I know it's more than 3 months away, but I have been thinking it would be fun to see the Hunger Games premier (midnight showing) together as one big group. I know there are a lot of HG fans in Utah, so it would be the ultimate experience. Family & friends would be invited, of course.

Depending on the number of people interested, I was thinking of buying out an entire theater, or just reserving seats together at one showing. If the entire theater is NOT bought out, we will have to go to SLC/Sandy for a theater that allows reserved seating--because I really don't want to wait in a line for seats. If the theater IS bought out, we can assign seating. Also, I work at a movie theater and *may* be able to get us an earlier viewing (not sure, but I'll try). Maybe we could even do a dinner just before the showing. These are all just ideas, but I want to get an idea of how many are interested before I make any plans. 

If you are interested, let me know! And if you have a few moments, would you answer some questions too? Thanks! :)

     1. Would you prefer a showing in SLC, or in Orem? (Read the 2nd paragraph for deets on this.)

          1a. If you live outside of Utah County, would you be willing to travel to Orem (where my theater is located)?

          1b. If you live outside of Salt lake county, would you be willing to travel to SLC/Sandy?

     2. Any idea of how many people would be in your group? (If not, don't worry. I'm just trying to get an idea of how many people are interested.)

     3. Any ideas/tips?

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Totally interested! However, my family has been talking about going to a premiere showing. They rarely follow through with this,though. So here's answers as if a family showing isn't happening.


1. Orem

      1a. Yup

      1b. Um... I'm terrified of driving into SLC/Sandy. Maybe if there was a carpool,

2. Up to... 6 I think. 1-6.

3. No tips right now. But if I think of anything I'll come back!

Awesome! Thanks for your answers! :)

If the showing was in Orem, I'd totally come. If it's in SL, then no. I'd have 2-4 people come with me.

Awesome idea, Penelope!

Awesome! I'll add you to the list. :)

Hey, did you know that the big new (ish) theater in American Fork does reserved seating too? That would make it a halfway location between the two counties... sort of. 

I think this sounds like a very fun idea and as far as I know, I would be able to participate! 

1. I would prefer Orem (or American Fork as I mentioned above), but I would be willing to travel further .( And I could bring Enna.. or anyone one else with me that needs a ride.)

2. I may have a couple of family that would come with me. Two or three perhaps.

What day is this exactly? March 23? But it would actually be the night of March 22? 

I had no idea they do reserved seating! That would be a great option, if we don't end up buying out a theater. It would actually be perfect. Thanks!

Also: yes, it's March 23rd, but would be the night of March 22nd.

Yay! If Suey takes me then I'm golden for SLC. But I think American Fork would be awesome-sauce. I can drive there all by myself. ;) That's about where all my family lives, too.


And the 22nd is my half-birthday! Not that it's really a cause for celebration, but still! Cool! Spring equinox!

And what better way to celebrate your half-birthday, than by watching THG? ;)

I would so be interested in this! I was actually thinking of asking something similar because I don't have any friends who believe in seeing movies when they could be sleeping. :)

1. I'd prefer Orem, but could still make it up to American Fork. Salt Lake/Sandy is a little too far for me that late.

2. Just me.

Thanks for asking about this. It would be really fun if we could see it as a group.

Hunger Games is MUCH more important than sleep. Hahaha. ;)

Thanks for responding! I'm thinking now, that it will end up being Orem/American Fork, so that should be perfect!

1. I would prefer SLC but I like the American Fork idea (or maybe South Jordan w/reserved seating at the District!) as a halfway point without it being Downtown.

2. 2 people for me

I think this sounds like a blast and I would love to come!

Oh, I love The District! That's one I have considered as well. Thanks for responding! :)


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