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Support Real Independence-Help Non KDP Select Authors

 Did you just buy a book in a series and *poof* it just disappeared? Want to know why? We'll explain and show you how to help!

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Did you just buy a book in a series and it *poof* disappeared? Were you going to buy an author this week you saw last week and *poof*, they're work is gone? If not, you might soon.

You may not have seen it yet, it's hard to say, but you will soon. Amazon has revealed their latest weapon called KDP Select. This puts Independent authors into a lending library for Prime customers to check out for free, but they still get paid. They also get any five days they want free. The condition? Become theirs and theirs alone. As of this date, you can see THIS MANY have joined KDP select.

If you shop at B and N, Smashwords, or anywhere besides Amazon your book selection just grew smaller. At alarming rates, authors are taking their books off of other shelves to get in. Notice an increase in free on Amazon? You will no longer find these books on Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, Diesel. Anywhere but Amazon for 90 days.

This smacks of wrong, and I for one hate it because I am a NOOK user. Right now I am afraid to buy a book anywhere else but Amazon because the books haven't been unpublished yet (Amazon is allowing a grace period.) Is the series you picked up going to be there tomorrow? There's a good chance, no it's not.

Some authors are joining with all their books. Some are dipping their toe in. A good sum say will NOT do this, and even more are in the waiting category. Waiting to see what others do to compete. Waiting for some reaction.

I say we may not be gigantic bookstores, but we can still give them a reaction! By supporting the authors that continue to support other platforms. Some of these are making money in different outlets, so they don't want to leave. Others feel they would be abandoning the readers they have on other platforms.

Will you help us support them? After four days of combing Kindleboards and staying quiet, these are the authors we feel have made their voice heard the best. Ninety percent of these are against. Ten percent are borderline, but seem strongly like they have made their decision not to join.

Help us, help them. Support Real Independence-Help Non KDP select Authors!

Authors, if you chose not to join Amazon exclusively, pick up a button from our group.

Readers, if you want to help support, pick up a button from our group.

Here is a list of authors who are not going to be joining KDP Select. There are thousands more, but starting somewhere is the first step. Find your favorite genres, and find an author. Take a couple minutes and find them in google. Join their twitter. Join their facebook. Buy a book of theirs anywhere but Amazon. Or just email them and say how you appreciate their choice.

Why Support them?

Amazon counts borrows from the library as lending, which counts toward ranks, defeating Non-KDP select ranks. Authors who don't join can't set their books free the way Prime Members can. This is all going to hurt their presence, but they are still choosing other distributors over Amazon. They are still choosing the readers from different platforms over Amazon.

They're supporting us. Can't we support them?

NOTE: If you take a button or join our group, we'll add your web address to the links on our site. No link back needed

*If you have trouble finding the author, let us know and we'll help you find them.



Shawn Lamb

Brian Kittrell

Steve Thomas

Christopher David Peterson

B. Justin Shier

Julie Anne Dawson

Danielle Kazemi

David Dalgish

Ryne Billings

Marta Szemik

Katie W. Stewart

Melanie Nilles

Ardyth Debruyn

Lexas Luke

Melanie Ray

Science Fiction

David Gaughran

John Fitch V.

Joseph Nassise

Rob Andrews

Katy Walters


Stephen England



Mel Comley

Jeanne Miller

Coral Moore

Marta Szemik

Christopher David Peterson

Declan Conner



Krista D. Ball


Jim Bronyaur

Adam Pepper

Raymund Hensley


Courtney Milan

Lisa Scott

Mel Comley

Gretchen Gallway

Katherine Clare Owen

Ruth Cardello

Jill Myles

Jody Wallace

Emily Ward

Margaret Lake

Liliana Hart

C.J. Archer

Romantic Comedy

Catie Quinn

Julie Christensen

Romantic Erotica

Leila Bryce Sin

Jill Myles

Historical Romance

Beverley Kendall

Contemporary Romance

Bryan Healey

Jamie Debree



Christopher Hunter



Christopher David Peterson

Bakari R. Akil

Krista D. Ball

Crime Thriller

Mel Comley

A.C. Ellis


Joseph Flynn

V.H. Folland



BK Gore (Brian Gore)



Eric. B. Thompson

Jeanne Miller


Shawn Lamb

N Gemini Sasson

Caddy Rowland

Mike Angel


Mike Angel


Nell Gavin





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Did you do something for a Non KDP select author? 1 Reply

Let us know! Share what you did. We want to hear it all, big or little. Whether you simply joined their twitter, sent them an email, or bought a book. You can also share anytime what you did in the…Continue

Started by Desiree Cummings. Last reply by Kayla Eklund Dec 22, 2011.

Are you going hardcore supportive for them?

UPDATE: KDP Select authors are not supposed to be sharing review copies anymore according to Amazon's mail backs. Even though it sounds like nothing would happen to you? I wouldn't support breaking…Continue

Started by Desiree Cummings Dec 13, 2011.

Take a button to spread the word (No link back needed)

Feel free to take any of these buttons to show support. No link back ever needed. Also make your own if you want. Support is a reader thing, not a Social Network thing. Feel free to add your own too…Continue

Tags: buttons

Started by Desiree Cummings Dec 13, 2011.

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Comment by Jodie Pierce on October 30, 2013 at 6:37pm

Just in time for Halloween…FREE BOOK!

In an epic battle between good and evil, young Namon will discover what being the last of his kind truly means- born of a destiny with the power to protect all humanity. He must come to terms with his fate, and seek out the one responsible for his parents deaths and the near extinction of the White Wolves. The night vampire Aluana meets Namon, she was just out looking for a good time. Needing to escape the fear of her unknown past and origins, she wasn't expecting a harmless dance to have unintended consequences. She finds herself falling in love for what she suspects is the first time. Namon may be the key she needs to unlock hidden memories, but at what cost? Now the two are caught between mortal enemies and earth's destiny lies in their hands...

You’re free code on Smashwords is FD64H. It expired 11/1 so hurry up and grab your copy!!!

Comment by Jodie Pierce on October 6, 2013 at 3:10pm

My friend, Ronald Edward Griffin will be offering his book, Blood Stained Lives for free on on Halloween, 10/31. Message me if you are interested in doing a review for him on Amazon. It's a great book and I, personally can't wait for book 2!

Send me a message if you're interested! Thanks!

Comment by Kayla Eklund on December 18, 2012 at 8:12pm

Comment by Kayla Eklund on August 26, 2012 at 6:01pm

Check out my review of The Sweetest Spell by Suzanne Selfors:

Comment by Kayla Eklund on August 26, 2012 at 12:10am

Please GFC follow my blog. When I reach 500 followers, I will be giving away quite a few books. If you want me to follow your blog back, just post a link in the comments.

Comment by Roberta Goodman on December 16, 2011 at 1:48pm

I'm not self-published, but if I was I wouldn't join KDP select. Personally I think it's wrong of Amazon to take business away from others. Unfortunately, it's about greed. I'll be spreading the word!

Comment by Moissanite Jewel on December 13, 2011 at 1:38pm

I am here as promised. You need to make a button for the group though.


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