Dear spiritual thinkers, This post was originally a comment made to "Catalina," author of a neat novel about past lives (title of her book and author's last name escapes me now).  

   Have you ever thought of the concept of "horozontal past lives?" Usually we think of a linear passing from one life to another in a single/individual soul or spirit. But the sharp distinctions between self and other tend to blur the closer we get mentally/spiritually to the Source. It seems much more "transpersonal" at the deepest level of the ever-unfolding flare/fountain of "human being." 

  Thus, the concept of us-all-together in heaven as one version (Christian?) of the afterlife might be given a bit more wieght, as opposed to the standard individualized reincarnation metaphysical model (Hindu?). Of course it is also possible that both could be correct - at the same time!

  But back to my concept of "horizontal past lives": God has a library of personal perspectives. One's spirit walks into the library. Is the spirit as likely to be allowed to pick out one "book" (past life) as another? Or does the librarian work with that spirit to provide the book (past life) which spiritually instructs the spirit about an opportunity for growth at hand? I tend to think the latter is more likely. The implications are that the "past life" that one identifies with during hypnotic regression is not necessarily exclusively that spirit's own past life, but one which is experienced in order to provide a slightly new perspective to an ongoing blockage of growth. Karma teaches by changing personalities. Personalities, to some extent, can be put on like putting on clothes.

  Past lives are both a book one reads and a new set of clothes we put on in order to play a different role and to learn something new about our spiritual journey. My own shoe cobbler from England dreams might be about a shoe cobbler, but not necessarily "mine" in the sense of being exclusively experienced by my own spirit. If it had instructive value, you too might experience "my" shoe cobbler.

  For that part, I'm not at all convinced that it makes sense to talk about an "individual" spirit. Perhaps individuality is limited to soul, but not to spirit. But I will put that issue on the back burner for now. 

  The point is: Is the past life mine or yours or someone else's or are all personalities and lives more like books in God's library, there to teach us something?  It may be more a public library than we tend to think. 

  I'm just adding a little transpersonal twist to the standard reincarnation theory. Not saying this proposed new version is true, just that it is possible, and, possibly, as likely as the standard version of past lives. For want of better words, I can only think of the name "horizontal past lives" to identify this transpersonal twist on reincarnation. Perhaps "Inclusive past lives" might also work. 

  I do presuppose that "learning" and "growth" is job number one for spirit. To me, love is an outgrowth of spirit learning to master its own energies. Love is spirit's "doing." It is not possible to just sit around and love, because love is a verb. Love is an act, at least from spirits point of view.

  As physically manifested forms, our "doing" is physical action. Not so for spirit. Spirit's way of taking out the trash or sweeping the floor is through expressions (and actual energy formats) of love.

  Spirit has a more horizontal orientation in the first place. More accurately, just as Einstien saw more of an equivilance between matter and energy than other scientists of his time could see, so to does "my" spirit see more of an equivilance between horozontal (me-to-others) relationships and vertical (me-to-higher-me) relationships than my egoistic, flesh-bound aspect of self can see.

  Spirit can see self in others. And then it can be itself in others. This is, of course, one of God's ways that we can't quite wrap our minds around. We, in our current forms, have difficulty thinking in translocation sorts of ways.

  I explore that way of thinking, however, in my next book, Christians Thinking Like Energy. It will be a year or more before I come out with that book. You are welcome to read a pdf version of it if you want. Thinking Like Energy is also one of the cultural cognitions promoted in my current book, Allsville Emerging. So, in a way, Christians Thinking Like Energy is a branch/corrolary of Allsville Emerging. Even in Allsville Emerging the emphasis is on more horizontal being, in the form of doing a "collective" in the most optimal way that can be conceptualized. It is a book about how to do "us." If past lives instruct "us," then it is a worthwile concept and practice. I do suspect there is karmic teaching involved in past life regression (horizontal or not). 



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I mentioned "Catalina" and described her book. Catalina's name is Catalina Egan. Her book is, I believe, called The Bridge to Deaths. Or is it Bridge of Deaths? When I navigated back to the thread on her site, the book title was in the background , and I had trouble seeing the whole title. Hope I got it right, or at least close enough for you to find. Ms Egan's book looks very interesting. Check it out. I hope you also got the chance to check out my book, Allsville Emerging ( 

Thank you Darrell,
I am very surprised you have not recieved a response to this post! Let me know if you do.

I'm afraid my wordy, intellectual style, usually keeps the crowds away. Still, I give it my best shot, and feel that I have been true to myself. Not everyone wants to analyze things. I like to. 

  Or else it has to do with positioning. I don't know how to locate myself online very well. 

   Thanks for being the first to comment.



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