tour

Started by Carla Nóbrega May 18, 2013.

What if you woke up one day and found that everything that you had previously believed was a lie?

I wrote a book about religious extremism that deals with some very difficult and controversial subjects. If anyone is interested in how people get brainwashed by cults and how people deal with the…Continue

Started by Lacey Reah Apr 26, 2013.

Review: Keys to Healing and Self-Mastery according to the Hathors

"You must build the Ka, you must build the life-force." - Hathors, Masters of Sound and Love Please visit to read a book…Continue

Tags: diet, merkaba, ka, holographic, healing

Started by Ricardo B Serrano Oct 16, 2012.

How to experience heaven now

You can listen to the sound track on "How to Experience Heaven now" at Heaven is real and you can experience heaven…Continue

Tags: return, oneness, now, experience, how

Started by Ricardo B Serrano Oct 14, 2012.

Buddhism book reviews - share yours :) 6 Replies

I'd like to start off with this collection of Books by the Dalai Lama - the best & most popular of his books.

Tags: india, tibetan, books, religion, spirituality

Started by Katinka Hesselink. Last reply by Katinka Hesselink Aug 28, 2012.

Paganism (includ. Wicca) Book Reviews - Share Your Own 1 Reply

Here is a link to all the posts on my blog with the label and theme Paganism. I haven't been reading that many lately but if I…Continue

Tags: wicca, review, religion, paganism

Started by Kathleen Garber. Last reply by Katinka Hesselink Jan 8, 2012.

"Horozontal" Past Lives, in Contrast to Standard Views of Past Lives 3 Replies

Dear spiritual thinkers, This post was originally a comment made to "Catalina," author of a neat novel about past lives (title of her book and author's last name escapes me now).     Have you ever…Continue

Tags: Heaven, Afterlife, Lives, Past

Started by Darrell Moneyhon. Last reply by Darrell Moneyhon Dec 19, 2011.

Authors who welcome UK Book Reviewers 1 Reply

If you are requiring reviewers for your books and welcome UK reviewers then please pop over and enter your details on our new feature.…Continue

Tags: uk, reviewers, reviews, book

Started by Beck Valley Books Blog. Last reply by Beck Valley Books Blog Nov 6, 2011.

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Comment by Beck Valley Books Blog on November 17, 2014 at 5:14am

Our Beck Valley Books Review of Welcome to the World! Book and Coloring Book by Kanta Bosniak, Author 'Kanta's soft and gentle tone with words are used carefully to reflect their true meaning' ......

Our Book Review on Welcome to the World Book
"I always thoroughly look forward to reading Kanta Bosniak's insightful words in her books. They speak to the heart and mind so clearly that I find that I could read them over and over again. You simply feel the understanding and positivity jump off the pages as you read them.

Talk about melting your heart, I wish I had this book through both of my pregnancies and while they were both small enough to plant seeds of thought. The idea of passing on positive thoughts and teaching to your unborn child fills your heart with warmth and happiness.

Kanta's soft and gentle tone with words are used carefully to reflect their true meaning to guide a child's spiritual journey into happiness to be carried on into adulthood. A lesson many adults have failed to do. The words are passed on to your child to nourish deeply and their inner thoughts may have a chance against life's obstacles.

I really like how the author uses the book to explain to the young about inside thoughts and those that we speak and how these can have an effect on people. I love the use of the happy buttons, a tool that people of all ages can do. There is also a good simple insight at a young age as to why others are sad.

A very easy and enjoyable read as a parent, parent to be or on your own. Be prepared to smile your way through this book."

Our Book Review on Welcome to the World Book Coloring Book
"The coloring book forms a reminder to children and adults alike that they are loved and how happiness can surround them,

Simple words, quotes and drawings from Kanta's free flowing hand are carefully used to teach children, in a simple way, about their own feelings and that of others and also how they can find inner happiness.

As an adult, flicking through the pages made me smile at the trigger messages given out and I am looking forward to starting to coloring them in."

Read all about the author and enter a very special giveaway here...

Comment by Jassie on September 29, 2014 at 11:56am

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Comment by Harvee Lau on January 22, 2014 at 7:48am

A DIFFERENT SUN by Elaine Neil Orr, a review. A novel of American missionaries in 19th century Nigeria. 

Comment by Rose on September 1, 2013 at 1:32pm

I just reviewed Sonia Choquette's newest book Tune In: read my review here:

Comment by Beck Valley Books Blog on August 6, 2013 at 10:27am

A wonderful author Interview with Kanta Bosniak, Author of Abundance Triggers x

Found out much more about the author, spiritual coach and interfaith minister as she shares her insights with Central Bargains - Writers and Books Adriana & JCM

Abundance Triggers

Comment by Avanish on June 25, 2013 at 6:04am

Is Heaven real? Check out 7 Answers that must be Questioned in this regard!   

Comment by Beck Valley Books Blog on April 20, 2013 at 10:22am

I cannot rave about this book enough.

The best book I have read in a long time.

I have told this book to anyone who will listen (or believes).

I have different beliefs than some. I believe in Spirits and signs and the after life. I believe that we all plan our lives to go the way they do even though we don’t remember planning them. I believe we have had past lives. I believe we are here or there to serve a greater purpose even though we may not be fully aware of that right now.

This book went along the lines of everything I believe in.

My heart felt so at peace reading this book. I felt light. I felt happy. I truly enjoyed this book and promise I will be reading it over and over again.

My favorite part of the entire book though was the explanation on why individuals are developmentally disabled. It was the most amazing reason I have ever heard and whether someone else believes it is true or not – I believe. I would love to share it with everyone, but I would hate to ruin the goodness of the book and spill the secret. You must read it!

I promise, if you have an open mind or you believe like I do, you will truly enjoy this book over and over again. I finished the book and I could still feel the positive energy that book left within me abuzz. No doubt, the best book I have read. Ever.

Read the full post here

Comment by Beck Valley Books Blog on April 20, 2013 at 10:20am

Book Review and SIGNED BOOK Giveaway - Letters from your Future by ...

An excellent book to read if you are looking for a positive way to enhance and enrich your life.

The author makes a clear point that as a spiritual being, that God exists and lives within each and every one of us.  To find him all we have to do is take time out and look deeply into our souls to find him.

The emphasis is on the reader to follow each of the letters (chapters) and digest the direction and examples that the author uses to help us move forward to improve our lives.

The teachings follow a path of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) stating that every one of us are in control of our own destiny and journey through our existence.  By looking hard at how we portray  our emotions and signals we emit can vastly enhance our being.  Negative thoughts and negative energy create a downward spiral where as positive thoughts and energy do the opposite.  Also the way forward is not to dwell on the past because we cannot change it but look forward to the future.

The author uses very clever and clear explanations and examples to get his message across.  The use of breaking down the steps to reach fulfillment in letters and then expanding on each one is first class.

This book needs to be read slowly and in a quiet room to fully appreciate it.  You might what to read some parts twice to digest the teachings which will help you live and build a better future for yourself and once you have achieved that goal the knock on effect to your loved ones and close friends will be immense.

This book will be kept close to me and when I am having a period of doubt or feel that I have lost my way, I will pick it up and read the letter that is most appropriate to that situation and follow the guidance it recommends.

Our Rating

Comment by Jody on April 20, 2013 at 10:15am






Comment by Rocket Science Productions on April 19, 2013 at 5:10pm

God and the Garden - Devotionals for Fruitful Living by Lilka Raphael


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