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Hey Everyone,I'm looking for authors and short story writers for my new e-magazine "S.U.M" I would love to have some feature authors for this issue. If you write short story fiction that would be…Continue

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C. S. Dorsey

~Today's Guest~ Author Lacy Sereduk

Why would you want to creep yourself out?
By Lacy Sereduk

Ever had a friend tell you, “Oh, you should watch this movie; it’s creepy”?  Or, “You should totally read this book; it was scary!”  My response (when I was younger and much less mature about one-on-one communication) was generally, “Riiiiiiight.  Sure it is.”  Now, I just say that in my head but it’s still there.  The same goes for when someone says, “Oh man, I’m so tired!  I had a really bad nightmare/insomnia, last night!”  Of course, nightmare/insomnia always prompts my brain to sarcastically add, “Oh you poor baby.”

Now, before you judge me too harshly or think I’m a big ol’ meanie-head, let me explain.  Since I was a kid, I’ve suffered from night terrors.  Don’t know what they are?  Here’s a few examples:
1. You’re lying in bed, trying to sleep, you roll over and there’s a person, consumed by shadow, standing in your room and just staring at you.
2. Head on the pillow, thinking about your day, lights are still on, and spiders begin dropping on you from the ceiling and you realize the whole thing is covered and there’s no way out.
3. Waking from sleep because someone is talking to you, you realize they’re actually in your bed, next to you, and they mean to do you harm.

In these instances, you don’t stay and chat about the weather.  You launch yourself, with every muscle in your body, screaming bloody murder, as far away from this ‘thing’ as humanly possible.  This launch may or may not take you through a window, over a balcony, or into a dresser.  You amaze yourself with your speed and long-jump and second-guess having given up on pursuing Track in the Olympics.  These are what my nights generally consist of.  These are why I laugh (on the inside, remember) when people tell me something is scary, creepy, or thrilling.  So, why then, you wonder, would I read or watch or listen?  And, even WRITE about it?!  Wouldn’t I have had enough?  Nope.

I was always really careful with what I would allow myself to watch before bed (and still would be if I actually went to bed, anymore) but I enjoy the thrill, the goose bumps, the creepy stories as much as the next person so, knowing that I could trigger an episode, I’d watch/listen/read anyway.  One of the things that I hadn’t ever admitted freely was that I was secretly looking for answers.  I was trying to find the authors or movie-writers that had to have been like me to come up with the stuff that they did.  I was hoping I would find someone with an answer to my fear.

Now, you’re probably wondering if I found any answers.  The answer is just ‘maybe’.  People, that don’t know me, ask where I came up with my story, the visions, the dreams, the episodes.  People that do know me, ask why I would subject myself to the very genre that haunts me in books and films.  I think that by facing your fears in one way or another, you have a chance to take some of their power away.  If you have nightmares, write it down and analyze it.  Find out where it’s coming from and break it apart from the inside out.  Carefully allowing things that freak you out to enter your comfort zone can help.  It might not work for all people or all fears but it’s worth a shot.  I wrote my first novel, Discernment, because I couldn’t find anyone with real answers for me.  I hope that my writing can provide answers for others and even for myself.

Even writing my own books creeps me out but, like most things we love, I do it anyway.  If there’s something that perpetually creeps you out, my humble suggestion would be to write about, draw a picture of it, mold it out of clay and maybe it won’t seem so bad when you’re done.  I don’t think it works for clowns, though.

Where to find Lacy Sereduk




I can speak a million words but what would they mean?
I can write a thousand songs but who will sing?
I can dance to a millions tunes but its all in a dream.
I can laugh a million times but the joke will sound the same.
I can cry million tears but what will I gain?
I can run in a race and get great back pain.
I can drive a thousand miles but the tires will still decay.
I can spend every dime but it won't buy me time.
I can move to the hills but it won't stop the blood stains.
I can run and hide but I will still find that no matter how long we think we have we are still a peace of gran. Ready to blow away when God call our name.

-C.S. Dorsey

"The nations will rush like the rushing of many waters ;But God will rebuke them and they will flee far away and be chased like the chaff of the mountains before the wind; Like a rolling thing before the whirlwind." Isaiah 17:13

New Phase

It has been four years since I wrote my first novel The Unsacred Gift. Then I wondered what the book would do four years from now. Will it be a big hit or will it flop. Well it's four years later I can say that it made it to Barnes & Nobles stores and that is all I can dream of. So what it has not hit the New York Times best sellers list, but I can say that it has the potential to do so.

So now what? Now I get a new laptop because the one I have has died of a virus. I did not get it a flu shot which I should have years ago, but I did not believe it needed one.

This year is the year I finish what I started. This means more Lukos with Ali and Francesca. As much as I want to tell what the next book will be I about I can't. I am sworn to secrecy with Ali and Fran. I can say there are more characters and more surprises on the way.

All I can do is move forward and keep writing. Stay tune for more updates.

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The Twilight Saga
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I just finished my first novel The Unsacred Gift and now I am working on my second (title unknown). I love to read and go to the movies.
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Salman Shariff

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At 12:33pm on April 23, 2012, Sadie S. Forsythe said…

C.S. I just visited your blog and gave you a link follow. You can follow me back at sadieforsythe.com.

At 12:10am on June 10, 2011, Blessed Beyond said…
Hello, nice to meet you here on book blogs. My book blogs are below http://stopabusewithaleja.blogspot.com http://bestbooks2read.blogspot.com I'm Just stopping by introducing myself and if there is something that you need to read or a follower, I do by all means follow back just send me your links. What a blessing after all that I've gone through survived and lived. Please like my fan page Author Aleja Bennett | Facebook http://sl3.us/51 I'm the Author of eight books and six available on kindle and by all means do stay in touch when you like because I know what a busy life is like. Enjoy the book video
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At 9:51pm on April 6, 2011, William O'Brien said…
Hi- Just to let you know...
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Best wishes, William O'Brien
At 6:01pm on March 21, 2011, William O'Brien said…


Thank you for your friendship!

If you get a chance - please visit my website:

Best wishes, William O'Brien
At 12:53pm on March 19, 2011, Joseph M higgins said…
Hi! I’m Joe Higgins and I just wanted to say “Hi”. If you have a chance, check out my blog,“ Guidance from a Higher Realm". If you have any questions about the “other side” just let me know. Congrats on your first novel !

Joe Higgins
At 12:03am on March 18, 2011, Bethzaida said…
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At 9:35pm on March 17, 2011, Leanne Bell said…

Hiya C.S welcome to book blogs! Just been checking out your blog and I've added ur book to my to-read list. I love reviewing books and if you fancy reading a few of my reviews of other books check out my blog at http://magicofreading.blogspot.com

:-D x

At 9:17am on March 17, 2011,
Mary (BookHounds)
Hello C S
Welcome to Book Blogs. Let me know if you have any questions. Be sure to check out Network Your Blog if you are looking for new followers! Please stop by my blog at http://maryinhb.blogspot.com & my YA blog: http://foreveryoungadult.blogspot.com when you have a chance!
Thanks, Mary

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