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Comment by Lauren K. Pomeroy on July 5, 2014 at 9:20pm

I am curious if anyone would enjoy reading a revamped fairy tale type of book? Its called Odette: A Novel, and its based on the retold fairy tale of swan lake in a fantasy setting. 

The book is now on its 4th edit (after some bad luck with a few freelancers), and I believe its ready to be republished - however, just to be sure, I was wondering if I could get a few volunteer readers to see if there are any grammatical // spelling errors throughout the book?

I've read my story, and reread it almost 100 times, and sometimes for the author its easy to miss something glaring at you.

Please let me know if you are interested in assisting me :) 

This book is for the Teen through General Adult audience

Lauren Pomeroy

Comment by Chris Henderson on July 2, 2014 at 10:51am

My latest interview is up on my blog. This week I'm chatting with Sandra Orchard and discussing writing Christian romance/suspense and what that entails, plus reviewing contracts and using social media. Hope you'll stop by for a quick read at

Comment by Chris Stevenson on July 1, 2014 at 11:41pm

The Girl They Sold to the Moon is finally here in e-book format on Amazon for $2.99! Don’t miss this award-winner—it’s fast and furious—a dark and edgy Burlesque in space.


Eighteen-year-old Tilly Breedlove's father has just pawned his daughter for a huge cash advance to escape a penitentiary sentence. She’s whisked away to Luna-the Tranquility Harbor Mining Company, 240,000 miles from home. Family Trade and Loan, an unscrupulous company, is more than willing to take her on and exploit her talent. Forced to be an exotic dancer, she performs risqué shows for the filthy, but filthy rich ore miners--a far cry from her classical and modern dance training. If she isn't resisting obscene advances from bearded "Prairie Dogs", she's fending off jealous head-liner acts who view her as a threat to their status-and when those jealous showgirls say "break a leg", they aim to cause it.

The only reprieve she finds in this shop of horrors is a few close ward friends, a sympathetic dance coach/choreographer, and Buddy Gunner Bell, who just might become the love of her life. It's just enough to stem her psychological meltdown. A tragedy on the Moon base lands Tilly back on Earth. Tilly plots a daring escape plan with her friends. Their plan requires split-second timing and a daring dash. If she can just get past the corporation's airtight security.

Comment by Beck Valley Books Blog on June 20, 2014 at 9:31am

Taken by Love by Melissa Foster 'made me pause and truly reflect' reviewsDivas With A Purpose

"I love that Melissa Foster’s novels are so relate-able. Dr. Daisy Honey comes home after medical school while deciding on where to start the rest of her life. While home, she’s working in the town’s urgent care clinic. Daisy has a huge chip on her shoulder from her teenage years and the relentless teasing by her classmates. This made me pause and truly reflect. My oldest son has dealt with teasing (and I did, too, growing up) and I have written about and worked with different anti-bullying campaigns. I try to instill in the tweens and teens I encounter that the “harmless” teasing they do can and will make a difference in the lives of others. While this is a fictional story, there are many adults who have hang-ups and complexes today because of the teasing and bullying they endured decades ago. Melissa does a great job at capturing this concept with Daisy and her experiences coming home after years away.

I did not grow up in a small town, but my family is from one and I spent many weekends and school breaks at my grandparents and cousins home. It definitely has it’s pros and cons and Ms. Foster uncovers many of them so accurately in Taken By Love.

As usual with her novels, the love story between Daisy and Luke is steamy – yet believable and relatable. As they fall in love and face the demons from their past, you find yourself cheering them along throughout their personal journeys.

Taken By Love is part of a series but can be read alone as a standalone novel. I will warn you, once you read one you will be ready to read them all! Enjoy!"

So many great #books to read in the Love in Bloom Series check them out here....

Comment by Damaris Cardinali on June 17, 2014 at 1:04pm

In her Loveswept debut, Sidney Halston turns up the heat as a sexy cage fighter shows a former bookworm how delicious a few rounds between the sheets can be.

For Chrissy Martin, returning to her Florida hometown always seems to bring bad luck. The day starts with a breakup text, followed by a jailhouse phone call from her troublemaker brother. Now a routine traffic stop has ended with her accidentally punching an officer . . . in a delicate place. Then Chrissy realizes that the hot cop on the receiving end of her right hook is none other than the man from her teenage fantasies.

Jack Daniels knows how to take a hit. After all, when he’s not chasing reckless drivers, he’s kicking ass in a mixed martial arts ring. So what takes his breath away isn’t the low blow, but the woman who dealt it: a gorgeous knockout with legs Jack wouldn’t mind being pinned under—who just so happens to be his best friend’s nerdy little sister, all grown up. Soon their instant chemistry leads to a sizzling affair, but Jack and Chrissy are fighting an uphill battle if they want to make love last beyond the final bell.

Praise for Against the Cage

“Against the Cage is funny, steamy, scorching, and holy hot MMA fighter, I wanted more! Five stars all the way!”—New York Times and USA Today bestselling Author Toni Aleo

“A steamy and fun romance that will leave readers begging for more! Sidney Halston is an author to watch!”—New York Times bestselling author Cherry Adair


Amazon >>

Barnes & Noble >>

Comment by Robin Austin on June 12, 2014 at 1:34pm


MK Harkins
Romance - Amazon

When the perfect love story disintegrates, Mattie runs away into the arms of Cade. Then that pesky ex shows up to confuse everything.

Nominated for three eFesitval of Words awards (Best Villain, Best New Adult, Best Sweet Romance)


“I would have never believed you were one of those late sleepers. You seem like the type to get up at the crack of dawn.”

“I usually am, but last night I didn’t go to sleep until the crack of dawn!”

He looks surprised. “Why was that?”

I realize that I’ve just backed myself into a corner with my last remark. How do I answer this? Well, Cade, I didn’t sleep because I was thinking about you last night. Or perhaps Oh, Cade, my feelings for you are so confusing, I couldn’t even think of sleeping. Better yet Cade, you were the most incredible, hot, sexy man onstage, and I am lusting after you. I answer “Too much caffeine, I think.” and leave it at that.

Comment by Chris Stevenson on June 11, 2014 at 11:23pm

Just got my first review for the "The Girl..." and it was a long, glowing 5-star. I hope this is a sign of things to come. Better yet, this is by far the best review I've ever had on a book. I just wish she hadn't given so much away! You can check it out here:

We're aiming for a launch date of July 2--about 20 days from now. I'm hoping the paperback stays as cheap as it is and the e-book lists for under $4.99.

And I have to say that the give-away was a smashing success. I topped all of my publisher's books for similar give-away events by 50%. Just under 1,100 books. The TBR list has gone through the roof as well.

This is the best showing I've had in nine years and it's taken me by surprise. It's as difficult to find out what you've done right with a story as is it is with what you've done wrong. I still have a lot of reader and professional reviews that will land in my lap on its final release, so I have my notepad ready.

Comment by Damaris Cardinali on June 11, 2014 at 10:54am


Title: Breaking Away

Author: Toni Aleo
Series: Assassins #5
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Publication: June 10, 2014

BREAKING AWAY is a story of loss, healing, and love… where unexpected turns and heartache lead to passion.

To Nashville Assassins’ leading scoring center Phillip Anderson, playing hockey has always been easy… as natural as breathing. His life is no different. That’s until his world is turned upside down by the death of his sister. While mourning his loss, Phillip has to find a way to make his very angry sixteen-year-old niece, Claire, happy. Now, as her guardian, he discovers the only thing that seems to heal her lonely heart is dance class. But what he didn’t count on was the attraction he’d feel towards her drop-dead sexy dance teacher.

For Reese Allen, dancing has always been part of her soul. After having her heart broken in New York, she comes home with the determination to make her dance studio one of the best in Tennessee and succeeds. When she sees Claire dance for the first time, she knows the girl is bound for greatness and takes the troubled teen under her wing. Using dance as therapy, she suddenly finds herself bound to the young woman… and her hot-as-sin uncle.

However, Phillip and Reese are happy in their single lives. It’s simple. They do what they want, who they want, and how they want, but from the moment they meet, the attraction is undeniable. Soon, they are more than willing to spend just one night tangled in the sheets. But, one night turns into two, and two turns into three, until they find themselves in a repeated dance of “One Last Time” that has the potential to be something more… if only Reese and Claire allow it.

Can Phillip find a way to thaw the hearts of both the women in his life, or will he be forever trying to break them away from their pasts?

Comment by Damaris Cardinali on June 9, 2014 at 11:32am

Release: June 9, 2014
Contemporary Romance {Adult}
High on life and all its luxuries, Brayden James has no intention of slowing down. That is until his womanizing ways catch up with him and he gets a much needed wake-up call. Just as he decides to clean up his act, the ultimate temptation enters his life.

When Mackenzie Reed meets Brayden, the attraction is instant and she knows that together they could achieve the kind of career success she’s always craved. But Mackenzie isn’t like most women. She has very good reasons for keeping her heart locked up tight. For her, this isn’t about love. This is about power.

Sparks fly as Brayden and Mackenzie try to avoid the one thing neither of them wanted. Each must choose between the life they’ve worked hard to achieve and the one they never imagined. Will they come to the same decision before it’s too late? Or will a hidden threat keep them apart?


Comment by Rosanna Leo on June 6, 2014 at 11:38am

Featured this week at All Romance Ebooks "Hooked on a Series!"

Rosanna Leo's Gemini Island Shifters series.

Bear shifter Ryland Snow runs a shifter-friendly haven called the Ursa Fishing Lodge and Resort. Tucked away in a remote part of Northern Ontario, the Ursa houses some odd guests and employees. Here, shifters meet their mates, old enemies grapple, and friends become lovers.


One or two humans even stumble onto the resort, only to see their lives forever changed. 

Rosanna Leo weaves fun and exhilarating tales of erotic romance. Her paranormal men are larger-than-life and possessive of their women. Her heroines are brave and willing to sacrifice anything for those they love. Thrills, suspense and humor abound in this on-going series.


Come to Gemini Island, where the men are rough, gruff and a little wild.

All books available at, as well as ARE, Amazon, Kobo, B&N and other online outlets.


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